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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our Oscar

Before we say anything else we just want to say thank you so much for the unbelievable number of messages, emails, cards, prayers and tributes to our darling Oscar. We are completely overwhelmed by how many people loved and cared about our boy, and how many of you are there to support us. It has been a great comfort to us to know that we have such a great network of people out there from our next door neighbours to the furthest corners of the globe. We will reply to all your emails and tributes, but it's going to take us some time so bear with uis and know that we are very grateful for all your support.

When we set up Oscar's website, we wanted to share the joy and laughter brought into our lives by our fuzzy little clown. We are feeling upset now that so many people have been saddened by the death of our darling boy. When we started his blog, the thought of losing him was not in our mind - we just assumed he would be a part of our lives for 10 or more years rather than 10 months.

On the one hand we feel quite guilty at feeling so devastated by his death after him only being a part of our family for such a short time when lots of people have to deal with the loss of their beloved pet after many years together, but then we think that to lose a seemingly healthy puppy so quickly and unexpectedly is just as much of a shock.

We have spent the last 5 days doing lots of crying, talking about Oscar, looking at his blog, photos and videos, reading your emails, messages and tributes and realising that we had many, many people to tell the awful news about Oscar. He certainly was a popular puppy and had definitely packed a lot into his 13 months.

It is clear that Oscar was a one-off and touched the lives of people with his sweet looks and nature, clownish personality and eagerness to do anything asked of him. We were so blessed that David and Martin his breeders trusted us into our care after he had already had one home, and we will be forever grateful to them.

I hope Oscar enjoyed every second of his time with us. We always tried to make sure he had the best of everything - care, attention, what we thought was the best food for his poor delicate little tum, visits to lots of different places, training, having fun at agility, lots of toys, friends to play with every day, good walks and most of all more love than you can imagine.

At the moment it is hard to imagine life without him. The house is desperately quiet. It's so strange to come downstairs in the morning and not see him still snoozing on the sofa or his bed not wanting to get up (he was never a morning dog), or to hear his claws tapping around on the wooden floor and his tags jingling. When we came home from work we used to be able to hear his tail bashing against the radiator in the hallway as it wagged like mad in anticipation of us coming through the door. Not hearing that is very strange. So much of our daily routine revolved around him - meals, walks, training, agility, grooming, visits to meet up with new friends we had made since getting him - it's as if we have lost a huge chunk of our day to day structure. I suppose in time we will work out what we used to do before, but at the moment it feels very strange.

We do know that Oscar was such a little ray of sunshine that he would not want us to be sad for a long time, so we have tried to look to doing some nice things to remember him in a happy way.

We have arranged for Oscar to be cremated, and we have decided to scatter some of his ashes over at Seven Fields which must surely have been his favourite place as he played there every day with his pals. We will keep the rest and are going to get a nice garden planter to bury them in. His pal Poppy's mum bought us a lovely rose bush which you can see in the photo, and we will plant that in there too. We are going to have a boulder memorial made to put in the garden.

We have spoken to Tracey who ran his obedience and agility class and asked her if we can create an award in his memory to be given out at their annual prize night. She thought it was an excellent idea, so we will start looking for a nice trophy and think up a fitting award title. Any suggestions are welcome.

On the day that Oscar died, Martin's sister-in-law gave birth to a premature baby boy. They have named him Leo after Martin's middle name. Though small, Leo is perfectly healthy and is at home already. We are going to visit them all on Monday. We thought maybe Oscar gave Leo his place here and made sure he was safe and healthy.

Since Oscar died, all the awful rain we have had for months has disappeared overnight and we are left with glorious summer days. Perhaps Oscar is sending that sunshine down for us to tell us not to be sad.

We are going to print out all the pages of Oscar's blog along with all the beautiful tributes and create a special book which we can look at always and remember the very happy times we spent with our precious boy. I hope everyone who reads his website will be able to do the same.

We will continue to visit the other blogs and look forward to seeing all the adventures Oscar's pals get up to.

We will update Oscar's blog again when we take his ashes to Seven Fields.

Well, we could talk forever about our precious Oscar, but I want to leave you happy not sad. Here are a selection of our favourite photos of our fuzzy little clown that we hope will make you smile.

Katy and Martin xxx

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Balboa & Mommy said...

You should not feel guilty, it doesn't matter how long you had Oscar in your life, you have every right to mourn him. He was an important part of your life and always will be.

I think the idea of making a scrapbook from the blog and comments in addition to an award at class is a wonderful way to tribute Oscar. His memory will always live on.

We are glad we got a chance to meet you and Oscar, if only on DWBs, we will all be touched by his short but truly fulfilling life.

Balboa and Karen

JJ said...

Oh no, I am so sad and sorry to hear about Oscar. It never matters how long they are in our lives, they always touch us so deeply we will never forget them. What a wonderful idea to memorialize him with an award at class. Please keep in touch, and our thoughts and prayers are coming your way...

Jamie, Wade, Aspen, Derby, and Cheetah

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Thanks for updating Oscar's blog. We have kept looking just in case you have written something - whatever it was going to be. And we have now read hundreds of sweet kisses for Oscar!

