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Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Katy Did!

I wanted to call this post "What My Mean Mum And Dad Did", but mum said we should call it "What Katy Did" as her name is Katy and she did something mean to me. Mum says she used to love the book of the same name when she was a little girl. Maybe some of your mum's read it too? I have never read a book, I chewed one once though!

So, I told you the other day that I'd tell you what mum and dad did to me at the weekend. Well, on Saturday morning we set off to agility as usual and I did good this week - nice and focused, no picking my own equipment, hehehe! Dad didn't come as he said he had things to organise at home, hmmm. When we got back all my food, poop bags, lead and other stuff was in a crate on the kitchen counter, and dad had packed a bag. They distracted me with a treat and sneaked out and drove away in the car with the bag! Well, I thought maybe mum was just taking dad to the station as he sometimes goes away on business. I was kind of tired after agility so I decided to have a little snooze. I was woken up a bit later by the noise of a car outside, but it didn't sound like ours. I heard the house door unlock and Victoria came in. Now Victoria owns a company called Paw Pals. She's looked after me before when mum and dad have had a long day out. However, this time she came with a bag like the one mum and dad left with and she told me that mum and dad had gone to a family wedding and were staying away ALL NIGHT! I have never spent a night without mum. Dad works away a fair bit and stays away, so I'm kind of used to him being away, but both of them!!! Victoria is really lovely though and Airedale Terriers are one of her favourite dogs and I am one of her favourite clients, so I was happy to stay with her.

We went for a really nice walkies, had some dinner and we settled down in front of the TV. Victoria let mum know that I was fine and relaxed. I was a good boy and didn't cry when she went to bed like I sometimes do when mum and dad go upstairs - mainly because I know my fat cat sis is allowed to snuggle up with them while I have to stay downstairs on my lonesome with only my cushion to sleep on because mean mum and dad STILL haven't bought me a new bed. Poor Victoria did have Flakes jumping on her head for most of the night apparently. That cat is a nightmare!

In the morning we went for another nice walk then I had my brekkie. Victoria went to feed and water some other animals then came back to let me out. She told me mum and dad would soon be home, and sure enough they were. Even though I was cross with them for leaving me (albeit with the lovely Victoria), I couldn't help but do a lot of racing about with my tail and bottom wiggling as I was so pleased they were home! I spent the rest of Sunday either on their lap or following them round in case they tried anything sneaky again!

I found some photos they took at the wedding. They'd tried to fob me off that I wouldn't have enjoyed it, but I'm not so sure...

Look at how pretty the bride and bridesmaids are, and how handsome all the men look. I think I would have added a certain je ne sais quoi to the photos. The groom is mum's cousin Matt.

This is Michelle. Doesn't she look like a princess? I suppose it would have been a shame if I'd got muddy paw prints on that beautiful dress, but still...The lady behind is Matt's mum, my mum's auntie. Mum says no-one could get near to give her a kiss because of that hat!

This is Matt and Michelle with mum's auntie and uncle (mum's dad's brother). Her uncle became blind after an accident but he still manages really well. He went to a special college to learn to read braille and has his own little business.

Here are the happy couple leaving church for the reception. What a cool car. I'd look great leaning out of the window with my Doggles on don't you think?

Here is dad at the reception. Hmm, looks to me like he may have had one or two of those beer drinks that I like the foam from!

There were lots of hooman pups there too. How come they are allowed and I'm not? I bet they made more mess and noise than me! I would have loved to have joined in! This is Luke, who was a page boy, and Archie.

Here is Archie doing what I enjoy, destroying flowers! See, we would have had so much in common! Mum says he didn't stay looking neat and smart for long, he's a "proper boy" apparently, cool!

This is one of Archie's sisters - he has 3 older sisters. They are all mum's cousins, as is Luke. Alice is a real sweetie, very serious, quiet and caring.

This is their sister Lillie. She is a little spitfire. Don't let that sweet smile fool you, she is a cheeky monkey!

See what I mean? This is a much more typical photo of her! The older lady in the background is my auntie Betty who has come over all the way from California. She is coming to see me next weekend and I can't wait. Mum says she is the best fun ever, and she used to have an Airedale cross who weighed about 114 lbs so she's really excited about meeting me!

Here is Luke again. He is mum's cousin too. He wasn't that keen on his page boy duties and was much happier once he got to the reception and could play!

So, I think you can see how much fun mum and dad had without me. I need to make sure I get invited next time!

However, being home alone (OK, not really ALONE, but you know...) wasn't all bad. I had fun making a mess for them. The game was to see how many toys I could get out of my toy box in the shortest time. I won!

Did you see that even with all those toys out, I actually chose the camera case to play with, hehehe!

I also got some yummy treats. These are dried chicken breasts and they are really yummy I have to say.

So yummy that I just could not wait for a sensible photo, so this was the best mum could get, CRUNCH!

I also got a new lead and collar. My puppy one was on the largest setting and was a little snug, so mum decided I was ready for a big boy collar. The lead made a good toy. Obviously I was doing important safety checks for strength and resilience at the same time. Wouldn't want it snapping while I was near a busy road now would we?

Here they are in close up, pretty groovy, eh?

Here I am modelling the new collar. it is more padded than my old one so it's lovely and comfy. I have my address tag and my cool barkday tag from Sunshade and Jaffa on it. Don't you think it goes nice with my tan colouring?

I decided they were forgiven, and after a last bit of sulking, I decided to have a good old play. Hubba Wubba!

I don't think I am too traumatised from my night alone, but I really hope if they ever go on holiday I can go too. The thought of not seeing mum and dad for a week or two is horrible. Guess I am still a baby after all!


Oscar x


Amber-Mae said...

