The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Friday, April 27, 2007

Poorly Paw & Pawty!

As some of you will know, a major part of my outdoor activities includes trying to catch me a squirrel, or better still a rabbit. I mean, mum calls squirrels tree rats which doesn't sound altogether appetising. But rabbits, mmm...I eat rabbit & I know it's good (sorry Sunshade's Georgie!). I have not however had much luck bagging myself one of those furry friends though. And then I had a cunning plan...maybe I could pose undercover as a rabbit! Surely then I could get close to the cotton-tailed cuties then...yummy!

First I practiced chomping on a carrot. Well if it's good enough for Bugs Bunny it's good enough for me!

Yep, not bad at all. Oh, and if you're wondering why my nose is brown, its because I was erm "helping" dad paint the fence. You know how helpful us Airedales are!

I also tried chomping on some grass as I have heard that rabbits are partial to a bit of the green stuff too. Mmm, how deliciously sweet & tender.

And the final part of my masterplan was to learn to hop!

Hmm, not really. I hurt my paw. I cut it on Wednesday when I was on my walkies. It was bleeding quite a lot. Mum cleaned it up when we got home & could not see anything in it. However yesterday & this morning I was limping a lot & was not my usual perky self. Normally in the mornings I am eager to get up & out on my walk, but the last 2 days I have been quiet & subdued.

I wasn't really fussed about getting up.

I'd rather stay cosied up on the sofa. Any of my Airedale buddies will concur that this is not typical behaviour.

Everything was just too much effort (apart from eating. I'd have to be really sick to lose my appetite!)

So this afternoon we went to the vet. My friend Barney the Red Setter wasn't there today which was a big disappointment as I love seeing him. When we went in Emma the vet had a good look all over. I had also eaten yet another washing up sponge on Wednesday too you see (my 4th!) so she wanted to make sure the lethargy wasn't due to anything being blocked. All seems OK, so I guess mum will have the delight of finding that in my poo sometime soon. Well things started to go downhill after that. She only went & stuck a thermometer where the sun don't shine! Oh my doG, that was a shock. The she looked at my paw. She couldn't see anything in the cut either, but said it was quite infected. I was crying a lot when she was feeling it. When mum read up about Airedales before getting me, a lot of the books warned about Airedales having high pain thresholds & to watch that they weren't being stoic about bad pain. Well, I think I got the wimp gene in my family, because when I hurt everyone knows cos I cry like a baby! After the poking & prodding at my paw, she stuck not one but two needles in the scruff of my neck. Well it was cry me a river time then. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much of a cry baby I was. Emma said I was a total wuss & mum agreed. Thanks for the support there mum, cos we all know how brave you are when you're hurt don't we? Anyhow, Emma gave me some liver treats when she's done & we left on good terms. She said at lest I just act like a big girlie rather than snapping & biting so I think she still loves me. I did feel a bit guilty when we went back into the waiting room & there was an 8 month old Lab waiting to go in. He must have been thinking oh my doG, I do not want to go in there!!!". Sorry black Lab!

I have to take pain killers & antibiotics for the next 3 days,have my foot leaned with warm salty water (that's going to sting isn't it, gulp) and have little exercise. If I am still limping on Monday I have to go back so they can look harder at my cut to see if there is something in there. Please let me not be limping by Monday!

Still, at least if I'm house bound I'm going to have plenty of time to chat to you all at the pawty! Every cloud has a silver lining. Mum's happy too as she gets to drink all the wine as I can't drink with my antibiotics. As long as I get extra cheese that's fine by me.


Oscar x


Peanut said...

Ouch sorry about the foot. Hopefully it does feel better by monday. Take your medicine and that should help.

Suki said...

Poor Oscar. I'm so sorry your paw is hurt. I like how you say "poorly" though, it sounds so cute! :)

Get better soon!
Puggy kisses

Maggie said...

Major bummer Oscar! It tough when us Dales are down and out! I twisted my ankle playing with Mitch this morning so I'm taking it easy myself. Hope you feel better real soon! We'll chat soon!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

ah oscar, i'm sorry about your paw paw. yeah, u look very uncomfortable there.

hey, u pee like a girl too! i pee like that too!

wet wet licks


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Oscar, so sorry about your owie paw. I hope it feels better soon.

Lots of extra Licks, Ruby

Faya said...

Oh mon pauvre Oscar. J'espère que ça ira mieux bientôt. J'ai été sur le chat ce matin et .... ça va trop vite pour moi. Je dois retourner apprendre l'anglais..... Désolée. Grosses papouilles, ta Faya

Hammer said...

Hello Oscar

I'm sorry you hurt yourself and you have to take medicine.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please check back because we've received major media attention in Australia for Beau.

Mum still hasn't received her miracle for Beau, and please don't give up hope of finding Sammi and Suzy. They are both beautiful looking dogs and we all feel so sad most of all for Sammi and Suzy and also for all of you.

We pray somehow Beau, Sammi and Suzy find their way back home with the help of some kind hoomans.

Love from Hammer

Amber-Mae said...

Eeew, you eat carrot? I hate veggies doesn't matter what colour they are!!! Ph and hope your foot heals soon... Poor Oscar.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Poor you Oscar, you really are in the wars! I am sending lots of get well hugs to you!

Loui xx

Texas's Mum said...

Hey Oscar,
When you were walking in your yard
both my hoomans were feeling your
pain. They were saying ouch alot.
Well I just could not watch it
it would have have mad me say
ouch alot too.
We all hope you get better.

Love and Healing Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi Oscar - just thought we'd say hi after meeting at the pawty.
Let us know if there is anything we can do about reviving any alerts on Sammy and Suzi - they may have found their way down here. Who knows?
Love your cartoon on the left - although I love my blog more than barking.....
Pipps and Kate

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Oh Oscar!
I'm so sorry that you hurted your [aw paw!
I've h urt my paw paw once before but not as bad as you!! Get plenty of rest and get better soon!

Rachael said...

Ouchie!! I'm sorry about your paw Oscar! I hope you feel better soon!

Huskee Boy said...

Poor Oscar! Your poor lil' paw paw.. Hope you feel better soon..

jaffeboy said...

Poor thing Oscar. I hope your paw will heal well soon.

Oh, in the 2nd video, were you having the world's longest piss or what?! Boy, I swear it was 15secs long! How long have U been holding?


Cubby said...

Poor foot! I'm sending some boxer healing vibes at you!

Chelsea said...

Oh dear Oscar,

I hope your paw gets better really fast.

I think it's amazing that you are comfortable enough with your masculinity to cry in pain.


Asta said...

POor poor Oscar, I had no idea you were hurting while we were chatting
I hope you got lots of treats,and rest for your poor little foot...I'm sending a healing kiss..I hope it helps...those shots hurt, you're not a wuss...but the salt water should be OK, kind of soothing, not stingy,...CORRAGIO!!!!!mon BraveXOXOXOXOXO Asta(NY)

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh...i do hope a speedy recovery for u...n can start off ur agility ASAP...

Fu Fu said...

Oscar, you'll make a cute bunny. I hope your paw is better now

~ fufu

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Oscar the paw wound sounded horrid! Hope you are better now and not so poorly feeling.

Sorry I have not been in touch, Jeannie has been on the wine as it was her birthday! Thank you for the good wishes to her!

love and healing licks Marvin xxxxxx

Jackson said...

Paw Oscar! Hope it's getting better. J x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hope that your paw paw is better now.

Boy n Baby

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