The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oscar's Stone and Mini Oscar

Hello, thank you all for keep stopping by and checking up on us. It means a lot. We thought you might like to see the pebble we had made for Oscar. We are really pleased with it. We didn't want anything with dates or anything like that on, just something positive to remind us of him in as happy and simple a way as possible.

Once we knew how big it was, we were able to finish planting. Hopefully before too long the planter will now be a mass of colour.

A very lovely lady in America who used to read Oscar's blog contacted us after he died to send us her condolences and support. We have kept in touch since. She makes mini Airedales from felt and wanted to send us one. He is absolutely beautiful and has been going everywhere with me.

The photos don't really mini Oscar justice, but he even has teeny tiny Airedale eyebrows and a big juicy Airedale nose.

He will be treasured forever along with all your tributes, kind words, cards, thoughts and prayers.

We are doing OK. As some of you mentioned, it had now been just over a month since we lost Oscar. In some ways it doesn't feel that long, but in another way it seems like ages since we last stroked or cuddled him or had him bumbling around the house.

We are still finding that there are people to tell - people that I used to see out walking who have seen me and asked where he is, people at our local pub who have asked about him. Yesterday was the first grooming at our Airedale club class since Oscar died. Ralf & Molly's mum and dad went along and told people there for me, so we have had emails and messages from people there in the last couple of days. I am sure there are other people who still don't know. Oscar certainly was a very popular puppy.

We still have days when we feel very teary and emotional. I suppose we just have to be easy on ourselves and try not worry to much if we feel sad or if other people don't understand that we are still mourning. We were sent a very good little booklet called "When an animal friend dies" which has been very helpful to read.

As I have said before, I suppose only time will heal the pain of losing Oscar, but I'm not sure we will ever fully get over the shock and sadness, just learn to live with it and move forward and try to remember as many of the happy times as possible. Hopefully that doesn't sound negative, it's not meant to.

Katy and Martin xxx


Goofy said...

a beautiful stone and cute little Oscar there... hope everything would go smooth and nice for both of you, of course...

Love from
Goofy and mommy, Lily

Toby said...

Toby's mum (Rachel):

Aww Katy and Martin - big hugs to you both! Oscar's stone is beautiful and the mini-Oscar Airedale is wonderfully sweet.

I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to lose a treasured member of the family at such a young age...I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to Toby. But you have so many wonderful memories of your wonderful boy and he touched so many lives in the short time he was with you.

No matter the age of the dog you lose, I don't think that the pain ever really goes away - after all, you've lost a member of your family - you just learn to live with it and remember the happy times....that's not a negative thing at all, it just means you're wonderful people who were very devoted to their special boy.

All best wishes to you both - keep us all updated on how you're doing. You're often in my thoughts.

Rach (and Toby and Poppy)

Boo said...

hi katy & martin,

i love love love the stone. that's just so great. yeah, no dates nothing will not make you both sad whenever you look at the stone.

i know it's still too early and hope you are not offended by my question, but are you gonna adopt another dog soon? no need to rush in but maybe just look around. i hope my question doesn't offend you in any way.

please take care.

wet wet licks


jaffeboy said...

The stone is beautiful. It looks very classy.

Mini Oscar is very cute. Amazing craft.


Hi Katy and Martin,
The planter is already looking beautiful and is completed with that great pebble. That little felt mini Oscar is adorable. I made one of Jazz but it was nowhere near as cute as your little Oscar one. You are sounding more positive which is good but you take as much time as you need to grieve and don't worry about what anyone else is thinking. I still get teary eyed when I think about our other dogs that have passed on, after all they were, as Oscar was, one of the family.
Jazz and Dixie's Mum

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Katy & Martin...
What a beautiful stone. That is so lovely and it looks so pretty amongst all the flowers! Oh and little cute! It's nice to have him with you all the time.

I'm glad you are doing better, but I'm sure it will take a while. Just hang in there. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at something on Ruby's blog that doesn't make me think of Oscar...always makes me smile!

Lots of Love...Michele & Ruby

Simba said...

The stone is beautiful. Oscars passing was such a shock and that will take time to get over for you. But all us DWB's are here for you.

Simba xx

Putter said...

Hi Katy and Martin ...

We are thinking of you here ... :) Take good, good care ... The planter and the pebble are beautiful and perfect for sweet, sweet Oscar ... Talk to you soon, we hope:)

Your Friends,

Putter and Putter's Mom and Dad ...

Faya said...

Quelle jolie pierre....parfaite comme Oscar. Je ne crois pas que l'on doit se justifier pour les larmes que l'on verse quand on a aimé comme vous avez aimé et aimerez toujours votre Oscar...
Ici on pense à lui souvent et oui ici aussi il y a encore des larmes... Bises à tous, amitiés, Véronique et Faya

Blue said...

