The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gardening and Grooming

Phew, I think I have finally recovered from all my barkday pawtying! That was quite a day as I'm sure you could tell from all the photos and videos on my last post. I wish I could have a barkday more than once a year!

Anyway, as you may have heard me mention, the weather here has been really showery for about a week now. It can be blue skies on minute, then the rain clouds roll in really fast and the rain is torrential. It's very frustrating, and me and mum have got soaked through a few times this week after setting of for a walk when it seemed like a perfect May day only to be caught in the middle of the fields in a deluge!

Due to all the rain and sunshine, the garden is going crazy! When we moved in, mum and dad thought this vine was dead and almost pulled it out. The next door neighbour said it did grow so they decided to leave it until spring and see what happened. Oh, it grew alright! You can practically see it growing it's so voracious. Like any good son, I thought I would help out with a little pruning so that it does not take over the garden altogether. Also, I like to be able to see
though the fence as I like playing the "run up and down the fence game" with the little boy next door. I think you can guess the rules! We both love that game! I don't bark, I just love dashing back and forth with him.

I thought I'd clear all the bits that were encroaching my view through the fence. Can you see my pee pee spots on the grass, whoops!

I didn't realise sneaky mum the paparazzi photographer was sneaking up on me, grr. I was only trying to be helpful, honest! And don't worry pups, mum knows that this plant isn't a harmful one.

Well, after all that gardening I was pretty tired, so I decided to have 40 winks. Find a comfy spot and relax, ahhhh. I know it's a bit selfish to block the doorway, but when you've got to snooze, you've got to snooze, am I right or am I right?

I can't believe mum was poking the camera right in my face while I was dreaming. Thank doG it was daytime and she didn't use the flash or it would have been a rude awakening. Mum said I was making really funny noises while I was asleep, kind of whimpering sounds and twitching my front feet. That made sense when she told me as I was dreaming about catching a rabbit after reading about Simba's attempt the other day!

When I woke up all refreshed I soon wished I hadn't, as I was whisked upstairs to have a bath. Apparently the "eau de pond weed" from my birthday dip was not appealing to the hoomans. Charming.

So I was dumped unceremoniously in the bathtub. Is that any way to treat a birthday boy I ask you? At least this time the photos are more flattering that that scary swamp monster one I showed you the other day!

Look how scrawny my legs look when I'm wet! I don't love having a bath but I do behave pretty well. I will stay put while I am hosed, and I quite like the shampoo going on as we have a rubber mitt things with bobbles on that massages me while it shampoos. But the best bit is trying to get a good shake going on once we're finished before mum or dad can get me towelled off!

Luckily these were the only photos as it got pretty steamy and mum didn't want the camera to break. I wouldn't have minded!

Once out, it was time for a good old "Aire-dry". I stole a sock while I was upstairs (every cloud has a silver lining!), so that's what I have and what goes down the side of the couch. It kind of put me off my crazy drying procedure at first, but I soon got back into the swing of things!

After my busy day I was ready for some R & R, so I sat on the sofa and watched some Animal Planet channel. Mum keeps telling me that this is not how you sit on the couch, but I don't see what's wrong with it!


Oscar x


Simba said...

A bath on your Barkday, thats not allowed surely. We ran outside for walks and to cut the grass in between showers.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

Is that a wisteria vine that you're pruning? Mom prunes hers 5 or 6 times during the summer because it grows so fast! What a great helper you are Oscar!

Love ya lots,

Ferndoggle said...

I'm also very good at helping with the gardening.

You are so fuzzy after your aire-dry! Like a little wooly mammoth!


Smudge said...

Tell your mum she can consider herself lucky. Sometimes I sit like that on my mum's chest in the mornings, if she doesn't give me any attention :)

Allegra the Airedale! said...


What is this scrubby thingie you are talking about? Does it massage? Do I need to tell momma to run out and get one ASAP for my next bath?


Boo said...

oh, i would love to grow some vine at my new home. too bad, i don't think i can! :(

dog, oscar, that's one shame shame photos!

wet wet licks


Balboa said...

