The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pooch Party

Well my friends, the day of the much awaited Christmas party finally arrived yesterday. I was pretty excited anyway, as I can usually sense when it's puppy class day. I was a little confused when dad got in the car too as he doesn't usually come with us. However, as soon as we got near the hall I could tell where we were headed!

I had to get my costume on in the car park before we went in as mum hadn't trusted me to sit nicely in the car whilst wearing it. Something about chewing it. Does she not realise I'm now a mature man of 6 1/2 months? Hmm...

Anyhow, once we were all dressed up, in we went. Dad was put in charge of the camera, but he didn't take many photos, and quite a few of those were pretty blurred as we were all running around like crazies!

He did manage to get one photo of me & mum though. Excuse the glum expression, but I just wanted to go & meet my friends. Mum was the only hooman to dress up, boring lot, & I have to say the other dogs didn't do much better. My girlfriend Molly had a cute Christmas cape on, Bracken had some antler ear, & Annie had a pink sparkly neckerchief on, but apart from that it was a bit dull. The bonus for me & mum was that we won hands down, & that I got LOTS of attention for looking so damn cute!

This is Harvey. He's the baby of the class. He's a Chocolate Lab. He's the one who made his mummy's fingers bleed the other week as he's still really nippy & gets really over excited at class still. He seems to grow huger week by week!

The first game was Pass the Parcel. The hoomans passed a package around to music, & when it stopped whoever had it had to unwrap some paper & find the trick us doggies had to do before the game continued. It didn't ever stop on us, but my friend Paddy the Poodle had to do a down-stay, and some of the others had to do tricks too. Georgie the Springer Spaniel won. Well done Georgie!

We played quite a few more games including Musical Chairs & an Egg & Spoon race. Dad recorded them & they are at the bottom of the post. It was soooooooo much fun.
There was food & drink for the hoomans, but none for us, so mum gave me some treats as I was doing the games. I did try to steal a few bit of food from the table, but mum was in there faster than a speeding cowboy bullet. Darn it!
After the games, it was awards time. First I got my Bronze Certificate.

Then my pretty little lady Molly won a really shiny cup for "Best Puppy" of the year. She also got her Silver Certificate, what a girl. Her mum is only a little girl herself, so she has done really well. Molly was so excited & was leaping about all over the place!

It was then time to go home. Boo! The time seemed to have passed so quickly & I could have played for much longer.
Mum & Dad went to Domino's on the way home to get pizza as they were so hungry apparently. Huh? What about me??? You had food at the party! And I hadn't even had my dinner yet! At the shops by Domino's we met mum & dad's friend Sharon & her West Highland Terrier. I think he thought I was pretty cool in my cowboy clobber, and the hoomans thought I was super cute.
We went home & mum & dad started munching their pizza. Now normally I'm pretty well behaved when they're eating as so far they've never let me have so much as a crumb of their food (apart from bits that have dropped), so I kind of know by now that I'm not getting anything & go off & do my own thing. But last night I was making a real fuss, sniffing around the table & not interested in my toys. They couldn't work out why I was being so insistent, until mum suddenly realised that in all the excitement of getting ready for the party, I'd not had my dinner! Gee mum, get your priorities sorted. She still made me wait until they'd finished stuffing themselves though, and I was soooo hungry after all the running about at the party, & smelling their pizza wafting over me.

Anyhow, once I had a full belly, I was able to check out my goodies from the party. I won this cool Christmas tuggy for the Fancy Dress. It did have a nice red tennis ball on the end, but we were all kind of playing about with it at the party, & it got shredded! I think it was Georgie the Springer Spaniel as he's a bit wild. It's still a cool toy though.

This was my present from Santa Paws. It's a bone made from tennis ball stuff, but is a lot tougher than the red one was. Mum says it will float in water like Sunshade's yellow ring toy, so maybe I will be brave & give this swimming malarky a try sometime.

Mum won this for me in the Tombola. There were lots of gifts with different numbers attached & you paid the lady some money & picked bits of paper out of a bucket. They had numbers on too, & if you matched one up you won that prize. I think dad was hopeful for one of the bottles of whisky that were on the table, but mum won some bubble bath & other stuff for herself (seems like hoomans, especially mum ones like baths & showers & smelling good, funny people), and this really bouncy ball & some rawhide chews for me. I don't think I'll get to eat the chews. I think mum will give them to Paddy the Poodle's mum, as no doubt she'll say they'll give me funny tummy. I did try to eat them through the plastic bag without much success!

