The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Monday, April 30, 2007

Terrier Trio On The Thames

Well, as you will see below, I have been taking my pills like a brave little soldier, so mum said that we could go & meet Ralf & Molly as we had planned earlier in the week before I hurt myself, yay!

As we went to my favourite walking spot last time, it was their turn to choose today & they chose Buscot Weir.

Here is the weir, pretty cool isn't it? Asta could go surfing in there!

This part of the river (Lechlade) is very near the start of the Thames, which you may know as the river that runs through London. There were lots of boats & barges on the water, but I didn't see Simba.

There were quite a few locks along the river as there are different levels of water. At this lock there was a man to help, but mostly you have to get out of your boat & use your own muscle power.

We saw lots of animals as we walked. There were lots of pairs of swans. I kept away from them as dad says they don't really like dogs & could attack if I got too close. He said they can break a man's arm, eeek! They are beautiful & graceful though.

We also saw lots of cows along the river bank. They were enjoying dipping their toes & having a refreshing drink.

As soon as Molly & I were let off our leads we were straight in the water! Well, it was a hot morning & we needed to keep cool.

The water was so refreshing & deliciously smelly.

We made sure that we went in at every available access point, just to make sure we didn't miss a particularly good muddy section of river bank.

We did some water kung-fu workout, kind of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dolphin" stylee.

Do you find you have selective hearing when you're having far too much fun in the water? I blame it on water getting in my ears. Terrible.

We also did plenty of running around like crazies in the fields alongside the river. They were getting full of wild flowers & were really pretty, not that I was taking too much notice as I was far too busy having fun.

I am getting stronger & faster week by week, & even with a bit of a sore paw, Molly was having trouble out running me. She is the younger of her & Ralf (She is nearly 5, Ralf is nearly 6), but she is the dominant one & is used to Ralf giving up quickly when she chases him. Not me though! She has met her match with Oscar, hehehe!

She had to have a few lie downs while we were playing to have a breather. Aren't her ears cute?

Her mum tried to glue it when she was a puppy, but it was determined to stick up. I just think it gives her more pawsonality.

Ralf is such a handsome boy. He's not a big fan of dogs other than his sister but he was loads better with me this week. He only barrel rolled me over once. We had some time off the lead together & I think he is accepting me as part of his pack. Hopefully next time he'll be fine with me. I understand he doesn't want me up in his face.

After some lunch & a drink at a nice country pub, we were all refreshed & ready for the walk back. Molly & I did some serious "bum tuck" running!

We ran one way...

We ran the other way...

We ran until we were sooooo tired. We found a nice spot to have a drink under a big shady tree.

Well, a drink & an extra paddle. The cleaner water was further out, OK mum?

Ralf is a real gent & doesn't like getting dirty & stinky, but he really needed a drink too so he carefully went to the edge.

But he was too near the edge & he slipped in! Luckily for him, mum missed getting it on camera. Ralf was so cross with himself! He was frantically trying to give himself an "Airedry" on all the grass, poor Ralf!

There were some really pretty buildings & bridges along the river.

And mum spotted this lovely old tree. Imagine how many dogs must have left pee mail on that over the years!

Here I am with dad, Molly & her mum & dad. Ralf is hiding round the back somewhere I think.

They were watching the lock keeper open the gates to let a barge & another little boat through so they could carry on up the river.

Look how huge the lock gates are! The water needs to get as high as the tide mark then the water will be at the same level as the river beyond & the gates will open easily.

The people on board just have to be patient & wait. It takes about 10 minutes for the lock to fill. In the summer I can imagine queues of boats can build up.

I got bored of waiting for the water & went to say hello to a Spaniel.

I was soooooooo sleepy on the drive home - I had to prop myself up with my leg to stop me wobbling over as I was nearly asleep standing up! Look, even my ears are all droopy & tired!

I had to have a power nap when I got home as I wanted to be up ready to chat with you guys in the evening! How much fun was the pawty? I had such an excellent time chatting to old friends & making new ones. Sorry to any of you who had Airedale bombardment on Sunday when we were all in there, hehehe!


Oscar x


Pappy's Fella said...

We went on a walk along the Grand Junction Canal last summer when staying in Berkhamsted for a wedding, and your photos of the locks and river boats remind me. We had to abandon Pappy only a couple of months at that time... would have loved having him along.

Faya said...

Whaouw ça c'était une belle promenade. Chez vous aussi les paysages sont magnifiques. On a quand même beaucoup de chance. Et tu as en plus veillé tard pour chater avec nous.... MERCI mon Oscar pour ton aide. Bisous, Ta Faya

Maggie said...