We've tried to say goodbye to Oscar in our own way too. I guess we all do it differently on our blogs.

That's a lovely post Katy. There's no more we can say. Except we still feel for you so very much. It is so absolutely gutting.

Kate, Pippa, and Adrian

Hammer said...

Dear Katy and Martin

Oscar was a very happy boy and it was obvious he knew how much you loved him. It is beautiful you are honouring his memory the way you are.

Oscar would not want you to feel sad, but it's very hard not to. Maybe you are right .. maybe Oscar gave his life for the little baby. I know things happen for a reason, no matter how painful and sad, but what gets us through is our LOVE.

Take good care of yourselves, and we are thinking of you.

Love from Hammer, Susan and their furry family

Lorenza said...

Thanks for this lovely post.
We will always remember Oscar.
Your idea of making a book from the blog and comments is great.
And the award at class of course is great too! This way he will be preesnt forever, even for those who didn't have the great chance to meet him!
You know our thoughts are with you.
Take care
Lorenza and mom.

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Katy...
Those pictures are beautiful to see. He was a happy boy. I think you are right about the new baby and the sunshine...Oscar is looking out for you! Don't ever feel guilty about how you feel...Oscar was your family.

Take Care...Michele & Ruby

PreciOus said...

Dear Katy,

I'm so glad to see your update. Oscar was a sunshine boy and I'm sure he wants us to feel the beautiful cheery sunshine just as he did when he was still with us.

About the trophy, I saw a picture of one Airedale trophy dedicated to Oscar on Blue's blog and thought it might suits what you are looking for. =)


Joe Stains said...

This is such a sweet tribute and we are so glad that you will continue to be part of the community. Thanks for updating us.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty! Sometimes, what others deem as pets are to us, children. I would be lost without bruin, so I can only imagine your pain.

That was a lovely tribute to a fantastically happy ray of sunshine puppy. In time, it will get easier. But there's nothing wrong with being saddened by his loss. He was a member of your family.

Barb and Bruin

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Katy & Martin,
I thought its really nice to scatter some of his ashes over at Seven Fields. He always look so happy there.
Thank you for keeping us updated on Oscar...

Peanut said...

There is no reason for guilt. It does not matter how long you have a member of your family the pain is based on how much you loved them and we all know you loved Oscar with everything you had. We are so glad you updated on what your plans are. We think the award is a lovely way for Oscar to be remembered

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hi Katy & Martin

We understand how you feel. We miss Oscar terribly too. Your tribute brings back alot of memories.

We remember about how Oscar is so used sleeping in his crate and even when his crate was too small for him, he will still go in. He is a great boy. And he will always be our bandana man. No one look as great as him with a bandana.

Oscar will always be in our heart.

Boy n Baby

Mary-Margaret said...

Oh, GOSH! What a loverly tribute to Oscar. You are great parents, and he was very lucky to have you. I hope when you adopt another pup (and you will, to honor Oscar, I'm sure) that you will continue blogging. You are part of our world-wide family now and you absolutely must stay.

I put up the picture of Oscar in his cowboy outfit in my tribute to him because I know he really loved being a cowboy.

To Oscar, where ever you are, Yippee-ai-ki-yayyyyyy! Yahoo! I'm running right beside you.

Love, Mary-Margaret

fee said...

dear katy and martin,

thank you for sharing oscar's photo album with us. we spent the last few days going through his old posts and re-watching his videos and while it was very sad to know that he has gone to a faraway place, it was just impossible not to smile at his little antics in the videos.

we are very grateful to have met such a handsome, intelligent and sweet-natured boy, to have had him to call a friend. please give yourselves as much time as you feel you need to grieve over oscar. we all know it isn't easy for anyone who has been touched with the oscar magic to get over him, and we know what a difficult period this has been and will be for a long while for you.

please take good care of yourselves. do not worry about us and please don't feel obliged to update us (although we really would like it) if you don't feel ready yet. we are all praying for you and will check back often to look at all the lovely photos you've put up.

loves and hugs,
fee and mom

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Dear Katy and Martin

We felt we knew Oscar like our own, and you two as well.

That was a wonderful tribute to him, I am typing this through tear dimmed eyes......

Take care both of you, take time to grieve, and I am sure the sun is shining down on you because Oscar is over the Rainbow Bridge. He will be directing sunlight to his loving parents who gave him the best life ever.

"When one door closes a window always opens"

Thinking of you both.

love and much sunlight, Jean, Keith and Marvin xxxxxxx

And many welcomes to darlin' Baby Leo......

Grammie said...

I totally agree with my granddog Peanut! Thanks for the moving tribute to Oscar.

Blue said...

Hi Katy & Matin,
Thanks for the blog alert!
What a touching bitter/sweet post!I love the idea of an Oscar Book, have saved lots of his photo's on my ownlaptop, & have kept coming by for my fun boy fix. The award in his names is inspired.

You two are very brave!


Maggie said...

