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Friday, May 04, 2007

Mini Me

Are you sitting comfortably? Had a pee pee break? Got a few treats to snack on? Jolly good, as this is going to be quite a long post I think!

A few weeks ago mum got an email from a very lovely lady. She told mum that she had come across my website whilst searching the Internet after her beloved Airedale Buster had died very suddenly aged 11. He had been out enjoying one of the first nice spring days of they year, chasing squirrels & playing with friends & a few hours later he had gone. As you can imagine, this was a terrible shock for his mum and dad who weren't aware there was anything wrong with him. It now seems he may have some underlying heart problems, but in true Airedale style he had lived life to the full regardless. His mum wrote to my mum to say that my photos & videos had really reminded her of Buster as we were so very similar & that finding my website and reading through it had given her some comfort after Buster died. Me & mum were so sad to hear about Buster but we felt good that we had helped make his mum feel a little bit better.

Here is a photo of Buster. Even though he didn't have a blog, he was evidently a super intelligent guy who enjoyed playing on the computer. I see he also liked his bandannas just like me!

Buster's mum told us that they began looking for a new Airedale to be part of their family. Buster's dad is German & he said he would like to call the new puppy after a character in a German film called "Die Blechtrommel" ("The Tin Drum") where the main character decides never to grow up - a lot of people say us Airedale remain puppies for ever! And the best bit is that the character is called Oskar! When Buster's mum heard this she told his dad about my website & they decided Oskar it had to be!

So friends, here is my new pal Oskar! This is while he was still at the breeder with some of his brothers & sisters. We think he is the one on the left. His breeder said he was king of the slide, deciding who could come up to play!

He went to his new home this past weekend & seems to be settling in well. His mum & my mum have been emailing each other lots discussing all things Airedale! He has obviously decided he likes his chicken toy a lot as that face definitely says "paws off, he's mine!". His breeder said he was the spitfire of the litter so I'm sure he is keeping mum & dad busy!

He's such a little cutie though. He looks quite a lot like Maggie's brother Mitch don't you think?

Look at the stash of toys he has already! Nice going little guy. Maybe his mum is hoping it will distract him from nibbling her. You all know how sharp our puppy teeth are. He is a regular little crocodale by all accounts, hehehe!

We have decided to call each other osKar & osCar so it is easier to tell us apart when typing pee mails.

I know we're going to be the best buddies ever. He lives in Denver, USA and the best thing is he's going to start his very own blog! I will let you know when it's up and running which should be very soon and I just know you'll all give him a warm welcome to our little community. It'll be nice that he has some other young boy Airedale puppy pals like Jaffa & Mitch to give him lots of advice!

Apart from our names it's already clear that we have lots of things in common.

We both come from big families. OsKar is the "red male" on this photo, obviously the best looking boy of the litter!

And here I am with my band of brothers. I'm not sure which one I am but we're all pretty darned handsome!

We both have a mum who loves us very much! OsKar flew to his new home all by himself from Oklahoma like a big brave boy & his mum was sooooooooooooo impatient to go to meet him at the airport .

And my mum is just the greatest too. She always makes sure I have the best times ever!

We both like our crates. Something tells me osKar isn't going to be fitting in here for long though!

And you know how much I used to love my crate, so much so that mum and dad have only recently put it away.

OsKar has a cool dad to play with & get snuggles from.

I have my dad who loves me loads. I can't call him fat dad any more as he told me off last time, oops! And even cooler, both our dads have the same name!

We love our toys. Look how pleased little osKar is with his new toys!

I love my toys too, especially the eyeballs, hehehe.

Stickies! What more can I say? Looks like my little namesake has already discovered the joy of the chew.

And I think we all know about my obsession with them don't we? Anyway, moving on...

Looks like our little osKar already has the makings of a fine young gardener. I hope his mum & dad aren't too attached to their plants!

I very much enjoy helping mum & dad out around the garden too. Removing plants is my speciality.

He has the "Bandanna Man" style going on even at his tender age.

Bandanna's are my accessory of choice as you all know.

We both know the best position for a good old snooze after a hectic day of being an osKar/osCar the Airedale.

It's just so comfy, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And last but not least, we're both just darned handsome.


Oscar x


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow Oscar you are getting so may aire friends! Wish I was an airedale....

Bussie Kissies

Peanut said...

You guys have so much in common it is scary even dad's with the same names. Wow

Simba said...

You could be brothers. I don't know any other Lhasa apso's. The parcel arrived this morning. I can't wait for it to be my barkday so I can open it.

