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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Big Adventure

Phew, I had SUCH a busy day yesterday. Mum got me out of bed at 5:45 am! I am normally still snoring when she gets me up at the usual time of 7:15, so I was a little dazed & confused to say the least. After lots of stretching & yawning, mum put my lead on & opened the front door. Guess what was outside? SNOW!!! OK, maybe not a lot, but snow all the same! We walked to the shop to get some milk, but all I could do was prance about & eat the snow. It was so hard to concentrate on walking nicely. I did slide a couple of times, which was a bit embarrassing, but luckily there weren't any people around as it was so early, plus it was still dark.

We went home & mum & dad had a cup of tea, then we all got in the car. Dad had pushed all the snow off it.

We drove & drove for ages. There was lots of snow on the fields that we drove past. Dad was driving fast, so the photo is very blurry!

There was lots to see out of the window. Lots of other cars, lorries, villages, countryside, people, shops, other doggies. We stopped after an hour & a half so we could all go pee pee. Dad went in this big shop while I waited with mum & came out with some food & drinks. Yummy!

I slept for pretty much all the second half of the journey as it was pretty tiring watching the world go by, plus I had missed out on some shut eye this morning. I was strapped in so felt pretty safe & relaxed.

Eventually we stopped at a big tall building & dad got out with his laptop bag. He told me that he was working in Sheffield today, but that I was off to have some fun with mum, so to be a good boy & he would see me later.
Me & mum headed off out of the town centre, & in about 10 minutes we stopped on a quiet street. We went to a house & grandma opened the door! I have met grandma (mum's mum) once when she came to our house, but I have never been to her house before! I had a good sniff round & explored, before mum gave me a big drink & my breakfast (finally!!). I thought I was on starvation again, but mum said she just didn't want me to be car sick, hmm. Grandma is a bit nervous of dogs & somehow I seem to understand that, so I don't jump about near her, but let her pat my head & stroke me.
Her & mum were doing lots of chattering as the hoomans always seem to, so I went to have an explore of grandma's garden. At least I was allowed on the grass here, so a big improvement on my garden already!

There was a little bit of snow left on the ground - well, until I ate it all that is.
It just feels so nice on your tongue, so I couldn't resist chomping away on it.

When I went back inside I found mum & grandma in the living room in front of a big fire. I put my nose near it to see what it was - ouch, it was really hot.
Then I saw a puss cat sitting on the chair. It was really quiet & still. I went & gave it a nose poke but it still didn't swipe me or run off (Flakes' usual tactics), so I lifted it gently down off the chair to have a proper look. Nope, it was definitely not moving. I was a bit worried by now that the kitty was poorly. Yeah, I know I think Flakes is a pain, but I wouldn't want a fellow animal to be ill. Mum explained that the cat was just a very realistic toy cat, which was kind of hard to understand, but I did leave it be & go & eat my marrow bone in front of the fire instead.

So mum, can we swap Flakes for grandma's cat please? This one's much more fun to play with!

Later on dad phoned to say he'd finished work, so we said our goodbyes to grandma & Simon the cat, ate a bit more snow in the garden & drove to pick dad up.
We drove to Rother Valley Country Park. Mum said she used to come here when she was a little girl.

There are some really big lakes, some for wildlife & some for the hoomans to play on. We had a walk around this lake. There were lots of ducks, geese & swans. We couldn't get too close because one of the swans had some fluffy babies, & she was hissing at everyone. Dad explained she was protecting her babies.
It was really cold & started to hailstone which was kind of painful, so we went back to the cafe & had a drink. Water for me, hot chocolate for mum & coffee for dad.

We then drove through the countryside to a village where there was a big castle that had all fallen down

We went to meet mum's bestest friend at this pub. Mum's friend had called the man who owns the pub & he said he was very doggy friendly it was fine to take me in as long as we didn't want to go in the restaurant. What a nice man!

We drove home later in the evening. I don't remember much of the journey as I was so pooped after all the socialising & all the new sights, smells & sounds. Mum & dad said they were really impressed at how well behaved I had been all day, & said it means I can go & visit lots more people, yay!
Oscar x


Toby said...

Wow Oscar - you gots snow!!! No fair! All I got is rain - waw! Though it was fun getting all muddy over the field...mum didn't seem to happy about that though!
Glad you had a nice time.


Boo said...

oh oscar, you have an adventure today. i have never been to a long car ride before. i don't think i like that. those short rides are making me anxious! i wanna get down on the ground as fast as i can.

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

What an exciting day you had! Car rides are the absolute best, huh??!!

Love ya lots,

Kevin the Collie said...

Hey Oscar,
That sounds like a great day: tons of snow, visits where you get treats, a trip to the pub!
Licks and Hugs,
Kevin the Collie

Faya said...

Alors Oscar ! Je t'avais dit que tu aimerais la neige. Moi j'en ai d'abord eu peur... 2 minutes. Et maintenant j'adore... Bisous et bon week-end, ta Faya

Rachael said...

Sounds like a great day!

Bogart said...

So cool in the snow Oscar!


Scrappy said...

How lucky are you to have snow to play in. That garden looks very pretty.

Tail wags

Simba said...

Wow that was a great day out. Your parents have such cool friends.

Simba xx

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

What great day you had. And the kitty look so real!

Boy n Baby

Tom said...

what a very exciting day! snow and driving and funny cats and marrow bones!

Joe Stains said...

ok that was me, not Tom, my stupid dad always leaves himself signed in...I am off to have a talk with him...

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow your grrramma has a snow garden? She is amazing!

Bussie Kissies

Sharon said...

Oscar, are you allowed to go in the pub to have a beer? I'll bet the beer is really good where you live. I secretly drank beer out of people's mugs at a party we had last summer. Nobody knew it because I was so sneaky. But then I got caught by the human sister and she tattled. No more beer for me!

Loui said...

I was eating the snow too! I like to eat ice too and up the fields there was a big frozen puddle...I just had to eat the ice. Yummy!

Loui xx