Hi Katy & Martin,
Do like the stone, & as for mini Oscar, arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
The planters looking really good.
Do take care
Think of you & the fuzzy boy every day!

Randi said...

Hi Katy & Martin - I love the stone for Oscar...& the little felt pup! Wow...that is very special..All our love to you always,
Love & Licks,
Randi & her mom

Vel's Mom said...

hi K & M,

its a beautiful stone. I especially love the mini airedale!

the occasional memories & sadness will be there I suppose. But take heart too of the wonderful memories Oscar brought to ur lives once. Even I, who've nv met Oscar b4 feel for his loss still.

lotsa love frm all of us... :)

Jackson said...

Hey Katy & Martin, the pebble looks lovely. The tiny felt Airedale is perfect too!
Thank you for visiting our blog; please keep in touch.

J & J x

Joe Stains said...

that little mini Oscar is too adorable. we know you are having highs and lows but just remember that we are all thinking of you...AND if you want I can send you Tanner to cheer you up!!! ITS NOT A PROBLEM!?!?!!!

Ferndoggle said...

The garden stone is perfect!

No one can tell you how long to mourn. That is personal to everyone. And there will be people who don't understand why you are still grieving...but you have hundreds of us all over the world who DO understand.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Balboa & Mommy said...

what a beautiful memorial to a beloved and wonderful boy.

Karen and Balboa

triple B's said...

That's a very nice Oscar pebble for the planter and the felt mini-Oscar is precious. Oscar spread his joy around wide and far in his short time. He was very much loved by you and many others. We know you will never get over his loss, but we hope that you will feel a bit better after some time passes. And please remember that there is another wonderful dog out there that could really use a good home like you can provide.

Woofers & hugs
3Bs and Peg

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, that stone carving is beautiful! Just beautiful! It really looks nice with on that big pot with those red flowers behind of it. That mini Oscar is soo cute! Looks like Oscar, hehe! That's so nice of her. Yeah, Oscar sure wa a evry popular Airedale puppy! Almost everydoggies & hoomans know him. And I'm sooo glad that we've got to know him!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

PerfectTosca said...

Oh Katy, the pebble is so beautiful. And the planter and entire setup is such a loving tribute! I am teary eyed just looking at at. How loved that boy was and how well he knew it. Our Special Ones take a little piece of us when they leave, but they always leave a piece of them behind.
Toscas Mom,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Katy and Martin.
The pebble is just beautiful! That is a great memorial for Oscar.
Nobody has the right to tell you how much time you take to mourn. The time will tell you.
We love you so much!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That is such a beautiful stone for Oscar, and the lady is so nice to make a mini Oscar that is so cute.

~ Girl girl

Molly and Taffy said...

Thank you for updating us with how you both are and showing Oscar's tributes. Hilary, Molly and Taffy

Snowball said...

Katy and Marin,

We fully understand that the psin you are feeling will not go away so soon.

When one of the dog we have rehomed died of cancer, jie jie will still feel teary when she see another dog of the same breed after many many month. We already knew that she was dying and she dun even live with us, jie jie is already feeling so sad.

We can imagine the impact of Oscar's passing must have been greater for you since he was part of your live for so many months and shock of his sudden falling ill and passing on just didn't help.

Oscar will always be living in your heart. Take good care of yourself.


Jasmine, BamBam & Eski said...

hi Katy & Martin, the pebble looks really nice - it sits so perfectly on the planter.
Oscar must be very glad tat you still love him, then and now.


Agatha and Archie said...

What a lovely stone and adorable little"Oscar".Don't think it is negative of you at all.I don't think you ever really get over it, he was a part of your family,but time does ease it a little.( I still get teary eyed thinking of my past buddies)We think of you all very often.Love Diana Agatha + Archie

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Katy and Martin, dear friends, even though we have never met, I feel I know you both through Oscar's lovely blog.

Take your time to grieve, when my dearest Pa died, there were so called friends who tried to rush me through the grieving process - they kept telling me to move on, go forward etc....suddenly one day, walking Marvin in the depths of a grey Scottish February morning, I realised something amazing....

I did not want to move on...I was quite happy where I was. OK I was not the happiest bunny in the world, but I wanted to be in that place, at that time.

It does not matter whether it is a dog, a person or cat, bunny or goldfish, you have to take this grieving time at its very own pace.

Please do not rush your time - Oscar was an absolute star, he is worth every moment you grieve.

And the stone is amazing.