Isn't it such fun to be able to hang out with other Airedales! Love it!

Love ya lots,

Marvin The Dog said...

wow! That looked a really fun day Oscar.

We felt we were almost there with you watching the videos and looking at your pictures.

I am so glad you are not so pooorly now.

Take care, love and licks Marv xxxxx

Tadpole said...

I think that just might be the most perfect weekend I've ever read about, Oscar! So much fun!

Jackson said...

Looks like an action packed walk! Your pals are lovely! Jx

Bogart said...

WOW that looks like FUN Oscar!!! Especially the running and getting dirty part :)

Nice chatting with you the other day!!!


Loui (and his mum!) said...

Was the spaniel you said hello to as handsome as me Oscar??

Looks like a great walk you had!

Loui xx

Asta said...

What fun!! the three of you look so great..the more airepuppys the better I say! That looks like a terrific place to run and swim, wish I could go, and I'm so happy your paw was well enough for you to be able to go..that's great news..thanks for talking to me at the pawty, smoochie kisses
Asta(up over)

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh I didn't know you hurt yourself - speedy recovery!

It certainly was nice barking with you...the more terriers the merrier!

Bussie Kissies

Nugget said...

Hi Oscar, Good job with taking your pills! Mum and I really enjoyed the pictures of your outing. It looks like you had loads of fun.

Simba said...

what a great day out. It would have been perfect if you'd seen me lol.

Simba xx

jaffeboy said...

Ooo U R such a brave boy with the pills. See, I'm good with pills too except the ones for wormies. Kaylie is bad with all pills. She is a bad bad girl.

& U guys / gals look like U had lotsa fun on your day out!!! I looks like alot of fun, although I don't know about the muddy part.

Hammer said...

Wow, Oscar, you guys sure look as if you had so much fun. I wish my mum would let me get down and dirty. My mum loves your photos and videos.

Thanks for caring about Beau too. Have you had any news about Suzi and Sammy ?

Love from your friend, Hammer

Sunshade said...

Oh my gosh, that looked like so much fun Oscar! Even with the sore paw, you ran and ran and RAN!!!

It was nice chatting with ya Oscar, hope to do it again soon!

ps. I think Ralf might have a better coat than me, his ears are not dark like mine, which means he's not a true sheep coat!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Peanut said...

What an outing that was. Wish I could have been there with you.

Putter said...

Hi Oscar!

What FUN it looks like you had! It was so great to see you at the pawty this past weekend! I can't wait to chat some more! :)

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow Oscar...
All that fun and chatting too. You are very lucky. I wish I had a cool place to visit like that!!!

It was so great chatting with you this weekend!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

PS - How is the paw after that long hike?

PerfectTosca said...

Yeesh Dood, I was getting tired just watching all you did that day! But I gotta tell you that you missed several opportunities to get reeeeeeeeely filllllllllthyyyyy! Now I myownself would have been disgustingly dirty after that fun. I would have paid to see a shot of Ralf falling in though.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You seem to have a lot of fun :)

Boy n Baby

Blue said...

What a great day out! Just love the pic. of you propping your-self up in the car after all that fun..
Am sorry to hear about your sore paw, hope its ok after all that running!
Thanks for you nice comments on my blog, was pleased to hear from you & mum.
Lots of pats & pets to you.
Blue x

wally said...

Holy cow! That is some serious Airefun! I'm exhausted just watching you.


Suki said...

Hey Oscar! It was soooo much fun chatting with you at the pawty!

Yes, I did feel bombarded by Aires, but it was OK since you guys are all so cool :)

Puggy kisses

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Hoo Oscar.. great meeting you this past weekend! I tell you, if your accent is anything like your mum and dad's, then I am putty in your hands. I will do whatever you want me to do! I LOVE IT!
Hugs, Sitka

maggie said...

i love that picture of you with your paw on the window . btw , i would never forget about you . dont tell any one, but your blog is my pawsonal faveorite . dont think that i forgot about my orignal friends , the orignals are the best !!!!!!!! love maggie #2

maggie said...

i love that picture of you with your paw on the window . btw , i would never forget about you . dont tell any one, but your blog is my pawsonal faveorite . dont think that i forgot about my orignal friends , the orignals are the best !!!!!!!! love maggie #2

Sharon said...

Oh Oscar, What a wonderful day you had! I wish Snickers could have been there. She loves to run. She gets kinda tired at night, though. I'll bet you had a stinky ride home in the car and a bath when you got back.
Sharon and Snickers

Amber-Mae said...

Well, it looked like you had great fun with your other two friends! And you are a brave boy! You swallow your pills like they were sweets. Mommy usually shove it down my throat, I hate it!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

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