We're so glad you posted! We think about you and Martin and Oscar every single day! What a wonderful tribute page to Oscar. I think scattering his ashes at Seven Fields is a wonderful idea. A part of him will be there forever each time you and Martin visit!
Take good care! We love you!

Sue, Maggie and Mitch

Momo :) said...

Dear Katy and Martin, please do not feel guilty. It doesn't matter how long Oscar was part of your life. He was your family and will be. Please take your time to grieve. Thank you very much for leaving your lovely comment on my post during this difficult time. I am happy to see this wonderful tribute to Oscar. To share your favorite pictures is great. Thank you.

Momo xoxo

triple Bs said...

Thank you so much for the blog update. We have been checking here several times a day. We are so glad that you will continue the blog and we will continue to visit.

Please don't feel guilty about your grief. We had Bijou for one week when she was taken from us. After 3 years, we still feel grief (and guilt). It is never easy to lose a "child", no matter how long or short their time with you. Your love and your grief is still valid. We feel grief over Oscar, even though we never met in person, but just knowing him through the pages of his blog and all of the wonderful comments he left on our blog.

All of your ideas to preserve his memory as wonderful. We especially like the idea of making his blog into a book that you can look at forever.

Maybe someday Oscar will bestow on you another pup-child to carry on his legacy and his blog.

We will try to cheer up, since we know you want us to and so does Oscar. And we will continue to blog and to visit you. We will always hold Oscar's memory close in our hearts.

Peg & 3Bs

Koobuss said...

What a beautiful tribute to Oscar. W we never forget him.

So glad you are keeping the blog and will continue to follow ours. Hope we can cheer you up, if just a little.


Faya said...

Ca fait plaisir de vous lire. J'espérais vraiment avoir encore des histoires d'Oscar à lire mais toutes ces photos sont magnifiques. Merci de les partager avec nous. Nous serons toujours là pour vous.
Amitiés, Faya et sa famille

Chelsea said...

Mama fell in love with me at first sight and she had never met me before so she says it certainly does not matter how long a doggie is in someone's life - us doggie's only ask for one thing ....LOVE.

Mama says that we are all put on earth to learn how to love and how to receive love...doggies already know that and that's why they don't live as long as humans. In fact we doggies are born KNOWING how....

Always in our hearts,


Loui (and his mum!) said...

What lovely words you have posted here. I know that I can't even imagine being in your position but you must look at the short time you had with Oscar as a positive and happy time for both you and him. Dogs get sent to us for a reason....the reason Oscar came to you was to be loved and you most certainly did that. He loved you right back too with unconditional love. What a lovely memory for you all. I love the idea of the book for you to keep and the memorial in the garden, Oscars fave place!

Thinking of you both xx

Loui and Jackie xx

Kevin the Collie said...

What can I say to comfort you? Oscar really was a special dog and I do not exaggerate when it comes to saying this. He always managed to do something playful and adorable, and I know how much love he gave you. I just logged on and saw your message (thanks for letting me know), and now I am sitting in tears. We will cherish the moments with our own dear boy even more and I pray that you will get some comfort from reading all the messages from others who loved him too.
Kev, Flora and John

Putter said...

Dear Katy and Martin ...

Thank you for stopping by to let us know you had updated Oscar's blog ... You are both in our thoughts and prayers, along with sweet Oscar everyday here ... Your words about him today are beautiful ... Please know that we are here for you ... Take good care ...

Kate and Putter ...:)

Bogart said...

Sending lots of love and AIRE KISSES...

Bogart & Lulu

Persephone & Buster said...

for katy & martin,
thanks for the lovely tribute to a special's so very hard to loose these guys so young.
we will always remember the "oscar boy" and his antics. many hugs from us (the humomm & dad) and many more licks & whurls from, the BUSTER, Ms. Sephie & Ms. Blue too.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Dear Katy,
Thank you for making the lovely photo video of Oscar to share. He will always be a special aire-boy to us. We still think about him everyday especially as we watch Koi Oscar in our pond at feeding time. We're glad you are able to have Oscar's ashes and we're sure he will love being spread amongst his favorite fields & being put in his favorite garden. You should not feel one bit guilty about being so sad, you jam packed years of love & devotion into 10 short months with Oscar. Thank you for loving him so much!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Johann The Dog said...

What a wonderful tribute page!!!! I think all the things you are doing are terrific ways to honor Oscar. Although we were just getting to know each other, I loved how you welcomed us with open arms and paws. Thank you for that.

Being in agility, I of course just love the idea of the award. It's a wonderful idea.

You were such wonderful parents to Oscar. And I am certain that he enjoyed every minute of time with you.

Licks and hugs,
Johann and Leslie

Stanley said...

Katy & Martin,

You are so generous to us. Thanks for sharing Oscar with us for so long and for sharing about your plans to remember him. He was such a SWEET guy, and as much as we miss him, we ALWAYS smile when we think of him (which is everyday).

We love all his pictures, but I especially love where he's romping through the field with his dog buddy in the rain! He really knew how to LIVE!

Airehugs to you both,
Lisa & Stanley

deuce said...
I am so sorry. What a great guy.

The Airechicks said...

