The life and times of an English Airedale Terrier puppy

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Name's Harry, Happy Harry

Hello old chaps and chapesses. Harry's the name. Absolutely super to meet you all. My new master and mistress have told me you're all absolutely fabulous types, so I hope you'll be pleased to meet me.

As I said, my name is Harry. I'm 10 1/2. My birthday is 14th March, which Katy says is the same day as Oscar's girl Faya. I have lived with my old family since I was 12 weeks old, but they have been having a few difficulties and I was no longer able to live with them and they needed to find me a new home urgently. My old family loved me lots though and found an Airedale rescue service and asked them to find me a simply marvellous home befitting an older timer like me.

I am a very fortunate chap I know, as almost immediately the rescue coordinator rang to say he had talked all about me with a lovely couple and that they had decided they would like to meet me with a view to offering me a home. They came to see me and talk to my family, and of course one they met yours truly it was a done deal.

I came to live with my new master and mistress Katy and Martin on Saturday evening. I must say they seem jolly nice so far, and they have a rather pretty old pusscat girl called Flakes who I think I could be very good pals with. They have told me that it gets better, and that in 5 weeks time a young whippersnapper named Cassidy will come to live here too. That sounds topper. I lived with 2 dogs and I do love a young pup to play with and keep me young at heart.

As I said, I'm a bit long in the tooth at 10 1/2, but that doesn't hold an Airedale like me back. The old legs give me some jip but I still like a good stroll. My eyes are a bit cloudy but I still have darn good eyesight, and the hearing is a sharp as ever.

I grew up with children and love them immensely. I met master girls yesterday and reckon they're just super. They gave me plenty of cuddles and fuss, but know to leave me be for an afternoon nap. What more could I ask for?

I have been for a recce of the new patch and it seems jolly nice. Left some pee on every lamp post and tree to let the local boys know there's a new stud in town. Met a few dogs and had some good sniffs. I hear I am off out tonight to meet Poppy, a pal of master and mistresses darling Oscar.

Talking of Oscar, I believe he had a hand in making sure I found this fabulous new home, so thank you Oscar. Even though I didn't now you, I am learning lots about you and you sound like an amazing young chap. If I can make your mum and dad a tenth as happy as you did I'll feel blessed indeed.

Katy says I can share Cassidy's blog, as she wants Oscar's to be mainly about him and a tribute to his memory, so please come on over there to learn more about me and hear about the young 'un.

I'll leave you with a few piccies of the first day of my new life. I am charmed to meet you all and hope we'll become firm friends.

Here I am with Martin getting plenty of ear scratches. I may be an old gent, but I just love lots of attention and love. Nothing wrong with being an old softie I say!

Here I am trying to persuade Flakes that I'm a good egg. I think she is semi-convinced. I'm sure my charm will win her round soon.

I have been out every day to pay my respects to Oscar. I really do think he got me here and I will forever be in his debt.

Toodle pip for now,

Harry x


Sadie-n-Boatie said...

Congratulations on your new home. Come check us out--we are like your new family will be. One came as a pup and the other was rescued!! So happy that another 'dale has found a great home!!!!!!!!

Ferndoggle said...

Welcome to the family Harry!! We're so super glad you found Katy & Martin...they're gonna spoil you rotten.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Faya said...

Harry ! Je suis contente de faire ta connaissance. Et je peux te dire que tu es dans la plus merveilleuse et plus aimante de toutes les familles que tu peux imaginer. Katy et Martin débordent d'amour pour leurs animaux ! Bienvenue Harry !
Bisous, Faya

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG Harry! We are happy dancing here and I wish you could hear mom yelling "no way!" It's hurting our ears! We are THRILLED for you! You've got yourself one heck of a great mom and dad!
We can't wait to hear more stories of you and that whippersnapper that will be along soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Katherine and Pippa, said...

How great to take on an older dog. What big happy hearts from Katy and Martin.

Catch you later - and pleased to meet you.


Penny & Poppy said...

Hi Harry,

We are so happy that you rescued Katy and Martin! You can help them get through their grief and make the time go faster until Cassidy comes to live with you. We are so glad Oscar found them for you!

Poppy & Penny

Caz said...

Hi Harry pleased to meet you. You have definately gone to the right home.You will be loved to bits.Perhaps you can teach Katey a few tips on stripping you. look forward to hearing all about your new life.Give Katey and Martin big beardy kisses, they need them.

