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Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Fun

Hello everypup, hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty good fun - bright sunshine, lots of walkies, good food & playing with friends. What was not so good though was that grandad left to go back to Spain. I had such a fun week with him & I'm going to miss him so much. We just played, played & played some more while he was here. Hope to see you soon grandad, give grandma kisses from me & tell her how much all my friends are praying for good news about Sammi & Suzy.

Here was my din dins yesterday. I got tuna mixed with my magic powders (kelp mix & garlic plus powder), yogurt & a raw eggy.

Mum thought she started recording while I was sitting nicely doing my wait, but she hadn't pressed the button on the camera, so you didn't get to see how nicely I sit until I'm told to eat. I will show you another time, it's not like it's a hardship having to eat more yummy food is it? Who thinks I need a nice new bowl that doesn't slide all over the place when I'm trying to eat?

Fat Flakes did some sunbathing. Either that or she was going back to her primal roots & pretending to be a tiger in the jungle. Either was, she was as mean as ever & didn't let me polish of her biscuits as well as my own dinner.

I was pretty bored after grandad left, so I did my best pleading face to be allowed to go over to play with my friends Paddy, Daisy & Jamie. Lucky for me it worked! I know just how to pull on mum's heartstrings. Can you see how fuzzy I am getting. Nearly everyone we meet on walkies keeps saying I look like a teddy bear, which is not doing much for my macho image I can tell you. Yeah, well I don't actually have a macho image, but even so...roll on the grooming class next weekend I say. Dad keeps saying I have eyebrows bigger than ex-politician Dennis Healy!

We got straight down to some serious romping. Auntie Kim worries about Paddy playing like this no matter how many times mum & dad tell her that we are just being puppies. Can you see any nastiness in this video? Nope, we are just having a blast, but Auntie Kim gets all worried that we are fighting, silly lady! Can you see Daisy sitting behind her on the sun lounger at the end of the video? Think she's hoping for a bit of food!

All that playing leaves a guy thirsty. Look at the mess we made having a drink! I think I am largely to blame as my beard holds an inordinate amount of water. I especially like going to plonk my head down on mum's lap when I've had a drink, hehehe!

Ah, nothing like a nice bowl of chilled water to get you ready for another round of bitey face game.

Daisy & Jamie don't have much time for us silly puppies. They preferred to hang around the bar & see if anyone dropped any food.

Paddy wanted to show you all his tongue! He's as much of a show off as I am.

We kept calling Jamie "pea head" as his fur is long & bushy at the moment so he looks all out of proportion. Weirdly, he wasn't too impressed with us. Old guys, tsk, no sense of humour.

Our good weather is set to end today. I don't think we'll be having freezing weather like some of you guys are having, but it's still a shame as it has been glorious here for days. Paws crossed it picks up again soon.


Oscar x


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Is your din din bowl a little too small for you? But your food look very yummy.

Boy n Baby

Putter said...

Hi Oscar!

Wow! It looks like you had a super good weekend! We had so much rain here that I was stuck inside for most of it which made me nutty! Oh, I wanted to ask about raw eggies, are they tasty? I have never had one ... Talk to you soon, okay!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Amber-Mae said...

WOW! Now that's what i call breakfast! So filling & yummy! Was it filling for you Oscar? And how big was your poo today after that??? Hahaha! I love eggs. You know I'm very GOOD at sensing when my mommy's gonna crack her hard boiled eggs. The moment I hear the cracking, i rush into the kitchen & wait to get a blob of egg! My mommy usually gives me the whole egg without even breaking it & I will usually swallow it in one gulp. NO chewing! Incredible ah...?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

maggie said...

that egg looked verry yummylicious . i wish my mom would let me eat some . EVIAL woman

maggie said...

i mean EVIL !!!!

Marvin The Dog said...

yes, Oscar, I think you need a bigger bowl there! Your food is making me drool! I love raw eggs mmmmmmm!

droooool! I always get the one which breaks in the pan and the one which is too old to eat....the one at the back of the fridge!!!!1 All lonely and forgotten but I eat anything!

love and licks Marvin xxxx

Maggie said...

I never had a raw egg before! Doesn't it slice your tongue when you eat it? Not to be gross but does your mom see egg shells in your poop? Just curious!