Katy & Martin:

Thank you both for sharing Oscar with all of us. Almost seems like Oscar lived 3 lifetimes in one...He is one of the sweeetest Airedales - He never fails to make us smile everyday.

Hugs to both of you - we got you covered in the huggies - I tell LeLe & Tris that Oscar's Mum & Dad need a huggie and LeLes'here to give all the huggies...

Airehuggies & Airekissies

Sherry - LeLe - Tris

Sunshade said...

Dear Katy and Martin,

Thank you for making the beautifully worded post about sweet Oscar. It is obvious you are still hurting; every single sentence, every single word in the post came from your hearts. You are strong, because that's what Oscar would want you to be.

He was young, but he LIVED!! Because of how much you two loved him, he had the greatest 10 months of his life. Not only that, Oscar touched so many lives around the world in that short 10 months time. We have watched him grow, watched him win awards in obedience classes, watched him start agility, watched him run with friends at Seven Fields. We have laughed because of him, and yes, we cried because of him because he was part of us.

And now, it is our turn to make sweet Oscar proud, not by mourning, but by remembering......

Love nibbles & STINKY licks,
Miss Sunshade, Jaffa, and Elaine

Billy said...

Oscar was so blessed to have you as his parents. He was very lucky to have you and you in turn now have great memories of your time together. We so loved Oscar, we are so sad for your loss, I think it might have been a little bit easier to understand had he been sick, but he wasn't which is why this is such a shock. Please know that our prayers and love go out to you because it's not easy to lose a precious family member.

We will all meet again at one time and our little friends will be there to greet us as we come through the gates and will guide us and love us as they did on earth.

Thank you for sharing so much of Oscar with us. He was always a joy and he is very greatly missed.

We are still very sad about this.

Please know that our prayers are with you and hope that somehow all our love will make it over to you.

BIG hugs and lots of love from Billy Boo and mom xox

Snowball said...

Katy and Martin,

You are right to say that Oscar will not want those who love him to be sad for too long because he was such a happy pup himself.

Although he was only with you for 10 mths but he had a wonderful life. You did a great job with him.

I believe that all dogs who come to this earth for only a short time are angels being here to bring some happiness to the humans around them. They are here to make others appreciate and treasure their own pets more.

Why dun you transfer the time and attention for Oscar to another dog? I know that Oscar can never be replaced. He will always live in our hearts. I will never forget him.

If you do have another dog, start a blog for him/her too and please dun forget to keep me informed of your new blog. I will continue to visit. I am still trying to break my habit of clicking on the link leading to this blog. Although I know that I didn't leave too many comments when I have visited previously but I am one of the faithful readers.

Do drop by our blog again when you have the time. Please take good care of yourself.


Anne, the nasty jie jie of Snowball

coco said...

what beautiful, fun and adorable pictures you've been able to put together of dear oscar. aren't you so thankful you have so many lovely photos?! he was such a great personality, it came through every shot of him!

we love the wonderful ways you are planning to preserve oscar's memory. the ashes scattered over his favorite field, the urn and roses, the award, the photo album. all are very fitting ways to keep oscar close to your hearts always.

we share your sorrow at losing such a precious member of your family and miss hearing from oscar each day.

all our love, coco and coco's mom

PerfectTosca said...

What a beautiful post. May Oscar bring you his spirit in the way he sees fit. You will know.......

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Katy and Martin,
Thanks for dropping by to let us know you'd updated. We have been visiting Oscars blog everyday in the hope that you would. We were very touched by your wonderful tribute to dear Oscar. Even though his life was short you have so many lovely memories and photos of him. Making a scrapbook from his blog is a great idea as is the award at his agility school. Three of our dogs lay at rest in mum's backyard in Oz each with their own plant. Mum says it was a great way to remember our beloved family members and each time the banana tree has bananas or the other plants flower its like they are still there giving as they always did. We will continue to check in on your blog and hope that you can still come by from time to time too.
Thinking of you both
Jazz, Dixie and Larissa

William Tell said...

We're sending our heartfelt sympathy in your loss of Oscar. We understand how very special he was to you. He touched many hearts.

William Tell, Cap, Glynn
and family

Suki said...

It's amazing to me how much Oscar touched everyone's lives. I am sitting here, looking at his pictures, and although I never met him, I feel as if I knew him so well. His beautiful personality just radiated through his eyes, and he never looked more handsome than when he was wearing a bandana from his lovely Faya.

Thank you for writing this lovely tribute. We are all still missing Oscar very much, but most of all, I know we are all hoping the pain lessen for you and Martin soon.

Katy & family

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Oscar's parents are brave and wonderful people. They're how Oscar got to be who he was. The scrapbook and slide show are "terriefic" ideas. We're all so glad Katy and Martin's love overflowed to Oscar and us. There's always hope for the future when such love is shared.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Katy and Martin, thanks for updating Oscar's blog. I'm sure you guys brought lots of joy in Oscar's life too. Thanks for sharing this sweet little guy with us

~ girl girl

Gus said...