Simba xx

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Both of you have so much in common

Boy n Baby

Suki said...

osKar is soooo cute! Mom says she wants an Airedale, now..heehee! I think there's enuff animals in the house, though. No more competition for me!

Puggy kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi osCar...
What a cutie little osKar is!!! It seems like you dales are just taking over the world...but that's good because I love dales and so does my mom. That was just a great post are going to be a fine role model for your new friend.

Lots of Licks, Ruby
PS - make sure you let us know when little osKar's blog is up so I can say hi!!!

Faya said...

Mais c'est un rêve ! 2 Oscars.... Merci de nous faire partager la découverte de ton nouvel ami. On attend avec impatience de lire ses aventures. Tu seras un parfait exemple pour lui. Parce que c'est toi le meilleur mon Oscar ! Gros bisous, Ta Faya

Boo said...

oscar i love your today post.

it's a wonder how the hooman found each other through the internet and start communicating.

and i love how you point out all the similarity between osCar and osKar!

but shame shame on that 2 photos where you two showing your boy bits! lol

wet wet licks


Blue said...

What a WONDERFUL post!
Oskar's could be your younger [twin] brother..
Will look forward to seeing his blog but yours is going to be a hard act to follow.

pats & pets

Joe Stains said...

osKar is SOOO cute!! I cant believe how much you two have in common!! Mom said this post made her smile because the internet brings us all together!

Tadpole said...

Hee! osKar is adorable! You're making my girl want a Dale! She's waaaaay to lazy to keep up with the grooming, though. :-)

Maggie said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Another Airebaby! He does look an awful lot like Mitch! He's a cutie Oscar! What a small world, huh! I can't wait to read his blog too!

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

good thing we all love airedales..the more the better..what a darling your little protege long as he leaves a little bit of your heart for the rest of us...we welcome him to our wonderful group of friends
smoochie kisses to you and pass some on to baby oskar
p.s. You're the only one who knew about the pink snow sticks on my licorice nose too heheheheh

Putter said...

Hey Oscar!

Great minds think alike:)! I just posted baby pictures of ME today too:)! Hey, great to see you at the pawty last week ... It was super fun to chat! Your pictures are terrific! :)

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Billy said...

He is too cute Oscar! He does look a lot like Maggie's Mitch wow!

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

you ARE handsome, too!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oscar & Oskar, two handsome airedale. Paw up for two of you.

Flossikens said...

Hey (:

awww very nice photos!
Its good to see you have made new friends with someone who has so much in common (:

love flossy

maggie said...

wow he is sooooo cute , but not as cute as you ....

jaffeboy said...

Oooo... OsKar... Too cute... There are so many airedale puppies & all are mighty cute!!!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh you were such a cute scraggy little thing... You looked very notty then too. I LOVE you're uncensored picture of you showing off you're "jewel", hehehehe... And no, I'm not a play girl!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

Oscar you have so many friends!! Thanks for sharing your great pictures! You're a good looking dog!

Bogart said...

Ohmygosh, little OsKar is such a cutie pie!!!! He's going to definitely grow up to be a handsome devil...

Thanks for sharing OsCar, and thanks for convincing another Airedale to blog!!!


Sharon said...

You are lucky to have a new little osKar to mentor. I know you teach him all kinds of stuff. If Snickers were there, she would teach him that the best sleeping places, are the places you can sneak into when mom and dad aren't there!
Sharon and Snickers

PerfectTosca said...

This is so cool! I mean you are such a fine dood Oscar that you made that lady's day when she was all so sad about her handsome Buster, and now look! You got protege! You can teach Lil Oscarette all the ropes and things.

Huskee Boy said...

OMG Oskar is a cutie!! You most certainly must introducehim to the blogging world.. I'd love to 'met' him..
(You are a cutie yourself Oscar!)

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Boy you Oscar/kars are sure handsome things. If I weren't a Border Collie.....

Good for you having your new friend and showing him the blogging ropes--can't wait til we see his blog pop up.

See ya

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oscar n oskar....great to know a friend to him..

i do hope that i might came across a pure black dog wit d name of ....picco, probably...hahah

Fu Fu said...

osKar is such a cute little doggie. So nice of you 2 to be great friends. You'll be such a great role model for him

~ fufu

Asta said...

Oscar, glad you liked my Mummy's doggy pin..she got it a few years ago in Paris, from my Daddy and Nora(my sister who is now in heaven).Mummy really treasures it,and wears it especially when I can't be with her...your parents look awfully nice, and much much younger than mine
love you mon Oscar
kisses Asta

T-man said...

How fun to have a friend with so much in common!! I'm sure you will give little OsKar lots of good advice on growing up to be a fine airedale :)