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

Hi Oscar,
I think you need a non-skid bowl for sure..but what yummy you always get yummys like that ,or do you also eat puppy food?
That wrestling and bity face looks like a ton of fun...not at all scary..sometimes umans get scared when we play like that..but you just have to stop once in a while , so they can see everyone's OK...that seems to calm them
smoochie kissesASTA

Tadpole said...

The scarier the games LOOK, the better they are, huh?! You're very lucky to have friends to play with!

Faya said...

Oscar je suis contente que tu ais eu un bon week-end. J'aime bien aussi les caniches mais seulement si ils ne sont pas tondus tous bizare tu sais avec des ponpons ou des trucs de couleurs sur la tĂȘte ! Des vrais chiens, pas des clowns ... Grosses bises, Ta Faya

Suki said...

Fat Flakes looks like a mean cat! Hehehehe.

Your din dins looks like it was wonderful. Do you even eat the eggshell? Wow!

Puggy kisses

Chelsea said...

You need a bigger bowl Oscar and then maybe you won't push it around while you eat? Also Mama puts mine right up against the wall so it does not slide? Try that.

All those black poodles are totally and utterly gorgeous...then again, I am biased


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Oscar,
I think you need a bigger bowl on top of the non-slip mat!
Your dinner looks so delicious!!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hi Oscar,

you definitely need a bigger bowl. Then it fits more.

I love tuna too....mmmmm.

And Paddy's tongue is very long, isn't it?!

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Toby said...

Mmm...your din din is making me drool!!! I love eggs and yogurt too. Haven't tried it with tuna though, but I made sure Mommy took notes.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Oscar, you really look like a cute bear. :) It's so fun to have so many doggies to play with. Does bitey face hurts?

~ fufu

Simba said...

The dinner looks yummy. Looks like you all had good fun in the garden.

Simba xx

Boo said...

oscar, you had fun with paddy. oooooooooooh...

last week bcoz of some visitors coming to view the house (fyi, we are selling the current condo) i didn't get to meet up with my playmate. :-( that's just unfair.

i think all you need is an anti-slip mat for your bowl. still, i believe u need a bigger bowl for GIANT oscar.

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Boy & Baby - Yeah, I think my bowl shrunk...or maybe I grew

Putter - Raw eggy is gooooooooooood

Amber-Mae - My poops are quite small cos my food has no fillers!

Maggie #2 - Steal an eggy when the fridge is next open, hehehe

Marvin - Yep, I eat anything too

Maggie - Nope, have never sliced my tongue on the egg shell. Just crunch, crunch, crunch

Asta - I did used to get kibble but I kept getting bad tummy ALL the time so mum switched me to this food

Tadpole - I hope you have some friends other than mean sis Fig

Faya - Oui, je n'aime pas les ponpons!!! Les pauvres caniches!

Suki - Yep, she's really mean. Yes eggshell & all, down the hatch!

Chelsea - I think I just need a bigger bowl so I can have more food

Huskee - I kept using my mat as a toy to slide round on so mum took it away

TinTin - He bit his tongue the other week, blood EVERYWHERE, doh!

Toby - Yeah, eat tuna then try & kiss mum. They love it!

Fufu - No, bitey face doesn't hurt. It's just very gentle soft nibbling. If it gets too much someone will squeal then we calm it down.

Simba - We had great fun, especially calling Jamie "pea head"

Boo - Tell your parents to get their priorities right!

Oscar x

Peanut said...

Your dinner looked very yummy. Oh and you guys were definetly just playing. No fighting there. You don't even growl like Flash and I do when playing.

Ferndoggle said...

What a fun weekend!

We have to do the whole "Wait until Mum says it's OK to eat". She thinks it's a really cool game. We think it's stupid.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Jackson said...

I too am currently sporting a pair of great Dennis Healey eyebrows. It makes me look mean and moody! J x

Oscar Airedale said...

Peanut - Yeah, we do play nice. Aunty Kim is just a worrier!

Jackson Ave dggies - Do we ever see the parents waiting to eat? No, they just snaffle it all down!

Jackson - Welcome to the catterpillar eyebrow club!

Oscar x