The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Friday, May 18, 2007

Stoopid Sit-Stay!

Yeah, so as some of you know, I didn't do my 5 minute sit-stay at's just sooooooooooooo tough. Nanook and Liberty gave me and mum some good tips, so we will try them out over the next week and give it another go next Wednesday. Nanook recommended sitting me in a corner or with my bottom against the wall to prevent me slip sliding away, while Liberty suggested doing a "watch me" to keep me focused on mum. I did however do my "leave it" like a pro, so it wasn't all bad - and it required ignoring liver treats, cheese & toys belonging to another dog, so I think that deserves some merit!

To get my gold award I have to:

Sit - Dog to sit on command whilst a distance away from handler (halfway down the hall)

Down - Dog to go into down position whilst a distance away from handler

Walk without a lead - Dog to walk by the side of handler and be able to halt, sit and move on without being on a lead

Come to heel - Dog to return to handler's side when called and continue walking to heel

Leave it - Dog to walk past and ignore food, tit bits and toys on the floor

Sit-stay - Dog to stay in the sit position for 5 minutes whilst a distance away from handler

Down-stay - Dog to stay in a down position for 5 minutes whilst a distance away from handler

Seek - Dog to seek out and bring back an article (one of the dog's toys or article supplied by trainer)

I have done them all several times now with the exception of the stoopid sit-stay, which only two doggies have managed in the whole time we've been going, proving how tough it is I think!

I am determined to do it though!

I can sit for an age when I'm watching the squirrels jumping through the hedgerows. Maybe I should ask if they can supply a tree and a couple of tree rats for the test!

I was feeling a bit fed up after class so I tried to give mum my cute face to try and get an extra nice dinner. I think it ended up being more of a doofus expression as mum said "Hey Oscar, why the long face?" (Geddit?!). She told me to go and play while she made dinner.

But do you ever find that despite getting all your toys out, you just can't find one that you really feel like playing with? Mum says the next trick dad teaches me can be tidying everything back into my toy box, hehehe!

So mum said that as I had tried really hard at class, and as it had been a bit of a horrible week after the sad news about Fufu, I could have one of my birthday presents from her and dad early. Woo hoo! Thank you mum and dad, and hello blue doggy!

I started on his eye balls right away and after a good old chew pretty soon everything was right with the world again!

Have a good weekend everyone! Keep your paws crossed that the weather stays fine here as I'm supposed to be going on a walk with my Airedale Club and meeting up with my friend Archie on Sunday!

Oscar x


Faya said...

Oh mon Oscar il ne faut pas être triste. Tu es encore très jeune. Tu sais les airedales sont connus pour être adultes que vers 15-18 mois. Mon professeur n'arrête pas de le dire. Mais bon à 14 mois je ne fais pas encore la moitié de ce que tu fais. Par contre je suis plus rapide que toi pour enlever les yeux de mes peluches.....hahaha. Bisous de ta Faya qui t'aime très fort...

Ferndoggle said...

That's a tough test Oscar! I'm sure you did your best. I could never do a 5 minute Sit Stay (Mom says I have ants in my pants). Penny can (blah, blah, blah...I know, Penny's perfect) and I'm going to try to learn from her.

Nice job on the doggie! Always rip the eyeballs out first!


Asta said...

O're going to break my heart looking so sad Oscar, you did soo well with everything, I think you deserve congratulations and a big treat...just a stoooopid stay is nothing to feel bad about..I'm proud of you. I think they should provide you with a tree and squirrels,,great idea!
I'm glad you were consoled by choping on the new toy, it's always satisfying to do a good surgical job. chin up, I love you, and hope the weather stays nice for your weekend plans. Mwahhhh

Simba said...

Start with the eyeballs, I like your style. Now get it by the neck and shake it until the stuffing comes out. Its such a calming effect. Why doesn't your Mummy velcro you to the floor, that will make you stay.

Simba xx

Peanut said...

Oh you did good on your test oscar. You will pass it next time. I hope the weather is great there this weekend.

Joe Stains said...

I sure wish I had some advice on how to sit properly, but I hate to listen. I can sit, but only if I feel like it.

As for that blue dog, he looks like a good friend.

Jackson said...

