The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Aunty Clare Comes To Stay

As I've been so busy what with shows & baths & chewing sticks, I never got around to telling you about Aunty Clare coming to see me. Aunty Clare is my mum's little sister. She always spoils me LOTS, which mum & dad always tell her off for, but which I LOVE! Mmm, pigs ears, thank you!

As it was a nice sunny day, I asked if we could go out somewhere with Aunty Clare instead of being stuck in the house. I just love going out in the car & watching the world go by.

We went to a place called Coate Water where there is a big man made lake which you can walk around (& swim in if you like freezing yourself), & the hoomans can hire canoes or play golf, cycle or run. They were trying to build a university campus & lots of houses here, but there were LOTS of protests & it seems like people power won & the plans will not now be going ahead, yay!

I found this old tree stump, & had a good check that there were no squirrels lurking inside. Cooee, Mr Squirrel? Come on out & say hello to me!

Here's a view across the lake. It really is very pretty. There were quite a few doggies swimming, but it was just far too chilly in my opinion.

This is mum & Aunty Clare. Not a great photo. doG knows what mum is doing pulling a "Doofus" face. Do you see how much clobber I have on? A collar, my flexi leash, my bandanna, my car harness & my halti (as there are LOTS of doggies here & I just want to go & play with them all, even the scary ones!). I think mum has mistaken me for a pack horse, not a puppy! I kept trying to take Aunty Clare's gloves off her as they were so bright & fun to toss around!

We met this swan family, but they were protecting their (very big) baby, so weren't very friendly at all. You wouln't want to chase these guys Nanook, I think they would have fought back!

At the park there is a model railway that hoomans can ride on. I think it's supposed to be for children & their parents really, but mum & Aunty Clare wanted to go on it, big babies!

It was a fun afternoon. I hope Aunty Clare comes to see me again very soon. Next time, see if you can find me one of those Bully Sticks pretty please!
Oscar x


Blue said...

What a great day out!
Your parks almost as good as mine!
And, you've a nice Aunty..
Take care

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Oscar that looks like so much fun! I went to the park today to practice for my test with my old friend Razor the doberman. But when we went back to Razor's house to play he and I got into a big fight because he was jumping on my head and growling and snarling. It was kind of scary. So now Razor and I aren't allowed to play together until we have both been 'fixed' although I don't know why I need to get fixed, I am not broken!

Schniblet said...

Wow Oscar! You are a gear head! I bet your mum invests in a backpack soon! My mum did Sometimes, if we walk to the beach, I get to carry my own water & toy in my backpack! I'm also less likely to jump on all the other doggies too!
Too bad you didn't get to ride the train! I bet you would've liked it!

PS Mum told me that those bully sticks are made by a company called Red Barn. May be you can find them online or a feed store that sells them!?

Anonymous said...

Hey Oscar, Your Aunty is very nice to you. Sophie has a halti too and she hates it! Actually, since her foster sister passed away (boo hoo), she doesn't have to wear it. The two of them together pulled and pulled. Your mom has groovy rubber boots. Do you call them rubber boots where you live?

Sophie Brador said...

Oops. Wrong Account. Sherry is Sophie Brador's pet person.

Maggie said...

Geez Oscar,
You're luggin' a whole lot of stuff there! You must weigh an extra 10 pounds!!! Where were you when your Aunty and your mom were riding the train?

Love ya lots,

Chelsea said...

My aunty spoils me too. That's what they are for!
Looks like you had a blast Oscar. You sure had a lot of gear on. I am sure that was for your safety.


Nanook The Newfoundland said...

I think they call them Wellies where Oscar is from. After the duke of wellington, of course.

Joe Stains said...

oh no i never saw a HUMAN make a doofus face!!! but she still looks very nice, why didnt you ride the train?!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Oscar, did you went for the model railway ride with your mum? Your aunt looks like a nice and fun person. I hope she visits you more often

Bogart said...

Fun fun fun Oscar! I had one of those haltis too, I think I finally got my mom to get sick of putting it one (try squirming a lot when she's trying to put it on, it will get old for her in no time!).

I kept looking in the pictures to see if there was one with you on the train... now THAT would have been fun!


Simba said...

There are more adults then children on that train!! Looks like a great day out.

Simba xx

Jasper said...

That looks like a great time out at the glad the hoomans protested and kept them from building some silly ole' university there....!!!
Your Mom and Aunty look so cute on that train!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Oscar, we found out about you not being able to find 'bully stick'. So we are planning to get you some and send it over for you to try. We already managed to trace where you stay..hehe.So look out for the mailman :)

Boy n Baby

Marvin The Dog said...

hey Oscar, that sounded like such fun, your day out with your Mum and Aunty Clare.

Jeannie says she loves your Mum's wellies!!!!!!

love and licks Marv xxxxxxxxxx

Loui said...

Didn't they let you go on the train?? Hoomans always think we don't want to have a go don't they!

Loui xx

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Oscar,
How come you aren't on the train??? You sure have nice parks to play at. Too bad there weren't any squirrelies hiding in the tree stump for you to nab. Would you like us to ship you some snow??? We have tons of the stuff now.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Boo said...

oscar, as simba points out, we only see adults on the train instead of kids. LOL i hope that train won't break down fast!

wet wet licks


Sundae said...

They din allowa you on the train? Looks fun! :D

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