The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I know on my post yesterday I mentioned that part of my busy weekend involved doggy class. I've been going to a 4 week course on Saturday mornings which is for general socialisation & good manners. It's a lot less formal than my Wednesday class & there are no certificates or tests. It's a very small class. There's me, 2 Bedlington terriers - Lottie who's 2 & Molly who's 4 (they are sisters), a mongrel called Pip who's 8 years old & a West Highland terrier called Milo who is 3. So again, I am the baby of the class, but I was deemed a bit too big for the puppy group where there are some really teeny puplets. We do a lot of fun stuff, but the best bit is at the end when we get to play off lead! It's so much fun tearing around. Lottie is quite nervous & it's her you can hear barking away in the video. She doesn't like joining in all that much, but this week was week 3 of the 4 & she's so much braver than she was & barks a lot less (believe it or not!). Her sister Molly is the total opposite, a really confident girl & a bit of a flirt I have to tell you. She's always rubbing her head on mine. I had to tell her politely that I already had my Faya. I am sad that it's the last class next week, but they all live fairly close by, so hopefully we can swap pee-mails and go out for walkies together.

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon yesterday when we went for walkies. Mum even went out without her big coat & wore trainers instead of wellies for the first time in months!

Mum often says I'm her little ray of sunshine & I think this photo nicely proves her point!

While we were out I found the coolest new place to play, which I'll tell you more about in a moment. I'm the king of the hill!

First though me & mum played a bit of Hide & Seek. I tried to camouflage myself behind the trees but I admit it wasn't the greatest hiding place ever, but it was partial revenge for mum & dad frequently hiding when we're out walking under the pretence that it's to help with my recall training, hmmm.

The little stream that runs through Seven Fields is my new favourite place. As we got near it I started bounding towards it, eager to check it out. I stood at the top of the steps that lead down to it & looked from afar. I wasn't super keen on actually going in it despite it being really crystal clear.

Once I ventured down the steps, Mum was trying to persuade me to take a dip, but I was pretty sure it was going to be freezing cold so I wasn't all that keen.

I tentatively stepped in to test the water...

...Yikes, that's f-f-f-freezing cold! I'm glad it's not any deeper! How Marvin can swim in what must be even colder water in Scotland I just do not know. I guess I must be a Southern Softie!

This morning though I was a lot braver. I went tearing down the steps all on my own, but I found a game that was much more fun & exciting than paddling!

Running up & down the banking was great fun, especially as the second time I did it, I headed onto the field on the other side as there were 2 West Highland terriers asking me to play. Mum had to come too as I was still on my lead, & she slipped (mum: or was pulled by a certain little monkey he should say) on the banking and got muddy hands, hehehe!

After some chasing about with the two other terriers & then some ball fetching I was absolutely pooped. Mum put my short lead on so she could practice some heel work with me on the way home. She had it easy as I was too tired to do much other than trot along beside her!

I had my dinner, plopped onto my bed & snoozed the evening away, zzzzzzzzzz.

Oscar x


Wired for Mackie said...

Oscar - If you continue to look so cute everytime my mom checks out your blog I am going to end up with an Airedale in this house too! So, buddy, keep the cool moves and handsome looks to yourself for mom has not will power! ; )

Your pal, Mackie and brothers

Toby said...

Wow looks like you had a great time Oscar! Posing beautifully as usual! I refuse to post for mum most of the time - there are far more interesting things to do like playing fetch! Isn't it annoying when your parents go and hide when you're walking?! My mum does it quite often and though it is a good game I do get fed up of it after a while!


JJ said...

Yay Oscar! Sounds like you had a beautiful time!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You look like you had alot of fun.

Boy n Baby

Maggie said...

What a busy day you had!

Love ya lots,

Bogart said...

Oscar you always have the best times!!!!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Now that is a day!

Bussie Kissies

Chelsea said...

You look ike you had a blast outside!

Oh...PLEASE do not tell my Mama about these "classes" you are going to.


maggie said...

your sooooooooooooooooooo lucky that you have a river of your own ... luv maggie #2

Wimsey said...

Wow, that looks like even more fun than Central Park and I love Central Park. Sigh, so much to sniff. You are a very lucky dog!


Joe Stains said...

oscar it looks absolutely cold near that water! I am so scared of water!

Boo said...

hey oscar, i saw your name tag. i have one exactly the same. i wonder what else the hooman put in there besides your name. mom put there "please call xxxxxxx for rewards"

wet wet licks


Toby said...

Oscar, looks like you had a ton of fun in the video!~ We keep hearing someone saying, "Fluffy, Fluffy...". Which one is Fluffy??


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Oscar,
I got dizzy watching you in the video cos there was so much running around! It sure looked like fun...
So you have another lady who is eager for your attention and affection huh.. Faya's a real lucky gal!

Simba said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Walking, sleeping and eating.

Simba xx

Sophie Brador said...

Great day Oscar!

Suki said...

Oscar, you look so handsome with the sun behind you! No wonder Molly likes you :)

Puggy kisses

Faya said...

Hihi mon Oscar se fait draguer par Molly.... A part ça elle a l'air très sympa. J'ai vu que tu n'aime pas l'eau ? Moi j'y vais mais seulement les pattes jusqu'au ventre. Pas plus.... Gros bisous

Marvin The Dog said...

Oscar! I thought I had adventurous walks.....but yours are as good as mine!

I bet you were "dog" tired after all that racing about!

lovea nd licks Marv xxxxxx

enjoyed the videos too! I like to hear you barking! Your training loois good fun....!

Rafe said...

Great day, pup! Can't blame you about the water. Too much like a bath. Cold is not good.


Liberty Doo Dah said...

Looks like the socialization class is the bestest! I LOVE being offlead with other doggies!
As far as water goes, I can't STAND it! I mean, I'll walk in a puddle, but don't think I'm gonna go swimmin'! No Siree!

Jasper said...

That looked like a lot of fun, Oscar!! You are such a KEWL Airey...I love your blogs, have fun in class!!

The Airechicks said...


What great adventures you have !!!

Your just too cute.....We know why Faya luvs you ....

Fu Fu said...

Oscar, you look nice in the sunshine picture. You looked like the perfect poster boy there. So sweet of you to be loyal to Faya. :)

~ fufu

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