I agree wit hSimba, how dare she force you to take a bath on your birthday, aren't there laws against that????

Plus those sneaky photos, the indignities! But you look quite happy chomping in the video.

Frenchie Kisses,

Marvin The Dog said...

We have had some rain too, Oscar. But yesterday afternoon the sun came out and it has been lovely since.

They are good pictures of you!

And the vine looks good too!

love and licks Marv xxxxxxx

Ruby Bleu said...

That's a funny pose when you watch TV!!! But very cute Oscar. Too bad about the bath, but I guess eau de pond weed isn't that great for the hoomans...can't understand why tho'? hmmmm....

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tadpole said...

Whew! What a day! And I think it's a lovely way to sit on the sofa.

You look so fluffy and soft after your bath! :-)

PreciOus said...

The way you sit is so cute and you seems to put on an innocent face! =D


Faya said...

Ah le jardinage ! Du grand art, Véronique trouve que nous avons le même style pour le jardinage....
Tu es magnifique sur la dernière photo.... Bisous mon Oscar, Ta Faya

Peanut said...

My mom laughed so hard at you sitting on the couch. I don't see anything wrong with it myself.

JJ said...

Such a handsome boy Oscar! Your mum made some nice comments on Derby's blog that we appreciated. :-) Give her a paw for us :-)

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Oscar!!! I love how you helped garden! I help mom dig holes when we garden! I also love your rolling on the sofa. I personally love how you removed every pillow!!!

Tofu Burger said...

Do you watch tv like that all the time? Looks like a nice cushy place for your bum bum eh?


maggie said...

theres nothing wrong with "sitting" o the couch like that !!!! looks like you had a pretty bad time in the bath ...

Bogart said...

Excellent work there Oscar - you're a mighty pruner!!!


Joe Stains said...

I think a bath on your barkday might be considered dog abuse!!

T-man said...

I agree with Joey on that one!! But you do look nice and fluffy :)

My mom wants to know if you eat weeds too. She could use you in her back yard!

Rachael said...

AWE! My Phillip used to dry himself off the same way as Oscar. That brought a little tear to my eye. Give my fav terrier I cuddle from me!

Faya said...

Re-coucou mon Oscar, juste pour te rassurer : non il ne neige pas chez moi mais pas très loin... Nous sommes à 470 m et il a neigé à 800 m. A 30 km de chez nous ils ont fermé les routes !!! Vive l'été ! Bisous

Stanley said...

Hate to tell you this Oscar, but you still look like a swamp monster in the bath (but an endearing swamp monster).

Nice work on the aire drying! You're very thorough and entertaining!

Love you man,

Freda said...

Hi Wet Oscars!

What a shock, from naps to baths. Whoa!

Now I reeeallys like your couch sittin'. That's classics.

Thanks for signin' my photos guestbook. Neato!



P.S. You sure gots a lot of cooools presents for your Barkday. Can I live with you?

Amber-Mae said...

Oh you look so much better after a bath! And why do you sit like that on the couch? Your bum bum itchy is it? LOL!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Oscar,

From how you munch on the the leaves, it sure looks tasty!
Hey! We share the same sleeping pose!

Suki said...

I love the scary swamp monster picture. It always makes me laugh!

You look very handsome after your bath, Oscar ;)

Puggy kisses

P.S. Where is Toby? I want to see pug puppy pics but he hasn't updated his blog in a long time!

Jackson said...

Gardening is such fun, isn't it! Shame you had to have a bath, but at least you get to roll around on the sofa. J x

Asta said...

Oscar, what a terrierific gardener you are, sooo thorough, and helpful.Hoomans never understand that we work hard to get that eu de pond smell, they always have to immediately remove it is funny how thin we fuzzy terriers are when we're wet, but gorgeous after we dry.
That's a pawfect position for TV viewing, what's the problem?
lots ot smoochie kisses to you my Oscar
love ASTA

Lorenza said...

Hi, Oscar.
What is wrong with sitting that way in the sofa?? I thing its comfy, right??
You look great after the bath!
Have a nice day

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Errr, the way you sit is rather funny..hehe

Boy n Baby

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