OMG!!! Michelle looks soooo drop dead gorgeous bootiful in that wedding gown. Really! I think if I wore that dress I would look just as bootiful as her... hehehe! Yeah, your new collar looks kinda groovy. Does it glow in the dark? And those treats look so yummlicious! I want to try some too... Can you do me a favor? Could you mail me some of those treats you ate to my home? Heeeheee...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Reina the Doxie said...

WOW, Michelle sure is one pretty bride!
The pictures of the kids are cute too! I like the one with her tongue sticking out! hehehe
I like your collar alot! Very chic!

Balboa said...

what a pretty wedding, but how rude to invite human pups but not you.

Anyway, I am so jealous, I love your patio and garden. SIGH....

YOur mommy seems very nice, I can tell she loves playing with you.

FRenchie Snorts

Boo said...

oscar, it wasn't that bad being left out, wasn't it?

that lillie, is it the same lillie as tanner's girlfriend? ok ok, silly me.

wet wet licks


wally said...

Muddy paw prints would have MADE that wedding dress.

You were robbed.


Simba said...

You wouldn't have liked it, all those children. You not even allowed to knock the children over.

Simba xx

Jackson said...

Hi Oscar,
Sounds like your mum and dad had a good time at the wedding and that you were a good boy for the sitter. Its hard when the bipeds go away we know, but things are quickly forgotten when they return, and with snacks!! We have those chicken fillets here too and we love them!!
Jazz and Dixie

Jazz and Dixie said...

Oops Oscar we posted that from our grandma's blog and not ours sorry.
Jazz and Dixie

Suki said...

Wow, what a beautiful wedding! I wish you could have been there, Oscar. Sorry you had to spend the night along - I don't know how well I would have coped with that!

Puggy kisses

Peanut said...

Michelle was a pretty bride but I agree that having you there would have added that something extra special.

Bogart said...

What a pretty bride, and hey, at least they left you in capable hands with lots of capable treats!!!


Maggie said...

awwwwwwwwww poor Oscar! So you got left out of the wedding too! Doesn't it STINK!!!! How dare they not invite cute Airedales like us! Love your new bigboy collar! You look very handsome in it!

Love ya lots,

Tadpole said...

Well, it looks like they properly kissed up to you after being gone that long, with the treats and pressies! That's something, at least!

My girl says that looks like a lovely wedding. I say I would like to run in the grass and eat the flowers.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Too many people there for us dogs mate.

You would have been last one in the queue for attention.

Best stay at home on the sofa.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Poor Oscar,
Sowwiieee you didn't get to go along to the wedding, but at least you had nice Victoria to take care of you. The bride is soooo bootiful! Very lovely dress. Your big boy collar is very neat. The colors do go with your hair so nice. You're such a handsome stud, hehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Oscar...
Don't you just hate went the 'rents try and trick you about things!!! The nerve...but I'm SO glad that you had a great time with Victoria! She sounds like a very lovely lady.

Those pictures were really pretty/handsome everyone looked and your Dad looked like HE was having tons of fun.

That collar of yours is VERY fetching! You look pawsome in it. And lastly - congrats that you are in the lead on the DWB awesome blog contest!!! If I'm gonna lose I'm glad it is to you!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

The Airechicks said...


Thank you for the birthday wish....

So - you had your FIRST sleepover without Mum & Dad.....Very Airedale
of you to make them get you gifts....

VERY VERY pretty girl - yes she did look like a princess ...Very nice get together....Next one maybe you can go....

Your BB collar....NICE...very handsome....Faya will luv it !!

coco said...

oh i bet your mummy and dad were so sad to leave you for a whole night too! my mommy and daddy and girl and boy all left for TEN DAYS to go to the beach without me a couple of weeks ago!!! but that's when my auntie leah started this blog for me, and i met so many new friends, like you!! so i guess it's not always completely tragic. sounds like you weathered it well, and your mum had such beautiful pictures of the lovely wedding to share with you!!

puppy love, coco

coco said...

oh i bet your mummy and dad were so sad to leave you for a whole night too! my mommy and daddy and girl and boy all left for TEN DAYS to go to the beach without me a couple of weeks ago!!! but that's when my auntie leah started this blog for me, and i met so many new friends, like you!! so i guess it's not always completely tragic. sounds like you weathered it well, and your mum had such beautiful pictures of the lovely wedding to share with you!!

puppy love, coco

Jake of Florida said...

We enjoyed all the photos of your family. Our human brother is getting married in a week from Saturday and we're not invited either. How silly some humans are, when we could make the weddings so much more fun.

Come visit when you have a moment.

Jake and Just Harry

Joe Stains said...

we loved all the great photos! I play that game too where you drag out a million toys, it is not mom's favorite game!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Oscar.
They left you at home without telling you a word?? I don't know what I'do in that case! But of course you are a good boy and Victoria took good care of you!
Thanks for sharing the pictures of the wedding. I hope your parents had a great time there!
Your collar and lead are cool!
Your treats look yummy. Sure you enjoyed them a lot!
Have a good night

Toby said...

Trust me, your Mom and Dad were probably just as sad as you were to leave you. But at least you got some super yummy treats!! Those looks so good!! Wanna share??


PreciOus said...

I love kids too! But most of them are scared of me. Why? I'm so friendly. *Read: too friendly*


Jackson said...

Hey Oscar, I do that thing with my lead too, except I'm a bit more "vigorous". J1 doesn't let me do it very often as I've nearly had her eye out on a few occasions! J x

Stanley said...


While the bride was bootiful, you would have added so much flaire to the affaire!! Glad you still had fun with your trusty buddy.

Your dad is mighty photogenic. Why no photos of your mum?

Goober love,

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Oscar

You are such a brave boy for not crying. We always cry when (Boy: not me, it is Baby) our hoomans leave us at the pets hotel.

Boy n Baby

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