The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Friday, December 01, 2006

Airedales, Airedales Everywhere


As it's a quiet news day in Oscar world, I thought I'd tell you about a really cool day out I went on soon after arriving with my mum & dad. I didn't know, but my breeders are part of an Airedale club for our part of the UK, & once a year they organise a super-duper "Fun Day" just for us Airedales (well, the hoomans come along too, but it's mostly fun for us doggies!). When we got out of the car I was so excited to see David, one of my breeders there. I had to rush straight over & give him some nibbles (you see, I was still only a little Aire-boy then so I was still nibbling the hoomans). He was so surprised to see me as mum & dad had kept it a surprise that we were going. He asked mum & dad if I wanted to give me back like my last owners, but they said "Noooooooo Waaaay"!

First we did an egg & spoon race. You can see little old me in the centre of the picture with my dad. We came second, which I think was quite respectable given that all the others were way bigger than me with much longer legs. Plus dad reckoned some of the others had better spoons than him that the egg sat better in. Whatever dad, just learn to balance better!

Next I played some musical chairs with mum. It was tricky as they took a chair away every time around so there we always more doggies & hoomans than chairs & you had to grab a space really quickly when the music stopped. Mum got down to the last 3, but the other 2 still playing were children with their doggies, so she bow-wowed out & let them have the glory. If you knew my mum, you'd know she's competitive, so this was a big deal for her!

Look how ickle I am compared to the others. Everyone thought I was really cute & were trying to remember when their 'Dales were babies. I just enjoyed sniffing all the bottoms as we went round & round.

In the picture below you can see my breeder David on the far left. I hope I get to see him again soon as he's so lovely.

We didn't know (luckily for me!), that there was a Fancy Dress competition too. The Airedale on the left has a dotty top on with a sign saying "I'm a Dalmation", he he.

I think she must be a show 'Dale as she stands really nicely.

You can just see "Old Mother Hubbard" on the right. She was a little camera show. or just embarrassed maybe! The dog in the middle was "Chav Dog". A Chav in England is someone who wears a lot of sportswear brands like Burberry (hence the top), and lots of flashy gold jewellery. If you look closely you can see he has 2 big gold watches on his front legs.

Do you reckon there'll be an extra Airedale entering as "Sheriff Woody" next year, hmm!

We also played "Mummy Dog". Our hoomans had to see how much toilet tissue they could wrap us in before the time ran out. Mum & dad got a whole roll round me, but I kept eating the stuff off my front legs & face, so I didn't look as impressive as some of the bigger dogs.

The big dogs then did an Agility competition, but mum said I was too little & my bones weren't strong enough yet. It looked such fun though. Mum says I can start doing agility when I'm 12 months old with the lady who does my puppy class, so I can't wait!!!

Finally, there was a competition for "Best Trick", and do you know what? Little old me won first prize!! Against all the other grown up Airedales! I did "Shake Paw" & "Roll Over". Look at my cool rosette. I look a bit glum as I kept getting told not to chew it! I did get a big chew-chew though which I enjoyed lots later in the week.

I had such a fun day out with my Airedale friends, & can't wait to meet up with them again soon. The club organises walks, so hopefully mum & dad will take me to the next one.
I was so exhausted when I got home that I slept for HOURS! An Airedale Fun Day is a whole lotta fun for a little pup!
Oscar x


Sunshade said...

Oh Oscar.... you were soooooo cute... (you are soo handsome now)! Good job on the trick win, such a little puppy yet so smart!!

Hey, tell me the truth, did you laugh at that "Old Mother Hubbard"?? No wonder her back to turned to the camera. Argh...things we have to put up with our hoomans.....

Some of those Airedales look giant!! ARe they bigger in the UK?? I am considered a big girl here, but I say it's "Big Boned"!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Maggie said...

Hey Oscar~
I just went to an event just like this one in CT. They are TONS of fun for me and mom and dad. We didn't have this mummy event though. I wanna try this one out!

Love ya lots!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Y'know, some dog breeds organize local "meetups" all over the wordl through .

Bussie Kissies

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Sunshade,

I did laugh hard at the "Old Ma Hubbard". She looked so stoopid! Mind you, the cowboy costume has arrived in the mail, so the tables may soon be turned...


If you go to another fun day, you should suggest the "Mummy" game as it's really fun to eat the paper as the hoomans are trying to wrap you up!


Thanks for the link, will check it out.

Oscar x

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