The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Disco 'Dale

I don't know what the winter's like where you live, but here in the south of England during the winter it's pretty dark from around 4:30 pm until around 8am the following morning, which means that two of my walk a day during the week tend to take place under cover of darkness.

Now if you lot are anything like me you'll love sniffing around in the undergrowth, lagging behind your mum or dad to wait for that pretty little lady or handsome young dog to catch up with you, and playing ball even though it's pitch black- you know the kinds of thing I mean I'm sure.

Anyhow, as I am quite dark in colour, mum sometimes finds it hard to see where I'm hiding (yeah mum, that's the idea, durr!), so she bought a cool little flasher to go on my collar to keep track of me.

Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, I thought it made me look like a bit of a "Disco 'Dale", so I got mum to get the "Oggz" lights out of the bedroom so we could recreate a nightclub feel in the living room. Mum & dad got these for Christmas & they are so cool. They are made or nice soft plastic, change colour all the time to hold your interest & are just the right size for grabbing & running round with in your mouth. I think that's why they mostly stay in the bedroom (where I'm not allowed).

I'm flashing at you here, but it's a bit too light to see the full effect!

And now it's a bit too dark. I think the lighting technician at this disco needs firing!

I'm off to cruise the dancefloor for a laydee.

Oscar x


Faya said...

C'est super cette musique Disco et toutes ces lumières waouw ! Et ne t'inquiète pas tu vas gagner mais de toutes façon dans mon coeur c'est toi le meilleur.
Tendres bises

Maggie said...

I guess I'm not as brave as you are Oscar! I don't really like the dark. I want my people near me to chase away the boogie man!

Love ya lots,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Oscar,
It's dark here in Iowa like that too. Papa goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark, weird. Mama is going to get a headband light to wear when she takes us outside in the dark. We hear too many weird critters running around us when we go out in the dark. Sometimes Snickers gets a wee bit scared and runs back beside Mama. We like your color lights. They would be cool up in the loft here.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

ooh you look awesome in your lights! those oggz are great!!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Boogie fever,
got to boogie down
Boogie fever,
I think it's going around

Bussie Kissies

The Airechicks said...

Hey Oscar....

We think your flasher is better than the Disco Ball .....

We'd follow......Cool light show....

Chelsea said...

John your heart out.

You need a white suit now and a beegees album.


Boo said...

oh oscar,

why aren't you invite us to join you to do the Bee Gee's signature "saturday night fever" dance? hehehe.

it gets dark here by the time mom reach home so i normally don't get my walk on weekdays. i have no choice but to exercise at home - playing footie or tennis with the hooman.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Kewl.. Oscar, now you're a Disco'Dale. I bet all the pretty ladies can see you from far away with those lights too

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Keeeeewl!!! Makes me wanna fly over to pawty!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba said...

Cool, your own disco.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Faya - tu es ma fille, belle Faya

Maggie - I'll chase the boogie man away so you don't have to be scared

Butchy & Snickers - We saw foxes in the dark last night!

Joe - the "Oggz" are great, but I just got a Cuz like yours & that's pretty cool too

Bussie - like the poem!

Airechicks - You can come to my dicso anytime

Chelsea - Mum is laughing at thoughts of me in a white suit

Boo - I guess tennis or football with you humans is as much fun as a walk

FuFu - I certainly got lots of admiring glances on my walk yesterday

Sunshade - come to England, there's no STINKY here (unless I am still a stinky pup in your eyes)

Simba - Next time I have a disco you can come too

Oscar x

Marvin The Dog said...

Yay! disco dancing and pretty lights, and smart flashing collars! Woo Hoo! How cool you are Oscar!

love from Snowy Scotland, Marvin xxxx

Oscar Airedale said...

Is it really snowing Marvin? Wowo, how exciting. I'm off to check your blog.

Oscar x

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