Take comfort from all of us, we feel your pain and your grief.

I am in total admiration of your strength and love.

I am wishing for the sun to shine on you again, it will, it will.

I have been in your dark place, and you think it will never get brighter, could not possibly happen, but it does, trust me, it does.

Remember, "Tomorrow is a Lovely Day"....Oscar must have been some special boy to have been called over The Rainbow Bridge so young.

My thoughts are with you. And I know the sun will shine for you again soon.

love and light, Jeannie xxxxxxxx

and Marvin of course.

We so miss Oscar's posts on our blog, he was always the first to comment.


Texas's Mum said...

Hi Katy & Martin,
The pebble is very beautiful
and the mini Oscar is very cute and
handsome just like his name sake
and the planter is already looking
good as well.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Johann The Dog said...

The stone is so wonderful! We love it! What a wonderful tribute to sweet Oscar....

We think about you alot!

Woof, Johann

Stanley said...

Hey, Katy & Martin.

I'm with Jen. No one can tell you how long to mourn or how to do it. I lost my Airegirl, Rosie, almost 8 months ago and her collar is still in my bag ~ wherever I go. Whenever I feel it in there I just think of something I loved about her and let myself miss her. Some people think I'm crazy or torturing myself... oh well. They obviously don't understand.

Do what you need to do, and don't worry about what anyone thinks. Feel free to email anytime.

Goober love,
Lisa (Stanley's girl)

Ben_Benjamin said...

Both the stone & mini Oscar are beautiful, very beautiful as Oscar my dear pal.

Take care.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

mayb u shld start considering getting a real life mini oscar to accompany u...

when i lost my 1st dog....i got myself, pacco after 1 month....n keeping myself busy raising another puppy can help 2 keep my mind occupied n i wouldn't felt so lonely anymore...

fee said...

hi katy, mini oscar is so adorable! we think it's a good idea not to date the stone too. just oscar. happy, sunshine oscar. we've been reading the blog of this guy in cheshire, who lost his terrier, prince, the same morning oscar left us. he believes that prince has only taken a different form and he feels prince's presence all the time still. we believe that's how it must be too. you were looking after oscar before, and now he's a bigger and wiser entity watching over you. :)

fee & mom

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hi Katy & Martin

The stone is very beautiful. We hope you guys are feeling better.

Boy n Baby & Mom

shelby said...

Hi Katy & Martin
Just come across from you on Graham & Princes's blog. I'm so sorry to hear about Oscar, i've just read through your blog and what a beautiful memorial you have made for him, he sounded like a beautiful dog. I lost my dog Benji in July to lymphoma he was 15 years old. They say time is a great healer and it certainly is, however there are still days were the tears flow so easily just remembering him. I have since had a new puppy Bailey and it has helped ease the pain, i'll always have the memories of Benji as i'm sure you will have of Oscar.
Best Wishes to you both
Shelby x

HHHHarry said...

Hi Katy & Martin,
Oscar's stone is really nice, a fitting tribute to your beautiful boy.
I love the little Oscar too.
Vicky x

Momo :) said...

Hello Katy and Martin, What a bootiful stone and I love that tiny tiny Oscar.

Let us send you a big hug! My hooomans and I often think of you two and Oscar.

Momo, mom & dad

FleasGang said...

We just wanted to stop by and let you both know that we're still thinking about you. It looks like you have plenty of shoulders to cry on, but if you need another one, you know where to find us.

The FleasGang

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I think mini-Oscar's great! The stone is a lovely tribute.

Regarding your question over at our blog, the first thing I'd say is not to get another dog until you're ready. You probably will get some pressure to do so, because I think everyone thinks it's some sort of 'magic wand'.

I'm delighted that I've got Tilly now. I don't feel any guilt, because as you say, she's not a replacement for Prince and never could be. I deliberately looked for a dog who was quite different to him - sex, age, colour, breeding etc... to ensure that I wasn't looking for a replacement. Prince loved other dogs and was never concerned about sharing his things with them, so this helped. The way I found Tilly was also rather poignant - I genuinely believe that Prince led me to her. It's obvious that he's also played a major role in helping her settle in, and I still feel him with us a lot of the time. I suppose the bottom line is that Prince really wouldn't want to see me totally alone on this earth, and I believe that he led me to Tilly, as he knew that we could help each other.

I'm sure Oscar would like to see you happy again, and would be delighted to help you choose another dog to help him look out for you. It doesn't mean you love him any less, miss him any less, or you are trying to replace him. Another dog would have its own character, traits, likes and dislikes - all of which would complement Oscars.

There are millions of sad, dejected, and unloved dogs out there. I'm sure Oscar would be proud if his mum & dad gave one of them a second chance.