Katy and Martin: Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts of Oscar with us. It was hard for me to read, I can only imagine how hard it was to create. We have enjoyed getting to know all of you through Oscar, and we hope that your happy memories of Oscar help you find peace.

Gussie is almost my constant companion, but for the past few days, it has been hard to leave him even for short periods of time. He gets lots of extra hugs and treats, and seems to bask in the extra attention. See, Oscar is still spreading joy!

Gussies Muzzer

Agatha and Archie said...

Dear Katy and Martin,Once again through many tears I post a note to you.Oscar was blessed to have had you both, and his glorious and happy life with you can be seen in each photo..Do not feel guilty being so sad,he was your family and your life.As a neonatal nurse I am also so moved by your thoughts on the birth of your nephew and Oscars passing.I know the pain you are feeling having been there myself and wish you peace,love and joy in Oscar's memories.We raise our glasses in a toast to the most wonderfull puppy,Oscar.Diana, Archie amd Agatha

Boo said...

wow, look at those trophies he got from the classes oscar attended. i miss oscar and everyone out there that know him too. mom said she started thinking about me not be around when the first dog she knows (daisy duke) passed away last year. she said she can accept it when it's time for me to leave. but i think she will be a cry baby when i'm gone too.

i know what you mean by feeling strange bcoz your life was revolved around oscar. same goes to my house too. mom's daily job was to walk me in the morning and evening. talk and play with me all the time. there was no one second that she doesn't look for me. if i'm gone for just a minute, she will started calling for me - partly because she afraid i might be doing something naughty and party because she wants to know my every move. talking about protective mom!

thanks for sharing this sweet memory about oscar.

wet wet licks


Luckie Girl said...

Dear Katy & Martin,
Thank you so very much for updating. We have been wondering about you but thought it'd be more appropriate to give you some quiet time to heal. We take with us fondest memories and that would make us strong to live on (the way Oscar would want us to). I think both of you make wonderful parents and should one day, you decide to get another airedale boy to shower your love, he would be a fortunate dog.
Time will heal all pain. Sad but true.

ROSSI said...

Dear Katy & Martin,

Thank you for updating Oscar's blog even when u are still sad about it... I know it will not be easy.. but I always believe that cold winter season will gradually change to spring which full of sunshine and beautiful flowers, animals comes out play.. bird chippin'.. everything will seems shines!.. That's what Oscar want to see... and I believe Oscar had the best 10 months with you all.. having you guys be his parents are the most wonderful things happened to him...there is no doubt about it..

Maybe he is now reborn to a healthy baby boy... where he is surrounded with loves and cares...

Golden Rossi

Goofy said...

Oh..This is a nice tribute!!! I love the song.. Thanks for keeping us update and thanks too for still reading our blogs...

One more thing I got surprise, I'm not a morning doggie too.. As late as mom sleep, I'll sleep and snooze.

Fox's Mom said...

My Gator was nearly 13 when he went to the Bridge this past Feb, I'd been with him for all but three months of those years. If he'd left after such a short time as you had with your Oscar, I still would have been as heart rended as I am now, so please do not feel odd about the depth of your grief! You loved and were loved-that is timeless.

I found Oscar's wonderful blog in June. I'd always gone to Boxer blogs (-Gator was a Boxer- it took till June to look at the Boxer blogs again:) also, by June I was ready to think about maybe opening my heart to another dog and I wanted to consider other breeds. You wrote for him so well that I've been learning more about his 'brother & sister' terriers:) to see if I would be suitable to offer one a home.

Oscar's time on Earth was terrible short; his time in your heart is forever. I miss Gator so much! But in April a wonderful kitten found me and insisted I take him in. He's made it very clear he would like a woofer brother or sister. I got there, you will too-till then do not spend another moment feeling odd about anything, especially your love for Oscar, or our love for him-we've been honoured that you shared him with us. Thank-you for letting all of us share the lovely life he had with you. Thank-you.


In many ways a dog is part of your life. My two define a lot of what I do and who I am. Oscar will always be a special dog. I remember a story about a little boy whose dog passed away and a family friend saying it was a shame that the dogs had such a short life span compared to people. The little boy replied that was because people spend so long learning how to love, while dogs already know how to. I doubt Oscar would come in second to anyone.

Huskee Boy said...

Dear Katy and Martin,
That's a lovely tribute to Oscar.. we read it twice and it brought tears to our eyes each time.
You have every right to be sad and to mourn for the sudden loss of your Oscar, regardless of the length of time you've had him. Anyone who has really loved before will attest to the fact that it is not how long you have loved, but how deep it was. I am certain you have loved him more than he could ever be loved and he loved you right back.
Thanks for updating his blog although it must've been so so difficult.. I think the award is a FAB idea to keep the spirit of Oscar alive!

Huskee and Family

Leah said...

those pictures are priceless.

i never knew i was capable of loving anything so much as sadie, and after she died i never knew i was capable of hurting so much. the emptiness is overwhelming at times. i'm mourning with you.

i'm sure oscar would be very happy with the healthy ways you are handling the grief of his loss. and i'm sure sadie found him as soon as she crossed the rainbow bridge and they're now hunting rabbits together, although i'm sure oscar is leading the way! (sadie liked to stalk them when she was younger but was so slow she never got anywhere near them!)

much love to oscar's family.