Ludo and Caz

Sunshade said...

OH wow Harry, still looking quite studdily at 10!!! Welcome to your new home, and you're right, Oscar was a great chap full of energy. We all loved him so much. I know he's left some big shoes to fill, but I think you've already fill them half way!

Oh boy, you're getting a stinky soon, are you ready for Cassidy?? Mind you you do seem more easy going than *ahem* the SuperDALE herself, so I think you will have tons of fun of the new stinky. He or she will keep you young that's for sure!

Nice to meet ya!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Hiya Harry Old Chap! So darn pleased to meet you! What a surprise we got when we read the DWB news, but how pleased we were for you and for dear Katy and Martin too!

You look a super chap, and I wish you all the very best with your new and rather wonderful parents, and Cassidy the Pup to be!

Love and licks, I am honoured to be your pal, Marvin xxxxxx

Ps from Jeannie - what a lovely thing to do, give a home to dear Harry and be prospective Cassidy Parents too! I am so pleased. I am sure Oscar is wagging his tail over the Rainbow Bridge.

Take care love and light Jeannie xxxxx
ps I met an Airedale for the first time on Friday, face to face, or face to beard should I say! Marvin was not with me, but I wish he had been.

Her name was Kes, she was 11 years old and she was such a lovely girl. I am sure Harry will bring you much joy.

I had not realised Airedales were soooooooooo big! But she was totally adorable, didn't have my camera with me, otherwise I would have taken a picture.

Although it can be a bit difficult with someone you don't know, and you start snapping their dog like a lunatic in the High Street!!

Much love to you all, Jeannie xxxxxin Scotland xxxxx

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Harry...
Welcome to the family...the DWB family that is! You have adopted yourself a pawsome set of pawrents. Katy and Martin are just the bestest in the whole wide world!!!

I can't wait to hear all about your aire-ventures!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

P(ee)S: I posted a news story about your arrival on DWB news so check it out!

Noah the Airedale said...

Well Harry we reckon you found one of the best homes ever with Katy and Martin. You sure are a lucky fella. Life's going to be fun there with Flakes and Cassidy arriving down the track. Can't wait to see more pics.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Suki & Joey said...

Harry, this is WONDERFUL! Your new owners are the bestest people ever and will give you lots of love. You couldn't have found a better family :)

And Katy and Martin, you are so kind to give him a new home!

Puggy kisses
Suki & Joey

Seadra & Zoe said...

Welcome Harry!! You are going to love your new home and your new family!!! And we will love having you be a part of our family (DWB's).

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Tad said...

Oh HARRY! I'm so excited to meet you!!! I'm SO excited that Oscar helped you meet Kay and Martin - they're fabulous! And little Cassidy will be a BLAST when the big day finally arrives!!! WELCOME!


Asta said...

Welcome Harry!!!! old chap..although I must say you suwe don't look old to me..a vewy handsome aireboy! I bet Oscar is doing flip fops in heaven knpwing that youw Katy and Martin have you as well as baby Cassidy to cheer their lives. We awe so vewy happy!!!!! my Mommi is cwying, but they'we happy teaws..I know the diffewence!
This is the best stawt of the week we'we had fow a long time..I hope you'll be my good fwiend! I aweady know I love you!
smoochie welcoming kisses

Suki Sumo said...

Harry -
So glad to meet you! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures with Katy and Martin and Cassidy and the whole family. They're wonderful folks.
Suki Sumo

Joe Stains said...

hello harry, what an absolute pleasure to meet you! we are SO happy you have ended up in this great home to enjoy the rest of your life!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

WOOO Harry! Welcome to your new home! We are super excited that you have come to live with Katy and Martin. We can;t wait to learn more about your handsome self!!!


Lacy said...

woofies harry!!! nice to meets u...i am new here at dwb's and i didnt gets to meet ur oscar...buttt all the other peeples and doggies, cats and girl-girl luved him so much...i feels like i know him..i have been keepin up wiff cassidy's blog...and welcome to dwb's and i know u will luv ur master and mistress, they seems like great peeples....and i knows they already luvs u...

b safe,

Putter said...

Welcome HArry! This is spectacular news for real! We are so happiest ever for you here and for Katy and Martin too! WOW! Won't it be coolest ever when Cassidy arrives too!!!! :)))) Nicest to meet you ... I can't wait to talk to you more!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Koobuss said...

Hello Harry and Welcome!!