Do it if, and when, you're ready. We're always happy to talk or help in any way we can.

Lots of love,

Graham, Prince & Tilly xxx

Seadra & Zoe said...

Just stopping by to let you know that we still often think of you and Oscar.

The stone and mini Oscar are lovely!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Tadpole said...

Hey guys! The stone and the planter and everything is just beautiful. I feel so helpless as I sit and watch others grive the loss of a pet... I wish there was something I - or anyone - could do to help. Please know that we think you both often and are wishing you all the happy, peaceful, and healing thoughts in the world. Love,

Tad and Fig's Girl

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Katy & Martin,
The stone is beautiful! The planter with Oscar's remains is so lovely. That is so sweet of the woman to make the mini-Oscar for you. It is so adorable. We hope you are starting to feel a little better now. We're sure your home still feels so empty. You can come visit Koi Oscar anytime!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hi Katy, We started to blog just after Oscar passed. With all of the love that is still being sent to you, Oscar must have been one special dog! I wonder what your American friend would charge for her mini Oscar's? I would love one and could include a donation to a charity made in Oscar's name? My email is We lost our #2 WFT in March '06. Not a day goes by in which I don't think of him and want to snuggle with him. Healing takes time and we all grieve differently. Be kind to yourselves.

Marilyn, Scruffy and Lacie

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely stone and adorable Mini Oscar! We miss Oscar's comments a lot but we're happy you have chosen to stay around. Sharing Oscar's memories can be a good way to heal.

Barb and Bruin

Smudge said...

What a lovely bright happy corner, and the stone is perfect. Hope you are doing a bit better. Stay strong.

Smudge & Tina (Smudge's mum)

Anonymous said...

That stone is just perfect and precious. And wow, that mini Oscar is just too cute! Amazing what talents people have! We still think of you both very often and continue to say prayers for you as well.
Shelli, Sitka and Tia

Bogart said...

What a lovely stone that is... it's really perfect.

The fuzzy mini-Oscar is adorable!!!

We think about you guys all the time, sending BIG AIRE KISSES

Bogart & Lulu

Asta said...

Dear Katy and Martin
All the beautiful things you're doing for Oscar are sure to help eventually..someday you'll be able to look at the planter and that lovely stone,and smile. He will always be ther,and I love the little Oscar that you can carry around and cuddle..when my Nora died I went back to holding my old Snoopy that i had since college..I just needed someone to hug and cry with. Asta came to fill that big hole in our lives, but everyone has a different time when they're ready to embrace another little pup..just remember,if you ever do , it wont replace sweet must do what's right for you and don't listen to anyone else
much love and hugs
Ami,George and Asta

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hugs to you are still in our thoughts.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

thinking of you both today and Oscar.

Jeannie and Marvin xxxxx

Cubby said...

How beautiful your memorial garden is!

My mom lost her wonderful border collie mix, Clive suddenly one day at the age of 4, and it took her many months before she didn't cry every day. It's been many years now - 6 - and still she misses him and thinks about what he would be like now, but now she smiles at the memories instead of crying.

Hang in there.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Of course you will always miss Oscar - and for a very long time too. And no-one would ever say you were wrong for doing so. We all move on very very slowly in our own way when one of our dogs dies. It is so hard, and you must never feel guilty or silly that you are still upset about Oscar.

But you have lots of friends here who would like to try and help. If we can.

Lots of good wishes to you both. Kate and Pippa

PS It is good you still post - we always look for your update.

2shibas said...

I know there aren't any words so instead I send as big a hug as possible.


T-man said...

I love your Oscar stone and mini-Oscar!! It must be so hard still for you. At least you have many understanding friends who can help you in your healing..


Maggie said...

What a beautiful stone! It looks beautiful in the planter with the needle felted Oscar.
I'm so glad you posted Katy. It's always nice to hear from you and Martin.

Love ya lots,

Rachael said...

What a lovely tribute to the very wonderful Oscar. I find myself thinking about Oscar often. He sure touched a lot of lives during his short time here on earth. Thank you for blessing me by sharing his life with us.

Amber said...

The stone and the mini Oscar are just too beautiful. and with the flowers. We really hope you are feeling better each day. Be strong and take care!!

Huskee Boy said...

The stone is beautiful and the fuzzy lil' Airedale is so cute! Just imagine what Oscar's reaction will be if he saw it!!
Although I have never met Oscar in paw-son, he's touched my life and his sudden passing had taught me a valuable lesson of not to take things for granted. Thank you for this very important lesson..

Huskee's Mom

PreciOus said...