I am a little bit worried now, as mum & dad were saying that as I got so many new toys at the party, they might have to tell Santa Paws not to bring me too much for Christmas! Noooooooo! That's not fair, I've been trying so hard to be good, and that Flakes has presents, you've seen them. Hmph!

Anyway, here's a picture of my certificate. It's pretty nice looking I have to say. not sure why mum got her name on there though - after all, it was me that did all the hard work! Mum says she will frame it, and we can put it on the wall so everyone will know what a clever boy I am. Hopefully there'll soon be a silver one to go with it.

All that's left to show you are the videos. I think some of them are a bit long so be warned!

Off to have a snooze as I'm still pretty tired from all the excitement!

Oscar x

The first video is of the "Egg & Spoon race. Paddy the Poodle & my mum's friend Kim are up first for our team, then me & mum. The cutie who goes after me doesn't normally come to class as she is a grown up girlie, but her mum helps out so she came along to. her little pink t-shirt said "Too Cute" and she really was! Last but not least was the lovely Molly.

This video is of "Pass the Parcel" that I told you about earlier in this post. This was a bit boring for us while they were all passing the parcel thing around so we were playing with my tuggy that I won, so I think this is when the tennis ball sustained critical damage, oops!

This final video is of "Musical Chairs". This was a lot of fun. The video is a bit long as me & mum got down to the last 2! We lost out to my girl Molly & her grandma, so I didn't mind too much. At about 1 minute 50 in, a lady goes to pet me & I decide to give her lots of face licks which I don't think she was expecting. I don't normally kiss many people, but she was a really nice lady.


Boo said...

wow oscar,

that looks fun too bad it was short. i'm having a x'mas party tomorrow nite too. hopefully i get lots of kisses and butt sniff!

i think mom gonna put my shirt one but definitely not that 3x too small santa hat.

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

He he, that Santa hat is so tiny! Hope she can find something better for you to wear. Enjoy your party!

Oscar x

Simba said...

Hi Oscar, I just passed my bronze award too. Boo thought we were in the same class, you are in Wiltshire and I'm in Hertfordshire. long drive for one of us lol. We had our party last night too.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

Congrats on your bronze certificate Oscar! Hey, you and your mom both look awesome in your costumes and this party looks like so much fun. I wish I was having a party too.


Faya said...

Oscar : t'es le meilleur et le plus beau.... bisous

Loui said...

Hello Oscar!
Thanks for visiting my blog and now I know where you are I shall be a regular visitor here too! I loved your fancy dress :-}

Loui xx

Kevin the Collie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Oscar- I see my mate Loui has been here before me! You look great in the pix. Nice bandana!
Kevin the Collie

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I want to be a puppy so I can go to a puppy party! It just looks like SOM MUCH FUN.

Bussie Kissies

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

oHey Oscar, you had many fun, we think. And you n your mom look so cute in the matching outfit.

Boy n Baby

Justin said...

Hey, Momma is looking very sweet n so is you!! Where from you got that pretty dress??

Sunshade said...

Oh Oscar,

First of all, CONGRATS!!! You make us Airedales proud. I am so impressed at how you kept looking up at your mom during the egg race. By the way, I think your mom should consider enrolling herself in agility class. She would do excellent at the weave poles LOL. Your girlfriend is very leapy LOL... she made her egg fall a lot. And then I think I saw that springing spaniel on the other time, he was ... well, like a spring!!

That musical chair looked like it was more fun for the hoomans than you guys LOL! I think they should make you guys do somethign and the one that does the behaviour last leaves!! How I would love to be the judge of that LOL.

ps. I think you and your mom were the cutest, of course, I'm a bit biased.

OH and by the way, I've tagged you, so you have to come check out my blog, and do your own X-mas tag!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Oscar,
Congratulations on your award! That is very cool indeed. Geez, you even got to have a Christmas Pawty. They don't have anything like that for us doggies around here in Iowa, such a bummer. Of course we're not puppies anymore either, but still they could have a pawty for us. Too bad your Mama forgot to feed you, we're sure she didn't do it on purpose. She was probably so excited about you getting your award and everything, hehehehe! Hope you still get lots of prezzies for Christmas!!!
Wirey Hugs & Happy Pawlidays!
Butchy & Snickers

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