You should save the eyeballs till last, they're the best bit! J x

Blue said...

I think you're doing brillently with the course, that 'sit-stay' won't bet you for long. Just think of those rats with tails.
As for the BLUE toy, I'm trying not to take it personally that you tore its eyes out!!
Have a great day on the Airdale club walk.

Pats & pets as always

Tadpole said...

My question is: whenever would you need to sit-stay for 5 MINUTES in real life?! Never, that's what I say. 5 seconds is more than long enough.

Maggie said...

I personally think you're doing just fabulous with your obedience training! You deserve major treats in my book!
Paws are crossed here that the weather holds for your Airedale Club event! Tell your mom to please remember to bring the camera!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hola Oscar. Looking at all the things that you have to do in your tests, make me feel bad. I can't do any of those commands, forget about stay sit for 5 minutes! Good job Oscar you'll get it soon!
I wish you have fun in your walk with the Airedale Club.
Have a nice weekend!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Oscar,
Don't feel bad about the sit-stay. We don't think we could do it for that long either, although I Butchy am way better at it than Snickers. We always leave all of our toys out too. Mama has to pick them up every night. That's so nice you got to have one of your birfday prezzies early. Nothing like a good chew right?? Hope the weather stays nice for you!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oscar, I am proud of all that you can do. The sit/stay will come with more practice! I could never do that. I HAVE to be up under my mom at all times!
Hugs, Sitka

P.S. I hope that you enjoy those wheat free cookies. Mom is going to make me some this weekend too :)

Kerry Blue Terriers: Persephone & Buster's blog said...

hi oscar....we recreate our toys in a similar's those appendages.. they just don't need to be there... and the squeaks in the middle ??-- my carefully designed teeth very carefully slice through the fabric and remove those noisey little things....
then my gramma has to sew them back up. But she loves us so does this for us asap.

Boo said...

sorry about the sit-stay thingy. exam is tough! that's what mom told me.

yeah oscar, why the long face? hehehe.

u know i like picking out the toys and spread it all over the floor like you too. luckily there's no training for us to put it back.

wet wet licks


Rachael said...

That sure is the LOOOOOONGEST five minutes ever isn't it? With Moxie, the key was keeping her interested and keeping her attention. If I looked bored, she got bored and slid into a down for a snooze. If I keep her attention and act like at any second I could ask her to do something else, she stays sat and attentive. The way I practiced this was I would have her sit (for varied amount of time, 1 minute, three minutes, five minutes, two minutes etc) then immediately ask for a series of other things (down, roll over, sit up, wave, come, spin, etc)I changed up what I asked for each time so she doesn't anticipate. Basically the trick is to keep them guessing. Oscar should be thinking, "I gotta keep my eye on these hoomans you never know what they will do next!"

Good luck! I just know he can do it!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Dont give up Oscar. Im sure you can do all those skill very well & you gonna have all the treats, toys & hugs from mom.

Bogart said...

I'm just impressed with all of the things you CAN do, not the things you didn't do!!!


Billy said...

Oscar, you will do the sit-stay next time I'm sure of it! You are way smarter than me in all that you can do, I would not have the patience for all that! Glad mum and dad gave you an early barkday present Oscar, that must have made you feel a whole lot better:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Marvin The Dog said...

mmmmmm! The eyeballs ae the best bit, cannot be doing with a new toy looking at me while I rip it to pieces!

Have a lovely weekend Oscar!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Rudy said...

Just tell your mum that 5 minutes to her is like 35 minutes to us and just try to sit on the floor and do that! No fair watching TV either. That is tough!
My mom does Rally Obedience with us -- it's more fun because she can talk to us while going around the ring. We don't have to do those stoopid sit-stays either, until she decides to do regular Obedience sometime. Oh no!


Loki said...

Hello Brother, you know so many command. Oh my.. I only know walkie walkie and down.. sad =( by the way.. dont be sad okay. Fufu is in a better place..


Loui (and his mum!) said...

Cooeeeeyyyy Oscar!!!
Remember me....sorry, I've been missing in action but am back now to read all your adventures!!!!

Loui xx

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I don't do any of that crap. Let the you-mans please me!

Bussie Kissies

Sharon said...

You are already gold in my book! You are not only handsome, but so smart!

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