The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm Still a Puppy

Because I am quite a big boy, I think people often don't realise I am still only a puppy. I was just 9 months old last weekend. Quite often when I am out on my walkies, people really avoid me or pull their doggies away if I try to play. I never dive right in to play - mum or dad always ask if I can say hello to other doggies, & I always have a sniff first & am learning to play bow before throwing myself on them, but some people seem to think I'm big & scary. I NEVER bark at other dogs, I NEVER growl, & since I had my boy bits operation, I NEVER try to hump other doggies anymore, so it makes me a bit sad that people aren't always very nice to me. Mum & dad are forever saying "He's only x months old", "He's still a puppy", blah, blah, blah. Once they know this, a lot of people are then fine with me. There are doggies I meet on my walks that will play with me until I start to annoy them with my puppy bouncing & bitey face games.

We were in the pet store the other day & I sniffed in the general direction of a little girl spaniel. As soon as I did, her owner scooped her up, & moved to the other queue saying "Aw, was it a big scary doggy", "Aw, poor Sophie, did the big doggy want to get you" and generally making a big fuss. I was really upset as I just wanted to sniff hello. I mean, she wasn't even that cute. Mum & dad said not to worry, & that that doggy would end up with issues, not me since I have been well socialised & am not scared around dogs, any kind of hoomans or any other animals.

So, to prove that I really am just a big, silly puppy, I thought I'd show you me being stoopid this morning. After stealing mum's gloves in the snow the other week, it was now time for the scarf snake to be got! I did kind of mess up the lounge in the process (see film - throw on the couch all bunched up, rug way out of place, etc), but I did help mum tidy up afterwards - honest!

Oscar x


Maggie said...

You're not scary - you're too much like me! My mom is forever straightening the rugs here and I love slamming my paws down on the floor and doing playbows! We'd get on real well together Oscar! I bet your mom has new scratches in her floor! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Oscar, Some people are just not very nice and others are not very smart. Sometimes dogs are the nicer AND smarter of the bunch. You can sniff this Sophie's bum any time!

Toby said...

now EXACTLY what you mean Oscar! I get that all the time, especially with little doggies! AND to make it worse people pull their children away from me too because I get all waggy and want to say hello to them because they are just babies like me! Hmph! It's just not fair. Don't let those weird hoomans get you down!


Bogart said...

Oscar, that happens ALL THE TIME here in Los Angeles, I thought that people here had cornered the market on little dog silliness!!!


Suki said...

There's nothing scary about you, Oscar! Some people are just not dog-people, ya know? No one is scared of me, and I bark like crazy at everything. I guess that's cuz I'm small, but Twix scares people ALL the time. Especially kids, which I find very sad. I don't get it, either.
Puggy kisses! xoxo

Loui said...

You're having what my mum calls a "funny half hour" where I go all mad and do just what you are doing! Mum really laughs when I do that and she is laughing now at you in the videos!

Loui xx

Blue said...

Shame on other dogs & their owners!
You couldn't be scary!
Silly & crazy maybe!
What concerns me is the number of children who are growing up needlessly scared of dogs due to parential parania!

Blue said...

Didn't spell that quite right!
Put it down to moon gazing madness!

Toby said...

Scary?? Who says you're scary!! They better get their brains checked. Some people!! Don't dwell on it too much, you're much better without those folks.


Rachael said...

I hate it when people act like my dog is the devil incarnate! She wouldn't hurt a fly! Poor Oscar. Hmmph. The nerve of some spaniel!

Boo said...

ha oscar guess what? i got the exact opposite reaction though.

mom always let me socialise with bigger dog (i'm small remember) but once a vet told mom not to let me sniff or being sniffed by bigger dog afraid they might attack me suddenly. mom was thinking to let me socialise coz she doesn't want me to afraid of big dogs when i grow up.

mom always let me sniff or being sniffed by bigger dogs in public. i'm always friendly towards them.

wet wet licks


faya said...

Hiiii la tête en bas les fesses en haut... hahahaha j'adore te voir comme ça. C'est une invitation au jeu ? Big bisous mon Oscar

Hammer said...

Dear Oscar

Don't take any notice of these stupid hoomans. Any hooman with any sort of sense knows that us doggies work things out very easily and very quickly, not like them, because they are plain stupid. They would not know what age, what breed, what temperament any dog is.

Please don't take any notice because you're a beautiful boy and so his your mum and dad, and I appreciate very much your visiting my blog.

Sorry for taking so long to reply but we've had computer problems.

Love from your Aussie friend, Hammer

jaffeboy said...

Poor Oscar. If only I am near you, I'll play with you anytime! Althou I may be a little annoyed with bouncy & jumpy puppies but I'm sure we'll end up having a great chase around in the park. That's what happen all the time with new puppies I meet.

Jasper said...

I am so sorry some peepole don't understand that you are not scarweeie at all! They really should not jump to hasty conclusions like that.

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

I feel for you Oscar! I REALLY feel for you! Try being 9 months old and 115 pounds!!! People practically RUN from me! and I love people! I love big people and small people and even the medium sized people. It's not right! and puppies - I am always very careful with little dogs but people are stupid.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Oscar, who said that you are scarie. They must be ignorant people. I once get this kinda thing from a schnauzer at my neighbourhood. Althou he was much larger than me, His dad scooped him up the moment he looks like he was interested in me. Mom nudge me and i gave him the face up chin up look and walked off. Mom says "good job"


Joe Stains said...

I loved your videos, I dont think you are scary at all.

Nugget said...

My Brother Stewy LOVES big dogs, he playbows, and taunts them to chase him. I am a little shy and mostly watch. Ozzy too loves to play chase and bitey face.

Chelsea said...

Oh Oscar, you are the FARTHEST thing from scary.
People are just ignorant.

I get the opposite, I am a smaller dog and try to jump on anyone who looks at me once. Everyone thinks I am a puppy but, I am 3!!


Fu Fu said...

Oscar, you're such a cute doggie. how can anyone be scare of that. That lady sounds rude. I would have say hello to you back. :)

~ fufu

Simba said...

You don't look scary. Some people are stupid.

Simba xx

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