It is nice to meet you! We're sure you will be very happy in your new home and that you in turn will bring much happiness to your new family. We're so glad you are here!

Ten isn't that old, Harry! Not these days!!

Wishing you many happy and healthy years ahead.

Way to go!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Harry, welcome to your new pawsome furever home. Katy & Martin will be soooooo nice to you. You sure are a handsome doggie

~ Girl girl

Gus said...

Wow! Harry old pal, you have fallen into a patch of rose petals. You probably found the second best set of parents ever (yeah, I'm Biased) I am Gus, and I am a rescue too. I hope you enjoy your new home and get some rest before the young sprout arrives. Believe me, they are a handful of ............well, you should drop by my blog and read some of Teka's posts to find out what I mean!

Kissies to you and Katy and Martin
Enjoy your life together.

Stanley said...

Harry, my boy!!

Nice to meet you. I'm Stanley and I am stinkin' happy to make your acquaintance. I too am an Aireboy, only not nearly as worldly or as wise as you.

Katy & Martin are so very fortunate that you have adopted them. They are KEEPERS! You'll love being part of their family, and I'm certain they already love you.

Rest up for Cassidy, and know that you have friends all over the world.

Airemen forever!!

Goober love,

Bogart said...


Love & Aire Kisses,

Nugget said...

Hello Harry!
Very lovely to meet you. I know your new home is going to be full of love and fun. We look forward to hearing all about it.

Love & Licks, Miss Nugget, Stewy and Ozzy

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Hello Harry, things happen for a reason my mom always says....

Scrappy and Pebbles

Bruin said...

Congratulations on the new home Harry!! We look forward to hearing from you!

Amber-Mae said...

Harry Harry Harry! WELCOME!!! I'm so so so glad that Katy & Martin decided to adopt you. You are a big boy & very handsome too...I'm sure Oscar is sooo happee that both his hoomans adopted another Airedale. I hope you're loving your new home & them too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

WELCOME HARRY!!! We are so glad to know you. We are very sure that you will bring lots of joy to Katy & Martin.

Boy n Baby

ROSSI said...

Oh Harry.. welcome welcome.. am so happy to meet you.. and more happy that u found Katy n Martin as your new owners.. i believed they will give you as much loves n cares to you.. and u will find happiness here..


Jackson said...

Hey Harry, we're jumping for joy here at the news you're going to live with K&M! You've landed on your feet (paws) pal! Looking forward to reading all about you. J x

Simba said...

Hi Harry you are so lucky to find a home with Oscars Mummy and Daddy. They have oodles and doodles of love to give you.

Simba x

Blue said...

Hi Harry

You're a very fortunate boy to have found such great second parents, they'll love you too bits.
Hope to meet you in person someday with little Cassidy.

Pats & Pets

Huskee Boy said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you Harry on landing in the best home that you can possibly find!! You will be loved to bits....

To Katy & Martin, On behalf of all my furry, 4-legged friends, THANK YOU for opening up your lives and heart yet again!! I am sure Cassidy will love to have an older brother...


Hi Harry,Great to meet you. I guess you are finding out just how lucky you are to be living with Katy and Martin. We cried tears of joy when we read Oscars blog today. What big hearts Katy and Martin have. We hope that you and Cassidy will continue to drop by from time to time to visit as we will.
Jazz and Dixie

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Dear Dear Harry!
~In honor of your arrival to our family (DWB)~

The Best Part About Owning A Dog...

... is the way he will come over to see me,
for no reason, just to let me know I'm
important to him
... is the way he is always ready to lick the
jelly off my nose...
... is the way he looks into my eyes and finds
contentment in simply being near me
... is the way he will run all over the yard,
fetch a soggy tennis ball and bring it back
to me as if to say "look mom, it's all have,
but it's yours
... is the way he wakes me up in the morning by pushing
his cold wet nose in my ear and snuffing loudly
... is the way he shreds toilet paper all over the house,
because it's fun even though he knows he shouldn't
... is the way he's sure he can catch the ducks in the
lake today...
... is the way he comes over to me when he is sad
... is the way he wedges himself near me when I am sad and
push all others away, to console me with his love
... is the way he pounces on crickets in the backyard
... is the way he looks perplexed when they escape
... is the way he is terrified of the evil pink hula hoop
... is the way he doesn't mind how much of that horrid
perfume I'm wearing just because it was a gift from
my relative who's visiting
... is the way he doesn't care about bad hair day or
overdue bills
... is the way he loves you, even when you are impatient
with him and have no time this morning for a game
of tug-a-war
... is the way his coat feels like liquid silk under
my fingers
... is the way he finds wisdom beyond words!

