The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Friday, March 23, 2007

Roger The Reindeer

Let me introduce you to my most favourite toy in the world. His name is Roger the Reindeer. Mum & dad named him that because I like to erm, show him some lovin' if you know what I'm saying! It makes them chuckle. Hoomans are so easily amused.

I got him after Humphrey the Horse went to the glue factory. Yeah, I liked to show him a good time too...He lost both eyes and an ear in the heat of my passion. Roger has also lost one antler now, and he lost his eyes within minutes, but he's in pretty good shape otherwise.

I have never humped any hoomans, & I don't hump doggies at all any more, so mum & dad figure it's not too serious that I hump my toys now & again.

See, don't you think Humphrey looks like he had a happy life with me?

I don't know if it's because I am still a puppy, or if I am just a toy orientated guy, but I just love playing with my toys, especially my soft toys. They are so much fun to chew, squeak, shake about & toss in the air. I have never actually destroyed any of them on purpose. For a guy with some big old teeth I am actually quite gentle and not that terrier-like with toys. The only one that mum & dad had to throw away was old Humphrey, cos his head came off after playing tuggy with Paddy Poodle a bit too violently, oops!

Here's a little film of me playing with Roger (don't worry, no need to avert your eyes as there's no humpy humpy action going on). There was no way evil mum was getting her paws on him! Do you see how I sit on the sofa? I mean like actually sit ON the top of the sofa, hehehe! Oh, & it absolutely wasn't me that left one of dad's work shoes in the middle of the floor, OK?

Mum says when I get up tomorrow there will be a big surprise waiting for me! What can it be? I can't wait to find out! I'll let you know as soon as I do.

Happy weekend to you all. May it be full of walks, trips to bark parks, good food & great times with your families.

Hey, and don't forget to add yourself to my map at the bottom of the page. It's cool to see where you all live!


Oscar x


Sunshade said...

OMG Oscar, the way you go and "sit" on the sofa back is like the way STINKY runs around and plops his stinky butt on MY bed!!!

Hehe... you sure love Roger. I too like to um.... hump hump my gorilla/elephant/Old english sheepdog/horsie, but I have never ever tried to hump a person or even a dog, so mum lets my have some lovin'..WAH HAHAHAHAHA!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

So long as you dont go around 'loving' hoomans that way, its fine. Thats what Mama says.

Boy n Baby

Maggie said...

Your Roger is way too cute! I wonder if Mitch will hump toys in time?? hummmmmmm

Love ya lots,

Marvin The Dog said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and many ha has!

Roger The Reindeer......he he he he, very very funny!

like your video too and the music in the background! love and licks Marv xxxxx

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

ooh I can't wait to hear what you got! Exciting!

I hump my bed. I scoop it under me with both front paws and hump it and in doing so I move quickly backwards. I've humped my way backwards all over the living room, bumping into furniture and walls as I go.

My people laugh at me too. *sigh*

Bogart said...

Hehehe..... Roger

Yes.... I'm a soft toy humper too. I actually prefer my soft toys to the hard ones, I gnaw on them more than chew...

Love the video!


Faya said...

Coucou mon Oscar, je préfère aussi les peluches toutes douces. Et avec Véronique je fais tout comme toi.... Bisous mon grand et bon week-end à toi aussi.
J'ai pas réussi à me mettre comme il faut sur ta mapemonde....(Véronique n'est pas très douée)

Peanut said...

I used to like to "get friendly" with my girls 3 foot stuffed barney (she didn't want it even before it became my special friend). Mom eventually got rid of it and now I don't do that with anything. As long as you aren't trying to do it to your humans you should be fine.

Jackson said...

When I have soft toys I start off playing nicely, like you. Then some terrible urge comes over me and I must DESTROY them. J x

Toby said...

I've never tried to hump hoomans or other doggies but I do have a squeaky melon toy that I like to have some fun with! Hee hee! I also like to hump my bed sometimes...just like Nook does. I can get away with the melon but the bed is a big no no. Way to spoil my fun! humph!


Liberty Doo Dah said...

You are such a gentleman with Roger (heehee). I would've already destroyed Roger if he were mine! I'm such a drama queen with my toys!
As far as humping goes, I like to hump mum's leg and mum's leg only! Not sure why tho. Mum doesn't like it very much!

Jasper said...

too funny.....aarrrrhhuuoaaaa!

maggie said...

i had a soft toy once , for like 10 minutes . LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! . yea i ocassinaly hump my moms leg , but of corse she kicks me off
luv ya , maggie

Suki said...

Oh, Oscar, you are too funny!

Why is it that humans find our humping so funny? I actually hump stuff occasionally, which surprised mom at first, but now she just laughs herself silly!

Puggy kisses!

Boo said...

yeah, no loving on hoomans legs is so much better. go and "love" your toys. but aren't you a boy? errr... i thought boys play with toy guns and cars and stuff... while girls like stuffies! LOL

i wonder what is that BIG SURPRISE your mom is talking about. i hope not another dog!

wet wet licks


Rachael said...

AWE! What a cool toy! I love my toys too! I love to drag them all out into the middle of the floor, then play with them until I fall asleep surrounding by soft squeakies...sometimes i fall asleep with one in my mouth and squeak it while I'm dreaming.

Toys are the best. You never get too big for toys!

Licks and nose bonks,

Simba said...

oooo a surprise, how exciting. Roger, thats so funny.

Simba x

Velvet said...

our usual practice is to ripe off all eyes 1st & any other protrudin "obstacles" in our way! after that, its the tearin & rippin to get to the "insides". yes loads n loads of cotton-like material to erm.."eat"?

Lillie Valentine said...

Oscar: I love your map. I added me and the hooman pups pic to it. Hope you like it. Weather is great here- getting warmer. You are so silly!!

Chelsea said...

Hey Oscar!

I am 3 and still immensely enjoy playing with my toys so you probably won't grow out of it.

I just play with them. The only lovin I show them is a little lick but, that is it.

I'm savin myself for T-Man


Joe Stains said...

oooh roger looks like a fun toy!

Nugget said...

Oscar, Boys are crazy! I am sticking to my Cuz and no I don't give it any lovin' OMG!

Peanut butter licks,
Nugget & the gang

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Oscar,
I love to rip my toys to pieces and normally they cannot last too long..Roger does look like a fun toy!

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