-leah (tad and fig's aunt/massah-in-law)

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Dear Katy and Martin,

Thank your for your beautiful tribute to Oscar. I think the agility award is a wonderful way to pay tribute to him. When we moved to Australia, we realized that it was time to say good-bye to my WFT Caesar. Caesar was 15 1/2: his back legs no longer worked, and he needed a rear harness to walk, he was deaf, and also had cataracts, but he still enjoyed a bowl of food and a pig ear. It was a really hard decision to make. CZ's cremated remains were spread where we enjoyed running in California. I bought Caesar as a 3 month old puppy the day after we buried Brigand, a 7 year old WFT who died from complications as a result of a blockage from eating a corn cob. I learned a lot from that and was a lot more careful. After saying good-bye to Caesar and after having a terrier in my life for 22 years continuously, it was lonely being without one. There aren't many WFT breeders in Australia and we spent 9 months on a waiting list to get Asta. Although Caesar is my all-time favorite pet, I have had great joy from all of my pets and I hope that while you mourn Oscar, that you also are able to let the joy of having a new dog into your life.
Best Wishes and Hugs, Louise and Asta (Melbourne, Australia)

Iva & Pearly said...

It's hard to read your blog and not feel tears in my eyes. Though Pearly and my only regret was that we didn't get to know you sooner.

Take the time to create something so Oscar memory will live on.

Pearly and I send out love, hugs and kisses your way!

Chilli the Dog said...

Hi Katy and Martin,

Thanks for dropping by to let us know you'd updated.

Please dont feel guilty about grieving over the loss of your beloved Oscar. It's all a part of letting go.

What a good idea to have an award in his memory. That way he'll always be remember in our hearts and mind in a tangible way.

Stay strong and healthy! I'm sure it's what Oscar will want for you two.

I'll continue to check in with you guys. Please do stay on a part of the DWB community.

Chilli and Mummy Jean

Max Dex said...

Hie there.
Even though I've only known about you, I feel sadden by your loss.
Do know that Oscar is happy at Rainbow Bridge and he has you guys to thank because you've given him so much in his days with you.
Losses are never easy to get over.
But in time, you will.

Take care and do come visit me. :)

osKar the Airedale said...

Dear Katy and Martin,
What a beautiful posting and what beautiful ways you've come up with to honor osCar's life! Once again, your love for him really shines through!
Sweet osCar lives on in our hearts forever!
Bethany, Martin and osKar

Taky said...

Chère famille,

J'ai connu Oscar par le blog de Faya, et depuis je venais vous voir de temps en temps.
J'ai été très triste d'apprendre le départ d'Oscar.
Aujourd'hui, après avoir lu votre hommage, je suis très émue.
Je vous garde dans mes prières pour ces moments encore difficile.
Ici nous avons allumé une petite bougie tous les soirs pour Oscar. Comme ça sa lumière et sa joie de vivre reste encore un peu avec nous.
Nous pensons fort à vous.

Taky & Patricia

Amber-Mae said...

That was just a beautiful post & it made me smile again! I know Oscar don't want us to be sad, he wants us all to be happy. He was such a great Airedale pup who has touched sooo many of us doggies & hoomans. We really loved him alot & we still do! That's a very nice slide show of him by the way... I can see how much he was loved by you two. And he really had a very happy & adventurous life! We still can't believe he's gone so suddenly but we can't be sad anymore. We will ALWAYS remember our perky & bouncy little Airedale cowboy friend!

Lots of love hugs & kisses to you Katy & Martin. You three are always in our thoughts!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jackson said...

Dear Katy & Martin, thank you for updating Oscar's blog. I know that this must have been a very difficult post to write. Oscar was a very special dog and he'll always be remembered by his blogging pals. The award idea sounds perfect and a great way to celebrate his life and achievements. I hope that you continue as part of the DWB community. Please stay in touch.

Lots of love, Jackie & Jackson x

Charlie said...

Just know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Oscar was a REAL DWB Celebrity, and the hole in our hearts left by his passing will not heal for a very long time. We wish you lots of love, warmth and strength, and we are all here for you!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Ditto what Charlie said above.

Thank you for updating - we are thinking of you - and hope you will still be part of our community here at DWB.


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Thank you for sharing Oscar with us all. ((hugs))

Texas's Mum said...

Hi Katy and Martin,
I think that the things you are doing
to pay tribute to Oscar are wonderful
and do not feel guilty about anything
you loved and still love him.

Love and Sweet Licks
Texas (and his humans).

ToFFee said...

Hi Katy and Martin!
I don't think it matters the span of time spent but the memories created during his life spent with you both.

I'm suré Oscar carries all those memories and thoughts with pride over the rainbow bridge. He's watching over us making sure we are alright.

Thank you for updating us on Oscar. I'm happy he will have a great final resting place. I'm sur he appreciates those too..

We believe also that when one dies he had given his life over to someone so to live. Oscar definitely found someone who's worth it. He's such a caring pup.