We are so happy for all of you!!
n Hugs and and very fast Tailwaggins from
Sir Chancelot

"Until one has loved an animal
a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

Sherry said...

We love Harry!!! He is one cute and handsome old dude. Sophie is thinking she might go in for the older man thing, and really, he's only got 2 1/2 years on her. We're thrilled to hear you adopted this guy ... your house and hearts must be jumping for joy!

Sherry & Sophie Brador

Luckie Girl said...

Hi Harry,
Nice to meet you Sir! You sure got lucky...finding some wonderful new pawrents and even a new little brother!! :)

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Harry!!! Mumsie is dancin'!!!! You're pawsome to have adopted Katy and Martin. Training them shouldn't be a problem for an experienced hooman owner like you! You picked the best hoomans! You will be one loved boy!

Harry, you're huge...perhaps Martin should sit on ur lap! Ten isn't old at all in my mind...who does your brows?? Great sculpting...excellent facial grooming! Do you date? Oopsie...maybe it's too soon. Not! Get some sleep before Cassidy arrives....she's gonna run ur fuzzy butt off!!!

PerfectTosca said...

Oh Harry you are absolutely adorable! And you got a great new family too!

FleasGang said...

What fantastic news! We're really, really happy for all of you. And Harry, you sound so, well...British ;-) We can hear your accent all the way over here!

The FleasGang

Wired for Mackie said...

So glad to meet you! You really are a handsome fella. My mom says to tell you that she loves that Martin and Katy were wonderful enough to open their home and hearts to another dale...and a rescue at that! How wonderful!!
We are looking forward to meeting Cassidy too! Take care newest buddy!

Your pals, Mackie and Finnegan

Wired for Mackie said...

So glad to meet you! You really are a handsome fella. My mom says to tell you that she loves that Martin and Katy were wonderful enough to open their home and hearts to another dale...and a rescue at that! How wonderful!!
We are looking forward to meeting Cassidy too! Take care newest buddy!

Your pals, Mackie and Finnegan

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

That's just fantastic - well done! What a happy boy Harry will be!

Lillie Valentine said...

Welcome Sir Harry! you are quite handsome!! You have found a wonderful home with Katy and Martin! They are lucky to have you!

Frasier said...

Welcome Harry,
You seem to be a nice doggy !

MaxDex said...

Hie Happy Harry!! Welcome!!!
You sure are real lucky to be living with Katy and Martin. They'll love you to a ka-zillion pieces!

Johann The Dog said...

Hi Harry, so real nice to meet you!!! Real glad you have a new home with Katy and Martin, they are real great folks. Welcome to the family!!! Woofs, Johann

T-man said...

Welcome Harry!! You're a very handsome dog, and very lucky too to have found such a great home! We all know how well you'll be loved and cared for :) Stop by and visit sometime!


fee said...

welcome, harry! i hope you'll like us as much as oscar did! oscar really did help make so many lives all the more fulfilled and meaningful. i think he was an angel here on disguise all along!

have fun and do come around to meet the gang when you can!


4xBs said...

Welcome welcome, Harry. We know that you will love your new home and you will give a lot of joy to Martin and Katy. We are happy to know you and look forward to hearing all about your new life.

Lesley Rigby said...

Harry, Your new parents restore my faith in humanity! What wonderful people they must be, and you I am sure are going to find great happiness with them. Best Wishes to ALL of you.

Loves and kisses, Lesley (Graham's Mum - Graham, Prince and Tilly)

Jessie and Jake said...


We are sad you had to leave your old family but we know your new family and they are swell - you are sooo lucky.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Hi Katy and Martin and Harry of course!

I hope you don't mind but I have copied one of your pictures of Harry for Marvin's Wednesday Tail Wag today. I hope this is ok?

Harry looks an amazing chap, I am so happy for all of you, see, I told you "tomorrow is a lovely day"......

lotsaluv, you deserve some Airedale happiness now!

Jeannie x and Marv x

Ike said...

Welcome to DWB! I am so happy you found your home!!!! My mom likes that you're British. Whatever.

Kevin the Collie said...

Fab News!!

