The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Fat Sister

I know I have mentioned my cat sister a few times, & mum has told me that it's only fair that I introduced her to you all. I know probably not all of you are huge cat fans, so look away now those that aren't.

Her name is Flakes. I think it's a pretty stoopid name, but mum & dad said she was already called that when mum got her from the rescue centre, so they didn't want to change it, same as I was already called Oscar (well, at least that's a sensible name!) She's nearly 15 years old, so a really old lady, but there's not much wrong with her reflexes, as she can still give me a good swipe on the nose if I get too close when she's in a mood!

This is her in her pink palace. It's really dad's little girls room for when they come to stay, but Flakes likes to "look after it" the rest of the time, cos she thinks she's a bit of a princess and needs a pink boudoir.

She's really, really furry, which kind of drives mum crazy sometimes as where ever she goes, she leaves big lumps of fur in her wake. She HATES being groomed though, and cries like a big baby whenever anyone tries to! Believe me, that cute ickle face belies an evil scary cat monster when a hair brush appears!

This is her food, which I like to steal, erm I mean taste to make sure it's OK for her to eat, when ever I get the opportunity. See, it's called "Go Cat". Yeah, Go Away Cat and let Oscar eat all your food! Mum doesn't like me eating it as I have quite a sensitive stomach & get ill if I eat almost anything apart from my food & treats made by Flakes' food is cheap stuff, but she gets ill if she has good quality food. Go figure!

And anyway, look - the water bowl may say CAT, but the food is free for anyone!

This is Flakes' favourite toy, and about the only one that I haven't claimed as my own! It doesn't squeak or do much, so I'm not that interested in it, and I figure even a 15 year old old lady has to have a little fun.

I was a bit put out to find this yesterday. It looks suspiciously like a present for the little madame from mum's sister. Hmm, there had better be one for me somewhere too or I won't be a happy boy! Maybe it is true what mum & dad keep saying about only good boys & girls getting presents!!!

It's my Christmas Party at puppy class tonight. Hopefully there'll be some good fun & games. Probably food too, not that mean mum will let me have any I bet in case I get ill. No doubt mum will make me post the photos of me & her in our Woody & Jessie outfits tomorrow for you all to admire (laugh at).
Oscar x


Marvin The Dog said...

Hi there Oscar! oooooh I do not like cats one little, tiny bit. When I was a bit younger one swiped me on the nose, and it was soooooo sore, for weeks!

My poor shiny black nose had a huge red scar on it for ages.

No, I do not like cats. Apparently they taste like chicken......;0)

Thanks for your good wishes on my Blog. Marvin xxxxx Love and licks

Maggie said...

I don't have a cat but my hooman sister does. Mom isn't crazy about them so I'll probably never have one. I think you're pretty lucky Oscar. I wish I could have one to play with. Maybe I could put one on my Santa list. hummmmm


Faya said...

Les chats je ne les aime PAS DU TOUT... sauf Nicky le chat de la soeur à Véronique. Et encore je ne l'aime pas je la supporte à peine. Chez nous des fois des chats osent venir dans MON jardin alors je deviens folle.... et je les chasse avec plaisir.... grrrrr grrrrr. Bises

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

so, is Flake a fat or a cat?

can't wait to see the matching mother son outfits!

Bussie Kissies

Boo said...

i think all cats are fat! LOL

i'm still not sure how i feel about catz! mom better dun bring one home. wait, i think i know how i feel about them. once there was a cat in the car park while me and mom was getting into the car. i can smell the cat from far away even though mom didn't know the cat was around. i give chase!

well, i don't think i like cat.

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Your sister is so cute and that cute black nose..... but she looks grumpy thou. Must be she didnt like you snooping around her ..hehe. We love cats but they dont seem to like us. WOnder why...

Boy n Baby

Bogart said...

I have cats too - 4 of them - so I understand!!!!


Sunshade said...

I'm sorry Oscar..... I like cats, but I like to chase them and make them swap at me and then try to kill them..... Funny Flakes likes pink as that is my favourite colour too, but I'm not a cat!

SOOO, was there a pressie for you too??

I can't wait to see you at your X-mas party with the outfit!! I'm sure you will look too handsome and adorable for anyone to laugh at you!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

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