Hi Katy, thank you for updating and letting us rememeber Oscar in a happy way too. The pebble is beautiful, so is mini Oscar. He has Oscar's favourite sitting pose. =)


Jessie and Jake said...

That is a beautiful stone!
We miss Oscar so much too and Mama still cries (she is crying now).

Please continue to share pics memories whatever you need to get through this.

Words cannot say how much we feel for you.

Our Mama says that Oscar went to make Heaven better for doggies. God gave him an important Job and Oscar is very busy planting trees for dogs to go pottie and building a cheese plant but he is still looking down at us and smiling and panting and wagging his tail during his breaks.

Momo :) said...

Hello Katy and Martin. Sorry to take some time to get back to you but thank you SOOO much for barkday wishes on my actual barkday. We were so pleased to find your names.

a big hug!

Momo xoxo

ROSSI said...

Hi..Katy n Martin.. sorry for dropping in late.. that oscar's stone n mini oscar are superbly perfect!.. Hope u guys are doing better and happier each day..

Hugs n kisses..

Chilli the Dog said...

Dear Katy & Martin

Thanks for dropping by blog to wish me well.

The planter and the stone is a very beautiful way of remembering Oscar. I love the mini oscar too!

It's okay to feel sad when a love one dies. We all understand that it'll take time for the pain to go away. Just take all the time you need to heal and dont feel pressurize to do otherwise.

Sending you love and kisses


Sir Chance-Lot said...

Dear Oscars mamma,
I just wanted to stop by and tell you, there is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you and Oscar. We hope you are doing okay..the stone is beautiful.
Lotsa golden hugs
Sir Chancelot aka Sir Bacon....

Luckie Girl said...

Dear Katy & Martin,
Like the rest, I think of Oscar frequently whenever I read other airdales' blogs. I think that mini oscar from US is really very very lovely. What a way to carry Oscar with you all day long!
Do update whenever you can. We want to know what you have been busy.

Simba said...

Katy, thank you so much for your kind words and worrying about Simba. I know how lucky I am he is ok. The vet said he was showing all the signs of a blockage and only 80 per cent survive if they are found on the first day. After that it is a slim chance. I thought of you when I was at home without him, it must be so hard for you, but you still found it in your heart to care about Simba. You are a very special person.

Claire xxx

Reina said...

The stone is really really pretty. And the lady is very very nice to make Oscar the little felt oscar!

My family and i are glad to hear that you all are doing well.

Oscar is a very very lucky and loved airdale :)


Anonymous said...

Oscar story has touched me so. I just discovered Oscar's blog in my own grief of losing my Moxie & Buster. I'll admit I was riveted to his health concerns when Oscar ate the remote control. I was actually devasted with regards to the outcome and I've been monitoring you all's progress since.

Especially since my own experience was so wierd. I learned to handle the day/in-day/out responsibilites well. But any free time and normal daily chores turned into a very lonely experience. I was so use to chatting/including my 'dales in my daily routines that, well, I didn't know how to complete the routines without them.

Albeit in one of the strangest events of my life, Southern States Airedale Rescue in the USA called me a few weekends ago and asked me to rescue, then foster, a well-loved, 18mos Airedale. Whose grandfather of the original owner, couldn't keep him. His original Dad/owner died in his sleep at 44yo from and undiagonsed enlarged heart and with great intentions his grandfather tried to take care of Bo, but realized he wasn't physically in a postion to take care of Bo in the manner he deserved.

So of course I rescued the big guy, with every intention of turning him over to Airedale Rescue.

At first, I protested - I don't do puppies, I can't afford him (BTW.. he's perfect, I can't believe an 18 mos Airedale could be this good, etc), he so good, he needs a horse farm, with plenty of other dogs, and children to love him... Well after three weeks of guessed it, Bo is now mine. He's my big baby boy and we enjoy each other so.

As far as I'm concerned Bo is a gift from the Airedale gods.

I hope your sad, startling and not-fair story ends up as well as mine and Bo's.

Be open, bide your time (I wasn't expecting it at all and was set on not getting another 'dale for at least another year or so.

Oh, once again - I ramble.

Anyway, I really do understand and know your pain. And unfortunately only time and another 'dale will take it away.

My thoughts are with you.

and Bo.
Moxie & Buster (RIP in their mischievous souls.)

Sunshade said...

I LOVE the Oscar stone!!!! It's so simple yet bore so much memories. The mini Oscar is just the cutest thing.

Take your time Katy & Martin, time will heal..........

PEE S, did Kat say her new boy Bo was BIG and HANDSOME????

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Kevin the Collie said...

That little felt Oscar is so cute and you can hug him all day long - I'm blogging it!

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