Another rescue boy with character, you are a lucky dog Harry. Oscar must have sent you along, I am sure you are going to be happier now than ever before, and soon you have the whippersnapper to train as well. Make sure you get to the treats first, though - age before beauty!

Lots of Hugs and licks,


Welcome Harry, Congratulations on your new home!!!

Woofs Casper and pals

Rachael said...

Welcome Harry! Congratulations on your new home and family! You sure are a lucky dog! I'm glad to meet you!

wally said...

Welcome Harry! So nice to meet you. You are a very lucky fellow because I happen to know that you could not find a nicer home than Katy and Martin's! I have a sneaking suspicious that they're quite lucky, too. I'm sure you're a sweet fellow.

And 10 1/2? That's a baby compared to me!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

is nice 2 meet u harry boy...

hope 2 hear about your new adventure

Anonymous said...

Harry! You are a very fortunate (and handsome) guy. How wonderful of Oscar's mum and dad to make a special place for a senior guy in need of a home. Very generous and loving, and surely Oscar was guiding the journey.

Goofy said...

So glad you found this new family as they for sure would love you as much as possible!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Harry
We all can see Oscar's paw on your adoption!
Kisses for you, your mom and dad

BamBam & Eski said...

congrats to Harry too - in finding a new home and great owners!
am sure you guys will loads of fun when Cassidy comes.

*hugz to Oscar*

Amber said...

Hey Harry! Is please to meet you!! Congrats on your new home. You're lucky to have caring owners like Katy and Martin. You're looking gweat in your age. Hope to heard more of you soon :)

Have a gweat weekend~

Snoopygirl said...

Greetings Harry!!!!

Nice to know that you have found a new home with Oscar's parents. I'll head on to your new blog to find out more about you. (^ ^)


Cubby said...

You are so sweet to rescue hansome Harry!

Ashley said...

Hi Harry. Great to meet you! You are a big guy! My yorkie has similar traits but is only 6 pounds!
Check out my Dog Blog :)

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Happy Paw Year and Belated Greetings Harry,

I haven't been blogging for awhile, but
Mum has finally stawted updating my blog!
I hope you'll come and visit!
xxx Asta (Oz)

Dog Love said...

Harry is beautiful! I don't have an Airedale Terrier dog myself by would consider one as they're low maintenance by reputation. Happy panting Harry boy!

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، فالشركة تعمل في العديد من المجالات ولكنها تختص في مجال التنظيف، حيث تستخدم شركة تنظيف المنازل دبي أحدث المعدات والألات لتنظيف جميع أنواع التنظيف سواء أكانت تنظيف سجاد أو غرف نوم أو مطابخ أو دورات مياة، فتعتبر شركات تنظيف المبانى دبى
أرخص شركة تعمل في هذا المجال، فتقوم بخصم نصف الثمن لجميع عملاء شركة تنظيف البيوت دبي مع جذب ثقة العملاء وتقديم أفضل خدمة للتنظيف وجودة رائعة في هذا المجال.

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التاج الملكى

تعتمد الشركة الأفضل على أنها تحتوي على أمكانيات عالية من حيث المعدات والألات وتمتلك التاج الملكى ل خدمات تنظيف دبى
عمالة يعملون في الشركة على أساس الخبرة المكتسبة على الأقل خمسة سنوات خبرة، فالعمالة في شركة تنظيف دبى
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تكون مدربة على جميع أنواع التنظيف.
فيوجد في بعض المنازل والشقق العديد من البقع التي لا يمكن إزالتها بواسطة المساحيق العادية ولكن مع شركة تنظيف شقق دبى
تمتلك أكثر المساحيق الغير عادية التي تعمل على إزالة البقع بسهولة تامة وتعقيم البقع وإزالتها نهائياً من البيوت، لذا تعتبر من أفضل الشركات التي تعمل في هذا المجال.

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بعمل تعقيم على جميع البقع، فيوجد العديد من الفيروسات والبكتريا التي لا تري بالعين المجردة ولكن مع شركة تنظيف موكيت بالبخار دبى
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لديها المعدات والأجهزة التي يمكن من خلالها رؤية هذه البكتريا والفيروسات ولديها أفضل المعدات والمساحيق التي تعمل على إزالة هذه البقع نهائياً.