I keep thinking of a good award. how about "Oscar's Award" like those done in movie awards. He's certainly a bright star.

Toffee and Irvi and Chris

Ume said...

the pix brought smiles... he was a very sweet & happy boy!
n i'm sure he knew he was very much loved by both of you. n he holds a very special place in your hearts, even when both of you decide to adopt another pup.

ToFFee said...

oh oh..

how about Oscar's Paws Award? you could place his pawprint carved over the the plate or frosted on glass?

I hope you're feeling better now.. once wound heals.. you can also make another adopted pup feel special with your loving care and Oscar would be his/her guardian.


Sir Chance-Lot said...

Dear katy and martin
Thank you for the beautiful slideshow of Oscar...He is a shining light and such a beautiful soul. It is so difficult when they decide to move on, for the rest of us left behind. You gave him such a loving home, and sweet memories to carry with him.
I totally enjoyed making the "appleblossom oscar" picture, and you know he was one of the first if not THE first blogger friends of Chance I used in my art :O))
He will be in our hearts forever
Lots of love

austin said...

I am sorry for your loss.

It makes no difference if someone is a part of your life for 10 seconds or 10 years. If you love them them, the pain of the loss is no less.

My boys (Pongo and Buddy) and I had not had the pleasure of "meeting" Oscar. We just learned of his passing to the bridge today when I returned home and was reading Bogart and Gus' blogs.

jaffeboy said...

Dear Katy & Martin, love is never measured by time. I'm sure both of you gave Oscar ALL the love you know each day of his life. Although Oscar is with you only for a short period of time, I'm sure they were the most wonderful days of his life. He couldn't & wouldn't ask for any different.

We are pretty sure he is now having a fun time with the pals whom we lost. He is probably being shown all the nice mountains to hike & big fields to run in. He will be waiting for us to join him one day so he can show us all the nice places he found so we can join him in his play.

Katy & Martin, thank you for sharing all the precious moments of Oscar with all of us. They never fail to put a smile on our face & lighten our heavily burdened soul.

Chin up 'cos Oscar will want to see your smiling face. This is how he wants to remember you.

Love, hugs & licks from all of us in Jaffe & Kaylie's family.

Simba said...

Oscar was lucky to have such loving parents. He must have left a huge void in your lives. Thank you for letting us share his adventures.

Simba x

Tadpole said...

Thank you for updating; I know it's gut-wrenching to go through the memories and favorite pictures while the wound is so fresh. My heart and thoughts are with you both - Oscar's passing took the breath out of my lungs when I read it, so I can't imagine how difficult it is for you. Please know that you are loved, and may it comfort you to know that we would do anything we could to help you through each day.

Oscar will be SO PROUD to have an award named after him... he always looked so accomplished, posing with his awards! :-) We're gonna miss him forever.

~Tad's girl (and Tad & Fig)

Tofu Burger said...

Wow, how strong you are Katy and Martin. Writing a post like that would have been impossible for me.

It is funny you mentioned all the coincidences with Oscar. The sunshine is perfect now, and with the picture I took with a cell phone camera... it turned out just perfect too with the rays of sunshine coming thru. I certainly thought of Oscar quite a bit and it seems from the comments on Tofu's blog, Oscar is still shining brite and in our hearts always.


Jasmine, BamBam & Eski said...

hi Kathy & Marvin,
we may not know you, but we know that you both are such strong and loving individuals who's brought warmth, happiness and contentment to Oscar when he's with you.

you gave him all that he deserved.

your blog has made me cried for him... i'm touched by all your words.

Percy said...

Dear Katy and Martin

I am so sorry to hear about Oscar, Swindon's blogging dog community has lost a great canine contributor. I will go to The Town Gardens and spend some quiet time reflecting on his life. Sending you a Parson terrier lick in deepest sympathy.


Gill said...

Dear Katy & Martin, How kind of you to think of everyone else through your grief for your baby boy. Your memorials of him are wonderful & I know he will love being forever in his beloved garden & fields & proud to encourage another Airepup to win a prize.

You must never feel guilty about the depth of the love you have for him, nor the depth of your grief, because he was your baby and your life and for that he will live on with you both for ever. What is life for, if we have no love?

Look after yourselves & let time do the rest. I will be in touch very soon. Hugs & a paw paw. Love M&G, C. x

Lillie Valentine said...

Katy and Martin:
Oscar was just as blessed to have you both as you were to have him. In the end its not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your years. I know that Oscar had a wonderful life!
Love, Lillie, Amy and the hooman pups.

Wiry Axel said...

You are in our thoughts every day...what a lovely tribute to Oscar, and we love the award idea - The Oscar Award.
Take care of yourselves,
Axel and Dani

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Dear Katy & Martin,

We were shocked to read of Oscar's passing...please feel our sadness and hugs from across the miles here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Even though Oscar's life was short, it was happy because of the love and care you gave him. And there are plenty of our dog pals who are't so lucky.

Thinking of you and wishing you smiles - of which you'll have many when you think of the wonderful memories you've created with him.

