The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Presents...Kind Of...

Hey everyone, sorry if you've all been wondering about the "new additions". They are my new pets! I haven't got any photos yet, but I'll give you some clues and will show you some photos next time.

There are 15 of them altogether of 4 different types
They live in a glass "home"
I like to eat their bigger relatives

Can you guess what it is yet?!

Anyhow, yesterday two BIG boxes arrived and I felt sure they must contain more barkday presents for yours truly, even though they were addressed to mum. They didn't really smell of anything exciting like a lifetime supply of treats, but I was intrigued nonetheless.

Dad unpacked the first box and it started to look horribly familiar...yes, I have seen one of these at auntie Kim's house and when I have met my Airedale buddies the last 2 months.

Yes, I feared as much. Mum and dad have only gone and bought a grooming table for me, gee thanks! Excuse dad's naked flesh, it was hot and sticky and he had been gardening. He has trousers on I promise!

Incedentally, have you noticed what else is appearing in the garden? A fence to keep me off the grass! Apparently a gate is to be added shortly, then it will be stained to match the other fencing. Little do they realise, but with my airegility training, I'm going to be able to jump that no problems very soon, hahahaha!

OK, I have to admit it's a pretty nice table, but all it means is that I'm going to be getting my hair ripped out by the roots even more frequently. OK mum, I mean my hair stripped which is totally painless and will give me a lovely wirey Airedale coat and keep me looking very smart and handsome (yawn!).

Is this a happy face? I don't think so! The other box contained this support arm so I can be "hung" (mum says the post is so I can be attached to stop me falling off the table and so that she can hoist my back end up as I have a tendency to sit down when she tries to do my rear end) - well, wouldn't you too if someone was fiddling around back there?!

I suppose it'll be OK really. At least now that we have our own table mum can groom me little and often rather than one long session when we're borrowing a table. And do you know the best thing about hand stripping? It's best done on dirty hair so you get a better grip and the hair lays flatter, so that means less baths, yay! Every cloud has a silver lining, hey?

I'm sure you'll be hearing about my grooming progress over the coming weeks. I'm going to a show on Saturday, so mum needs to do some serious work between now and then if I stand any chance!


Oscar x


Simba said...

Good luck with the grooming. Your new pets could be ants, or worms or tadpoles. Looking forward to seeing them whatever they are.

Simba xx

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Oscar,

WOW! How cool is that!
Now you can good at the snap of ur paw.


Blue said...

Oh Oscar, I don't know whther to laugh or cry @ you!
Now,you're obviously going to be the most smartest 1 year old Airedale @ the show.... I'll be studying the W/E papers for clues of your whereabouts???

Lots of pats

Tadpole said...

Oh, that is such as sad face, Oscar!!!

"fiddling around back there" CRACKS ME UP!!!!

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Oscar, My mum wishes I could sit still like you. I'm sorry there were no treats in the box.

Treat's rule!
xxx Asta down under

Tofu Burger said...

NO one should be messin' around the back end! sheesh...


Maggie said...

Oh goody! I get to see someone else on a grooming table. I don't get the "noose" any more but Mitch does! Just wait Oscar - in time you won't either because you'll know what's expected of you!

Love ya lots,

Putter said...

Oscar! OMG! Your own grooming table! So coolest! I am impressed cause you actually sit on the grooming table! I would jump OFF for sure! Tlk ato you soon!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Anonymous said...

Humm.. I am not so sure about that table! I would pitch a BIG fit if you tried to put me on that!

Peanut said...

Your new pets are fish. Thank goodness I don't have to be groomed like you.

Marvin The Dog said...

oooooh Oscar - I think the new friends may be ......"goldfish"

but I am holding my breath until you tell us what they are!

Do not keep me waiting tooo long other wise I will explode!

love n licks, Marv xxxxx

Ruby Bleu said...

Uh oh don't look too happy about your prezzie. But you will look beautiful when your Mum is done.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Smudge said...

You get your hair pulled out?! OMG! I don't even like having my hair cut with the clipper. But it will be worth it, you'll look fab afterwards :)

Asta said...

Oscar, can I have your pawtograph??
I just saw you being famous in a video movie on Bussie's blog..and now you're sure to get prizes for being the handsomestest in the show, especially with your new table to help with the gwooming. I have to have a noose when I get stripped too..I've only had it done once, but I think it's going to happen again pwetty soon.
Oh and Oscar, I bet your new additions are fishies..just don't put batter on them and serve them with frites heheheheh
smoochie kisses

Boo said...

hey oscar,

yeah it would be good to be manhandled by mom instead of stranger, don't you think?

let me guess your new additions, could it be... chicks??

wet wet licks


Lorenza said...

Hi, Oscar.
I suppose that is not the kind of present that you were expecting!
Do the new additions are baby fishes?
Please let us know soon!
Have a good night

Boo said...

dog, after reading other's guesses about your new addition, i wanna change my guess to FISH!

wet wet licks


Nugget said...

Hi Oscar,
My hooman sister has a lizard in a glass house. Ozzy likes to sit in front of glass house and listen to the crickets. (Poor crickets they are the food.)
Good luck with the new grooming table! I think your Mum is going to like it better than you!

Joe Stains said...

wow that is a lot of fuss for a hair cut, we sure are lucky to have short hair!!!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Oscar,
A grooming table? Seriously, I expected maybe a magic food box...or maybe some APPLEs (compooter, ipod?) or maybe some other goodies....

Bogart said...

Grrrrrrrrrooming table, not exactly the present you were expecting, eh? It's awfully nice, tho. You do look very handsome with a little scruff, by the way (but I may not be the most impartial judge on that topic!!!).


Amber-Mae said...

Oooooooh noooooooo! A grooming table??? So much for a birthday pressie... I thought it would be a big new comfy bed or sumthing but neh... Poor you!

Anyway those 15 "pets" in a glass house? I'm guessing fishes! Am I right or am I right? hehehe...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Gigi, Slurpee, Nachos and Murrey said...

Wow...there is sure to be some serious scissors snipping action going on eh! and your mum and dad sure will be pro groomers after that! but poor you!

I got the same thought as Amber, are they fishies??? hurhurhur??


Ferndoggle said...

I always sit down when Mom starts fiddling around with my rear end. That's where I keep all of my good hairs & Mom always tries to brush them out!!

(who hopes you're getting fishys!)

Hammer said...

Hey Oscar

We have a grooming table that looks exactly like yours. It's blue too. Whenever mum gets it out, we all run and hide.

Re your new pets, it couldn't be birds. Maybe they are fish ???

Love from Hammer

Toby said...

Hi Oscar,

That's a real fancy grooming table. Mommy had to laugh when u used the words "ripped" and "hung"! LOL!! She thinks those are words I would use to describe being groomed too!!!

If mom asks, don't tell her where you bought the table from, k??


Ben_Benjamin said...

15 SALMON!!!!

ok, thats too much. 15 Fishes...

Stanley said...

Hey, Big O!

I know your mum & dad mean well, but I think you should wow the judges at the show with your natural good looks. Everydog knows the fuzzier & the furrier the better.

Maybe you can start an au natural trend on the show circuit!

Love you, man.

maggie said...

good luck ... my mom "groomed me yesterday , and well she sucks ...

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