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كثير من النساء ليس لديهم الوقت الكافي لتنظيف منزلها، لذا لابد أن تتعامل مع شركة مخصصة في مجال التنظيف، حيث تعتبر شركة تنظيف موكيت بالبخار الشارقة
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، فتقوم هذه الشركة خدمت تنظيف الشارقة
بعمل نظافة كاملة لجميع الأغراض المنزلية في المنزل، فتعتبر شركة تنظيف فى الشارقة
من أكبر الشركات التي تعمل في التنظيف في مدينة الشارقة لما توفره من مميزات وخدمات لعملائها، فتعمل شركة تنظيف الشارقة
على تنظيف كل ما يخص المنازل والبيوت ولديها أحدث أدوات ومعدات التعقيم لترتيب العديد من الغرف في البيوت، لأنها تعمل على تنظيف البيوت من الأتربة التي توجد بداخلها وإزالتها نهائياً.

أهم الخدمات والمميزات التي تقدمها التاج الملكى خدمات تنظيف الشارقة
تعتبر التاج الملكى شركة تنظيف بالشارقة
من الشركات الرائدة في مجال التنظيف، فتقدم العديد من الخدمات والمميزات، غير أن شركة تنظيف بالبخار الشارقة
تقوم بعمل جميع هذه الخدمات وبأسعار تنافس جميع الشركات الأخرى، حيث نعرض لكم اليوم جميع الخدمات والمميزات التي تقوم بها شركة تنظيف منازل الشارقة
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• تقدم شركة تنظيف مسابح الشارقة
العديد من الخدمات وبأسعار رخيصة للغاية ونظراً لسعرها الرائع فهي تجذب العديد من العملاء، فتقوم شركة تنظيف شقق الشارقة
بعمل خصومات رائعة في مجال التنظيف يصل الخصومات إلى 50% عن السعر المخصص للتنظيف في الشركات الأخرى التي تعمل في هذا المجال.
• وتمتلك شركة تنظف فلل الشارقة
العديد من الأساليب الحديثة، ويوجد لديها فريق عمل متمكن في مجال التنظيف، فلا توظف أحد من العمال إلا أن يكون حاصل على شهادة الأيزو العالمية في مجال التنظيف ويكون خبرة ذو خمس سنوات على الأقل، فتتوفر في العمالة في شركات تنظيف المنازل الشارقة
الخبرة والدقة في الأداء والعمل لذا تعتبر من أكبر الشركات المتخصصة في هذا المجال

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أهم الخدمات التي تقدمها شركة مكافحة حشرات الشارقة
تقوم بعمل خدمات لجميع العملاء لكي تعمل على طرد الفئران المزعجة التي تسبب شركة مكافحة الفئران الشارقة
الأمراض الكثيرة خاصة للأطفال، فالفئران توجد في المنزل وتعمل على تخريب وأكل الأثاث فلابد من الإتصال على الشركة على الفور لكي تقوم بعمل اللازم لطرد الفئران من المنزل نهائياً.
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على طرد جميع أنواع الرمة من المنزل وذلك عن طريق عمل معاينة لجميع الفراغات والثقوب التي توجد في الحائط في المنزل لمعرفة إستخدام المبيد الحشري المناسب لطرد الرمة نهائياً من المنزل.

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تحث شركة مكافحة الصراصير الشارقة
العملاء على عندما يوجد أي شئ ممزق في الملابس أو الأثاث فهذا يدل على وجود صراصير بكثرة في المنزل وربما تكون من الصراصير الزاحفة أو الطائرة فلكل نوع من الصراصير نوع مبيد حشري يعمل على طرده نهائياً من المنزل وعدم عودتها مرة أخرى، فتأخذ التاج الملكى ل مكافحة حشرات الامارات جميع أحتياطتها لعدم عودة الصراصير. شركة مكافحة النمل الابيض الشارقة

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من منا لا يحتاج إلى سباك يقوم بكافة أعمال السباكة الخاصة بالمنازل والشقق والفلل والقصور، كما أن الشركة تعتمد في أداء عملها على مجموعة متميزة من عمال ومهندسين محترفين في أعمال السباكة المتطورة، فشركتنا تحرص على أن يتم تدريب عمالها على استخدامهم لأحدث المعدات والتقنيات الحديثة التي تساعد على كشف مكان مشكلة السباكة، أو كشف تسرب مياه من أي نوع، لذا عند حدوث أي مشكلة يجب أن يتم اللجوء إلى شركتنا على الفور فنحن الشركة الوحيدة التي تمتلك القدرة على كشف وتصليح جميع المشكلات الخاصة بأعمال السباكة.

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