Chow (sadly) for now,

Tin Tin & his ma Jen xo

umekotyan said...

The sadness of oscar is sadness of we and DWB.
And, katy and martin and your mind can do the thing felt in me.
It is recalled sad every day at good times.

We are always opened, and : so that you may become energetic.

from loved ume tyan

HHHHarry said...

What a lovely post.
I love your idea of the trophy. The memory of Oscar will live on forever.

Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

We are so sorry about Oscar. Just found out about him and this blog through the Fruits and Veggies list. What a shock to visit for the first time and read the sad news.

It's obvious by this blog he was a much loved pup. We and our crew wish you many healing and comforting thoughts.

Scruffy & Lacie said...

What a beautiful dog and a wonderful tribute! And what a caring community of dog lovers from all over the world. Our thoughts and prayers go with you and your family in this time of sadness. Scruffy, Lacie and Marilyn Pittsburgh, PA

Eddie N Peaches said...

Thank you for that wonderful memorium. Eddie and Peaches have let me use their sign-in on their blog to leave you a message.

We never know who we touch in our lives, if even for a moment. Our blogs reach so many.

Oscar glowed because of you. Because of your love and attention and kindness. I truly believe that dogs are a mirror of what we put into them. Oscar showed that love.

It is evident that you gave him so many things in his life. Many tangible things, but more so, love, companionship, friendship, support, guidance and kindness.

I know he looks down at you and guards you always from above. All that sunshine in your area has to be from him. Enjoy the love he left in your heart.

Thank you for sharing Oscar with all of us.
Eddie & Peaches' Momma

Toto said...

Our prayers are with you during this time. We will miss you sweet Oscar. Toto

Asta said...

Dear Katy and Martin,
We've been away for a week, and thought of you and Oscar everyday..we were in the country and Asta found a big stick, she'd never had one before,but she treasured this one..we immediately said this is an Oscar sticky..he sent it..thank you for updating his blog, at what is a very difficult time for you. Oscar had the best life any puppy could ever ask for, and your tributes continue to show you love for him...Asta will surely play with him someday on the best fields with the biggest sticks..our lives are enriched by every day we get with these precious doggies..Oscar was and is one of the very BEST..thank you
love and smoochie kisses from Ami, George, and ASTA

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Dear Katy and Martin

We went out on Saturday, for the day, to our favourite place.

Just up the road from here.

You both were in my thoughts.

Then I came on your blog tonight....and I saw the message from Asta's Mum and Dad....about the stick.

Well, we were walking down this country lane on Saturday and Keith (hubby) found a huge stick and threw it for Marvin......and Marvin had a really good tussle with it, he has always loved sticks, but this was a real big one.

I thought of Oscar and his stickies, and the sun was shining down, and I put the picture I took of Marv wrestling with the stickie, on Marvin's honour of Oscar and his beloved stickies.

When I saw Asta's Mum and Dad's comment I had to add mine. It was Oscar looking down and saying "have fun, smile and be happy"

love and light to you both at this dark and horrible time.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Jeannie xxxxxxxx and Marvin xxxxxxx

*Kyra* said...

Dear Katy and Martin, I haven't been on my blog for a while and I have just seen tonight your message about sweet Oscar. I am so sorry about your loss... Oscar was much loved and had a short but very happy life with you. Cherish those times and celebrate his life... Our hearts goes out to you all at this very difficul time.... Run free beautiful boy xxx

Sharon said...

Snickers is so happy you had such lovely times together. Every day is a precious gift to cherish and never feel guilty over. Oscar helped you learn how much love you have to share. I know you will find a way to share that love again.
Sharon and Snickers

Louka said...

In some ways, it's more sad to lose a dog that you've had for such a short time. There's all those wonderful times that you'll never have together. And it's always harder when your dog's death comes as a sudden shock rather than after a longer illness where you have the time to get used to the idea of them dying. Between Aslan's, our golden, death after a few weeks of lethargy and pain due to cancer and Gaia's sudden death by parvo, I think that Gaia's hurt the most, simply due to shock.

I really do wish you the best and I hold you in my thoughts, extending all of my sympathies.


Asta said...

Dear Oscar's Mommi and Daddi
I still miss my fwiend and will never fowget him,Asta

Dear Katy and Martin,just came by to tell you you're in our thoughts..I'm still in tears when I hear the song and look at the pictures, but it's happy tears for all the love we got from your sweet boy
take care of yourselves
Asta's Mommi, Ami

Amber said...

Dear Katy and Martin,
Beautiful and touching words for dear OScar. Thank you for updating. Me and mommy feel that memories are the most important, because memories are forever. We will miss Oscar dearly and always be part of our life. OScar lived a short life but with full of love and memories to remember. We will look forward for next post. Till then, Take care and God Bless!!!
Jamie & Amber.

Caz said...

HI Katy
It was good to read your blog, I'm so glad I found it.
I've not been on PA lately as computer is faulty but it was lovely to read all about Oscar.
I've tried to sign into your guest book but at moment can't will keep trying.
Lovely photo's and I know you are missing him like crazey.
Lots of love
Caz Ludo and Bramble

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