The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your Suggestions Please

Ever since mum & dad brought me home, I have had my own puppy crate. I like it a lot and have never whined or cried when I have been in it. In fact most nights I take myself off to bed in it when I start to feel sleepy. It's in the living room, in a corner beside one of the sofas & under the stairs, so I feel nice & safe & cosy there.

Now as you can see, it is getting a little bit cramped in there now that I am getting to be a big grown up boy, and mum & dad are starting to worry that I will get bored being in there when they're out or overnight.

They have suggested that I start going in the kitchen & hallway if they're out & overnight. Now I am not too impressed by this idea as it seems a bit scary not being shut up nice & safe in my crate. Yeah, I know I'm a big girlie. I know it makes sense as I will have much more space to stretch out, play, wander around, spy on Fat Flakes, etc, etc, but it still seems a bit, umm, weird.

Mum thinks that here under the stairs would be a good place to put my bed, as it's a cosy space where I can snuggle up, a bit like in my crate. Hmm, I can see what she means, but where's the door?

She says she'll leave me with my new red Kong so that I have something to keep me busy & distracted. I thought I could just chase Fat Flakes around the house, but mum wasn't too keen on that idea. Flakes could certainly use the exercise though, little porker.

Mum bought me this new boredom busting toy in preparation. It's called a "Busy Buddy".

The humans put food or spread stuff in the middle, then screw it up, & I have to work out how to get the food out. It's not that tricky in my opinion, took me about 5 minutes to suss it out, but it's still good fun. Mmm, cheese.

So this is where you guys come in. Mum & dad aren't very inventive when it comes to stuffing my Kong & Busy Buddy. As I am apparently going to be left loose from tomorrow I need some yummy suggestions for fillings for my toys. I am a little sensitive in the tummy department (who said "girlie" again?), so mum would prefer natural, wholesome foods ideally (yawn).

I'm really looking forward to hearing your recipe ideas. If you have any other tips for un-crate training me, leave them on my comments section. I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow!
Oscar x


Sundae said...

Ma mom used to stuff Solid gold Jerky treats for me when I was a puppy.

Faya said...

Salut Oscar,
Personnellement je n'ai jamais eu de cage. Depuis le premier jour je dors dans une corbeille énorme dans le corridor et je n'ai accès qu'à la cuisine la nuit (pour mon eau). La journée et le soir je suis libre d'aller dans toute la maison sauf les chambres à coucher. Quand tous le monde va au lit je vais toute seule dans ma corbeille (avec mes peluches). Et si je dois rester seule la journée je reçois un nerf de boeuf ou un os à ronger ou une oreille de cochon séchée (miam). Voilà. Normalement à ton âge tu devrais pouvoir rester seul 3-4 heures sans problèmes. Bonne chance et gros bisous

Maggie said...

Hi Oscar,
Mom always keeps this link handy for a new creative idea for stuffing kong:

Your bed looks pretty cozy underneath the stairs!

Love ya lots,

Lillie Valentine said...

Hi Oscar:
I am not really enjoying my kongs. AND did you hear that I am back in my crate? It is bigger, and it isn't too bad, I guess. I haven't tried to escape, and I can't move it aroundlike I could the other one. Be a good boy.


The Airechicks said...


Our Mom puts crunchy peanut better and carrots in our kongs...and pops them into the freezer.... beans or maybe some pumpkin....

Congrats on getting out....

Lillie: Sorry kongs not working for you....maybe a puzzle like Oscars' would be better...

Your Mums very smart.....

Boo said...

oscar, you are having fun with the kong and busy buddy huh. i can't give you much ideas coz i don't have kong. those "stuffing" toys game that i got, normally mom would put biscuit in it and i normally can take it out within 1/2 hour or sometime lesser time.

as for letting you loose, are they not comfortable letting you loose when they are out? i think they can trust you coz after all, you've been good at nite all by yourself rite?

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

I havn't had a stuffed kong in a while! Mama would put peanute butter, bits of kibble, cut up treats and stuff like that in mine. I loved it!


ps your bed should be by the humans so that eventually you can worm your way in there and take it over. If you need tips, let me know

Simba said...

I use to sleep in a puppy crate, I had a little bed in it. I still have the little bed but the puppy crate is long gone.

Simba xx

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

U mean to say u like the crate. We like te crate too only if the door is open. Once someone closes the door, we will start wailing..haha

Oscar Airedale said...

Sundae, mmm, sounds yummy

Faya - Merci pour les avis. Je suis capable de rester seul, mais je préfère être dans mon petit cage. Je suis fou!

Maggie - wow, some great ideas there. Mum is going to try a banana one as we have some going black

Lillie - Crate good, bathroom bad! Hope you're more settled in your new one

Airechicks - ooh yes, I like carrot. We will try this one

Boo - Mum & dad are comfortable with leaving me, it's me that isn't. I just love my crate & bark when I'm out of it at night to be let in. I am a big baby!

Chelsea - bedroom is Fat Flakes the Cat's domain. I know, I know...

Simba - You are such a grown up boy. I think mum has decided I am a real wimp

Boy & Baby - Yep crate with door closed is what I love when I'm sleepy

Oscar x

jaffeboy said...

MaMa stuff air dried lung chunks in the red kong & sometimes she cheats me by putting my kibbles in the busy buddy with only a few cheese bits!

Another nice one is a big marrow bone for the day. Yummmmm

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Oscar, don't know what to suggest, I have never been crated, ever!

But apparently peanut butte is very morish but messy for your chews!

Personally I like Bon Maman Raspberry Jam, I especially like the pretty red check tops the jam jar has.......

oooooh think I am having a jolly moment just thinking about the jam situation! love and licks Marv

Bogart said...

I'm not a big fan of the Kong either... I actually really like to chew on those rib bones that are dried (mom thinks they look kind of disgusting but hey, they're natural), they keep me busy and entertained for awhile.

As for the crate, I've never liked it. Mom basically abandoned the idea ages ago. Now I sleep either on my sofa (mom might argue that it's actually her sofa) or just on a soft blanket on the floor when they're out without me. I'm not really picky.

Sorry if this isn't that helpful, I hope you find a good spot (take advantage! it's not every day that the humans decide that you don't have to be in the crate!!!)

Love & crunchy rib bones,

fee said...

congratulations oscar on having the whole house to yourself! first, shoes and socks, must do those. and anything placed near the edge of table tops, must take those down. i'm sure there'll also be bits of carpets, edges of doors and an assortment of furniture for you to while away your time. it's going to be great fun, i promise you!


Oscar Airedale said...

Jaffeboy - Ooh, haven't tried lung yet. Will add to my wish list

Marvin - I can only imagine the mess I could make with some jam with my beard!

Bogart - mum says she will look out for the ribs

Fee - you are soooo funny, you little cutie!

Oscar x

Joe Stains said...

bananas!!! those are the best!